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Ok but: When baby Max is like 9 or 10 months, Magnus has to go away for some work reasons so Alec has to take his son to work and he strides into the Institute with his diaper bag and Max on his hip and everything falls a bit silence coz it never happens and Alec's like "Meeting at whatever time, proceed" while Max is babbling and off they go to his office where let's face it, not much happens coz everyone drops by to gush over the baby and Alec ends up with everybody on the carpet playing.

This went in a very different direction than I had planned, but I promise it still involves people gushing over lil Max. 💜 I hope you like it!

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“Alright buddy, are you ready? You get to be my second in command today. It’s a big responsibility, but I know you can handle it.”

Max let out a long string of noises, and Alec took it as an agreement, smiling widely at his son. He had never brought Max to work before, figuring that it was best to keep him away from the bigoted Shadowhunters that frequented the Institute, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter this time, as Magnus was away on official High Warlock business. He took a deep breath, composing his expression. He couldn’t exactly go in with the goofy smile that he wore for Max without having everyone question his authority, so he settled for indifference. He balanced his son on his hip and made sure the diaper bag was secure on his shoulder before he entered the building, and braced himself as he felt every pair of eyes lock in on Max.

The room fell silent aside from Max’s babbling, and Alec stared back at them defiantly, daring them to challenge him. He was never one to back down from a fight, especially when it was in defense of someone he loved. If anyone even breathed harshly in Max’s direction, Alec would put them on their ass without hesitation.

“The meeting regarding downworld relations will begin at 10 o'clock sharp. I expect all available personnel to attend. Don’t be late,” He said, his voice stern as it traveled across the room. Max laughed at this, seemingly delighted at the change in his tone, and it was nearly impossible for Alec not to laugh along with him. He knew that he wore a mask when he was at the Institute, and how big of a contrast it was from when he was at home. It wasn’t that he wanted to hide- he made sure that everyone was well aware of who his family was and what his values were- but he didn’t want to be close to these people. For most of his life he had trusted what everyone else told him, felt hatred for Downworlders without even knowing why.

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After trying to register what jikook did in the run episode i realized what messed me up the most isnt just the way jk lifted jm on his shoulder so smoothly and spanked him but the way they looked at each other after and paused like "oh we did that on camera..?" And the way they were talking to each other on the table, the glances, the way jk looked at jm when he was dancing and jm being a cute flirty shit (yg in the back is me coz lets face it everyone is whipped for jm) IM SO DONE WITH THEM

Yes to everything you said. (My day was a mess i can’t be coherent rn I won’t make any sense) but they were legit flirting the whole time, not particularly in what they were saying but the stares and jimin freaking blushing. There’s always so much tension between them (for whatever reason) i swear i had to pause the video so many times during their segment.
When they looked at each other they kinda looked so flustered, Jungkook suddenly snapped out of that whatever dom/alpha state he suddenly was in and gently placed his hand on Jimin’s lower back like “oh right interrogation”.

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Didn't think I'd find someone with such a cute artstyle! You keep up the good work *instead of giving hearts, salamander gives a box of Eliza's coz lets face it its the exact same thing* ~~

Aww man thank you!!!


I was watching some dance vids and was curious if there is any male belly dancer.

Apparently there are! 


#malec Headcanon:


OR or or

Alec knew about Magnus and all his clients/friends/acquaintances.. but he thought it was all just Downworlder magic related stuff: making potion,  summoning demons~etc.. What he DOESN’T know was that Magnus sometimes helps to filling in at his mundane (male) friend belly dancing class when they are short of an instructor. 

Anyway one day Alec was out with his siblings (and Clary - coz lets face it, who else from the Institute that she could hang out with) for *insert boring Shadowhunters business here* when Jace went like “Hey, isn’t that Magnus? What’s he doing here?”

Alec was curious too as he thought Magnus will be at home all day (to be fair, Magnus told him he’ll be busy the entire day and Alec assumed that he meant he meant he will be with clients at the loft) and so the four decided to (secretly) follow Magnus (yes, Magnus is the hundreds years warlock BUT these four ARE trained Shadowhunters and if they can’t follow even one warlock who isn’t even on alert, then I’ll be very disappointed in them >.>) to a nearby building block. 

They kinda lost sight of him for a while and was just wandering around, when Izzy noticed the faint sound of music in the air. They traced it to one of the old building and peered in curiously into one of the big glass window looking inside a… brightly lit room (it was a dance studio but I don’t think they are familiar with that) where they could see several men and couple of women inside, gathered at the front part of the room - seemingly entranced by.. what the team now realized, the sight of one Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn - shirtless and… dancing? *cue Jace’s jaw dropped, Clary and Izzy delighted gasp and Alec’s eyes glazing over in lust

Could that still even be called dancing?? It certainly doesn’t look like any kind of dance Alec remember seeing of. 

Magnus is writhing and swaying his hips teasingly, kohl lined eyes gazing at his enraptured audience seductively, glossy pink lips smirking as he moves his hands just as gracefully as if he was weaving a spell onto them - commanding their attention to be on him and him only.. 

tbh before felix turned out to be whitey mcwhite i was instilling all sorts of postcolonial readings into his character 

but in reality it’s not that deep, and him turning out to be white is just.yeah. def not that deep

locus however has a lot of depth, and while i don’t think you could get a postcolonial reading out of him without projecting too hard (coz let’s face it it’s written by a white american and voiced by a white american) and i’m glad they made him a brown guy who’s also really sensitive and soft and yeah he doesn’t have to be a perfect angel unlike what fandom thinks characters should be but like. i’m glad he’s better and redeeming himself

i’m glad that a character that turned out to be from an ethnic group that’s often demonised or rendered as sidekicks with no depth is so deep and redeeming himself 

How MCU could pull it back

1) Make Clint Barton canonically deaf (like add a hearing aid, not hard!)

2) Make Steve Rogers canonically bisexual

3) Recast Dr Strange as a POC (this is infuriating)

4) Release a Black Widow movie (Scar Jo deserves it)

5) Acknowledge Howard Stark is of Jewish descent

6) Integrate Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) into Captain Marvel

7) Give Falcon more roles (coz lets face it Anthony Mackie is hot af)

8) Make it clear that Spiderman is bisexual

Use all the hinting techniques and weaving techniques you’ve apparently perfected to at least allude to the fact that the majority of superheroes ARE NOT STRAIGHT WHITE ABLED MALE CONSERVATIVES

because they’re not.

i feel like yoi is going to fuck us over real bad with angst because hello

sports anime

and i am honestly scared coz lets face it we are all wayyy to emotionally invested in this 

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Like even with all the shirtless and wet colin pics, and the overall amazing music video .. coz let's face it, music videos tend to be really cheesy &have been known to ruin a song for me most of the time, but this was actually very well done ... despite all that awesomeness, for some reason the only thing that stuck with me in this glorious night of fangirling is your "furry manboobs" comment, I mean just ......

im sorry but they are beautiful beautiful lust and madness inducing furry manboobs

i gotta call it like i see it

  • here let us have more pictorial evidence
  • god bless ireland