coz im not over it


some jimins from twitterrrr~~ [my original tweets] first one was for the bts_69min today with the theme being sweater paws! and lol the other 2 were dumb sketches done at like 3am, chibi jimin telling u to check urself, before u wreck urself. and then the last one was INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS…. sighhh when kookie put his finger on jimin’s chin… all i could hear was.. ‘boop.’

shit woops it’s gon be my bday soon, I forgot those things were annual 

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Remember when tae/kookers used to brag about that one youtube vid having 700K-1M views (cant remember) the other day i saw a jikook vid with 700K+ views and many others with high views lol, i think it just shows how much this fandom has grown, like 2-3 years ago everyone used to talk about tae/kook and yoon/min a lot but since last year i see jikook and other ships everywhere, its nice to see versatility coz im so over those "default" ships being shoved in my throat by their shippers everywhere

those last sentences are my mooooddd. like, i’m so happy people are realizing there’s more ships than just the 3 defaults you automatically know of when you first become an army (nam/jin, yoon/min, tae/kook) and that there’s more ships, that have just as many moments. like, not even just ji/kook. but so many others. ike i’m a sucker for yoon/seok and v/hope and so many others, and i’m happy they’re getting shippers now. i also really like the fact that jikook vids are gaining more traction. the most popular jikook vids were like bfs2angel and smirkcookies when i first got into jikook. but now, there’s so many jikook videos it’s crazy. 


“But he’d concentrated on memorisation when he studied” I wonder why…