coz im cool like that


i dont really do requests but i got this ask few days ago and i thought it was super cute to do it, so i did a full piece of this guy wearing ford’s turtleneck ~★

i also forgot you said ‘young rick’ in the ask so i did an old rick instead im so sorry ;W;

btw, he’s sleepy

@l4chrymose0m3lancholy (thanks for the idea!) 


My humble contribution to Levi’s birthday. Work is a bitch, folks. But whatever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUMANITY’S HOTTEST…ERR, I MEANT STRONGEST, OBVIOUSLY! I hope all of you are celebrating the special day of this precious dwarf (i seriously tried not making him look like a kid, but Mike is a freaking giant, it’s his fault, not mine), ‘cause to hell with Christmas.