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Mandy!!! Haylijah is back! That truly was the best scene of the entire premiere, hands down! So glad you still review this shoe. What do you think this season has in store for them? Will they actually get to be in a relationship for once? Or should we brace ourselves for more angst, coz, let's face it, this is TO. To the rest: Have to agree it all felt really slow. Hayley was great, but other than the Hope mistery, they didn't set up any storylines, I think? Klaus' rescue should be over soon?

I knooooooooooooooow. It was my favorite scene, too. The way she knew it was him. The jacket! The kiss! I died of shipper happiness.

(And I’ve watched the scene an obscene number of times).

Agreed–we have to remember this is The Originals, and no one is allowed to be happy for long. Even less than other TV characters. Misery, always and forever.

But I do think we’ll get at least a little bit of relationship for them before the writers blow things up. They’ve had three seasons of angst, five years of separation. They deserve some romantic, on the same page time together.

They really didn’t set up the season other than the hint of the villain. There was way too much exposition, as usual. But Hayley, Haylijah, Freya, and Klaus briefly getting to kick ass were worth the rest of the slow episode for me. 

I’m hoping they rescue Klaus in 4x02. I don’t want them to drag it out too much. I’m dying for the Hope/Klaus reunion.

How MCU could pull it back

1) Make Clint Barton canonically deaf (like add a hearing aid, not hard!)

2) Make Steve Rogers canonically bisexual

3) Recast Dr Strange as a POC (this is infuriating)

4) Release a Black Widow movie (Scar Jo deserves it)

5) Acknowledge Howard Stark is of Jewish descent

6) Integrate Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) into Captain Marvel

7) Give Falcon more roles (coz lets face it Anthony Mackie is hot af)

8) Make it clear that Spiderman is bisexual

Use all the hinting techniques and weaving techniques you’ve apparently perfected to at least allude to the fact that the majority of superheroes ARE NOT STRAIGHT WHITE ABLED MALE CONSERVATIVES

because they’re not.

i feel like yoi is going to fuck us over real bad with angst because hello

sports anime

and i am honestly scared coz lets face it we are all wayyy to emotionally invested in this