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Hc/scenario (I dunno the difference in this case :v) about MC breaking up with the RFA + V, Saeran and Vanderwood for a stupid reason and because of that they cross the street not paying too much attention and almost get hit by a car, but MC runs and pushes them out of the street and get hit instead. (Your choice if MC survives or not)(Sorry about the angst or if its too specific) ~ Cookie

Hello there cookie! Aaaah, mod fluffy loves to write angsty stuff! <3 Thank you for this request cookie! ily<3 I hope you like this! 

~mod fluffy<3

!**Trigger Warning**!

Contains stuff that may trigger depressive episodes and over thinking.  Mentions alcohol and extreme recklessness. Contains implied suicide.


  • He was devastated. His world crumbled into pieces when the doctor told him that you almost didn’t make it. You were in a coma and no one knows when you’ll wake up.
  • This boy knew how it felt to lose a loved one and he can’t bear to lose you. You are his first love. You are his world. 
  • He had no one to blame but himself. He breaks down everyday. Every.Fucking.Day.
  • He would swap places with you if he can.
  • He holds your hand the whole time.
  • “MC? I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, please come back. Please.” he’ll tell you everyday while sobbing.
  • He’s so scared to face you when you woke up, thinking that you’ll hate him coz it’s all his fault.
  • “M-Mc? I’m so sorry.” He was a crying mess. He lost it all when you slightly lifted your arms to hug him.
  • Yes. He’s now crying like a baby in your arms.
  • “I thought I’m gonna lose you. Oh god. I don’t know what to do. I could’ve lost you. I could’ve lost you forever MC, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me.”

(mod fluffy is crying because she loves Yoosung so much <3)


  • “You’re kidding right?! She’s okay! Please tell me she’s okay!” The only words he managed to say as he fell on his knees. You were gone. 
  • He’s fallen into denial stage for too long. He spends his days drinking to numb the pain.
  • RFA members got worried when he haven’t logged in the messenger for three days straight. They went to his apartment only to find him on the kitchen counter. He was too drunk to notice them. he was crying and slamming his fists on the counter table. 
  • “MC? Where are you? You’re just mad right? You’ll come back right? Please come back. i’ll do everything. Haha, they kept on telling me that you’re gone! Why is that? That can’t be true. You love me, right? You’ll come back.”He looks really wasted. They can do nothing but try to calm him.
  • He stopped acting for a month. Staying at his apartment and blaming himself for losing you.
  • Knowing his condition, a director offered him a lead role - a suicidal man who lost his wife on a car crash. He reluctantly accepted the role which garnered tons of awards for his acting. Which he is not. It’s all real. Every single tear that he shed, every painful line that he said, the strong desire to end his own life, the struggle to keep going- all of it were real.
  • The only roles he accepted since then are portrayals of someone hopeless,depressed or struggling because of losing someone .


  • The moment she lost you is the moment she lost it all. She promised her self to never love anyone again for she loses everyone she love no matter how hard she tries to keep them.
  • Puts on a strong facade to hide how she’s broken inside. 
  • RFA is really worried as she drowns herself in too much work, rarely stopping to rest or to eat.
  • Jumin offered her a holiday which she refused, saying that she needs to work.
  • that’s true.
  • She needs to work so that she can somehow forget about you. She needs to distract herself from the thought that she’ll never see you again, she’ll never be able to touch you again nor hear your voice. It hurts. It destroys her. The thought of you is enough to destroy her whole being, that’s why she needs to work. No- to drown herself with work, hoping that it’ll literally drown her and take her to you.


  • “No! I’m willing to pay any amount! Please, J- just save her! Please save my princess.” This is the first time Jumin Han let his emotions get to him. He’s vulnerable and he knew it, but it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re gone. Your smile. Your laughter. Your touch. Your voice. Everything is gone. And he’s fucking miserable.
  • “Please make her come back. I- I need my princess here, just please.”
  • It almost felt like a slap on his face. Yeah, money and power can’t do everything. It can’t bring you back.
  • He’s back to being the stone cold Jumin. 
  • He drowns himself on work but later on resigns.
  • He spends his days at home, watching your videos and listening to your voice recordings while tears are streaming down his face.


  • Doesn’t show himself in the messenger for a whole week.
  • He’s trying to make a time machine, seriously.
  • “MC, please wait, okay? I- I’ll make this work” he keeps on telling himself as his tears started to cloud his vision while he’s working on it.
  • RFA were shocked when he logged in again for the first time. He was joking and telling about all sorts of stuff.
  • He told them that he was working on something for you.
  • He waited until no one was online before he left a message.
  • “The time machine was broken. I don’t know if i can fix it, but I can’t wait any longer. I’ll go meet MC tonight. ;) I miss her so much. Please take care,everyone. Seven-oh-Seven signing off.”


  • “It was all my fault.” he was back to zero and he’s taking all the blame.AGAIN.
  • The doctor told him that it’s not sure when or if you’ll wake up again.
  • He was struck by the thought that it was his fault. He was always seen sitting beside your bed, silently watching you.
  • He never fails to bring you flowers every single day. It’s been 4 fucking months.
  • He never cried but it all came crushing down on him one night. He was scared. Scared that he may never see you open your eyes again, that he might not be able to hear your voice again. 
  • He touched your cheeks and gently placed a soft kiss on your forehead. He didn’t noticed that he was already crying.
  • “MC? Can You hear me? I miss you already. Please wake up soon.” he sweetly said in between his sobs.
  • He lightly placed his head into your chest, listening to your faint heartbeat. He was shocked when he suddenly felt your arm move. You reached out to wipe his tears even though you can still barely move.
  • “MC. Y- You… You came back to me. Oh God. Thank you for coming back to me.” he sobbed even more. Too happy to stop his tears from falling.


  • Losing you will be his death. He’s loved no one but his brother and you his whole life. You. Of all people, why does he have to lose you? You were the only one who accepted him even though he has done a lot of bad things in the past.
  • His world will instantly fall apart. As soon as he hears it, he’s down on his knees- breaking, insanity ripping it’s way to his being.
  • He knew well that you took his sanity with you when you left this world. He’s nothing. nothing but an empty body wandering trying to find you- you who is already gone. 
  • His nightmares were back again, but it’s not about Mint Eye. It’s you. Your face. Your Voice. Your touch. It’s you that makes him wake up and cry in the middle of the night.
  • Time came when he can’t take it anymore, he left a note for his twin and disappeared.
  • “Saeyoung, take care of yourself. MC is being naughty and went to paradise ahead of me. It’s okay though, I’m not mad at her. I’m going there too. I’ll be with her soon, no need to be sad.”


  • He doesn’t know how to deal with it. God. All he knows is that it hurts. It fucking hurts. Even just hearing your name is like taking a bullet straight to his chest. 
  • He’s been living alone for too long until he had you. You became his world and now you’re gone.
  • It took him a week to find himself again. He needs to regain his composition because of his fucking job. He took the most dangerous and deadly missions that there is, not caring if he’ll die. He might meet you then, but he’s not sure if you’ll like to see him, afterall it was his fault. 
  • “I miss you. I wonder if i’ll get to meet you again. I want to see you again, but I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve someone like you. The only thing i deserve is this filthy job and this misery I’m feeling right now. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, MC.”
Into The Unknown

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#68 - “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me”.
#70 - “Just kiss me idiot”.


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BTS reaction to you bruising easily

Anon asked:  Hey hun~ :D I really loved the cleaning reaction you did, so I was just wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to you bruising hella easily (coz I do /:) and they find a bunch on your arms/legs/tummy/face and them being freaked because ‘ummMMM WHO HURT YOU?!’ but your just like, 'Uh what? Where? Oh. I dunno dude…“ Thank youuuuu~!! Love your reactions too they are so amazing :P


He’d be quite surprised, eyeing the mark on knee as the two of you got into bed. Hoseok would immediately ask you about, apologising even though he knew it wasn’t his fault. 

“Jagi, what happened here?”
“I slipped and fell over this morning, don’t you remember?”
“But it shouldn’t be that bad, right?”
“I’m fine, Hobi. Trust me”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d be the amazing loving boyfriend he is and do everything to make you feel better. He didn’t care how bad the bruise was, he just didn’t want you to be hurt. He wouldn’t overreact too much though, it was just a bruise.

“Whether it’s just because you’re sensitive or you’re actually hurt, I’m gonna be here. Okay babe?”

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He would be quite sympathetic. anyone in the mood for affectionate!yoongi? He’d leave a few feather light kisses over your injury, in the future being more careful with you and a little protective so you didn’t get hurt.

“Oh sweetheart, that looks really bad, I’m sorry”

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He’d feel the need to baby you. Even though you said that you didn’t physically hurt that much and it was just a little bruise, he’d still think it was a big deal. After a better explanation he’d understand, but be very gentle with you in the future, even when he didn’t need to be.

“And you’re sure you’re okay, princess?” i make jin call the reader princess too much, dont i?

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As soon as he noticed, he’d start a mini interrogation, who hurt you? When did this happen? Are you in pain? Do you need anything? The caring maknae would be worried for you and do anything to make you feel better.

“What on earth happened here, babe?”

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Like the rest of the guys, Jimin would be worried about you. When he noticed the purplish red mark just around your collar bone, he’d immediately feel bad for you. He’d rush over to you and put his arms around your waist as he looked closer at the mark. You’d be able to see the sorrow through his facial expressions.  

“Oh jagiya, what happened?!”
“Babe? Really? It’s just a hickey calm down. You were the one who caused it anyway”
“Yeah but… but I didn’t think I was being that rough”

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The second he noticed he’d shower you with kisses, being super gentle around the place where your bruise was
“Tae, what are you doing?”
“Making sure no one ever hurts my poor jaigya again”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re hurt, muffin”
“Because I missed a step and fell one fucking stair, it’s not a big deal. It just looks bad, I promise”
“Whatever you say”

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How my Convert-Cousins-to-Reylo Plan worked out over the summer...
  • Me to Cousin 1: *after seeing her comments on my Reylo art* You ship it, right?
  • Cousin 1: Ship it like Fedex!
  • Me: High five!
  • ---
  • Me to Cousin 2: Did you watch the latest Star Wars?
  • Cousin 2: The Force Awakens? Yes! I loved it!
  • Me: What do you think of Kylo Ren?
  • Cousin 2: He's a very conflicted character and a very interesting villain! I think he should be with Rey but aren't they related? I researched all about the whole thing, on Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo(she watched all the movies apparently and did a shit ton of research about the now old canon)
  • Me: *goes on a long talk about how Rey is not a Skywalker or a Solo and all the other metas and theories, and how the old canon is no longer*
  • Cousin 2: OMG I'm in! They're perfect together! OMG WHY IS 2017 SO FAR AWAY???
  • Cousin 1 & 2 end up fangirling together
  • --
  • Me to Cousin 3: *tricky coz wasn't sure if she was nerd enough for it* Hey, did you watch the latest Star Wars?
  • Cousin 3: Yeah.
  • Me: What about the previous movies?
  • Cousin 3: Yeah, watched it all, though I thought the prequels were boring.
  • Me: What about the new one?
  • Cousin 3: Oh, it's great! I love Rey. But I just didn't feel like she's going to end up with Finn you know? I's too obvious I guess.
  • Me: Uhm....*treads carefully* What do you think about her and Kylo Ren?
  • Cousin 3: What?! Ew! He's ugly!
  • Me: *opens phone, goes through gallery, shows her nummy yummy photos of Adam Driver*
  • Cousin 3: *gapes and grabs my phone* Why is he not ugly here?!
  • Me: He's a gorgeous man, but he is an acquired taste. Look at the rest of the photos, you'll see what I mean.
  • Cousin 3: But aren't Kylo Ren and Rey related?
  • Me: *goes on the same strategy I did for Cousin 2*
  • Cousin 3: OMG they're perfect! She can inspire him to redeem himself! I have to watch the movie again!
  • Me to myself: *my work here is done*

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So many people are complaining about the double standard to josh in the franchise and while i agree wholeheartedly that there is a double standard in some respects between josh and jen and how they are viewed, they are going about rectifying that the wrong way, almost finding as many faults as they can in jen. Can't we just build josh up instead? It's making me sad coz i love her and josh and i disagree with a lot they are criticizing her for, in particular, I truly believe jen is an... (1/2)

(2/ ) astounding actress, and josh, while v talented, hasn’t quite made me feel how she can or stolen the show for me. this is obv a matter of opinion but it feels like an attack on jen now rather than a “look we need to appreciate how fantastic josh is” kind of vibe. Josh is wonderful and i think he is perfect as Peeta but now instead of fans saying this, all i’m seeing is negative to jen. clearly i’m biased, they’re biased but surely we can be positive and not negative.. am i making any sense?

You are making sense.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, everyone has a favorite actor, that isn’t a bad thing. We tend to want to stand up for our faves, I don’t think that is bad either.

I think for the most part fans are pretty neutral, they like one over the other but don’t feel it’s necessary to be rude about the other. They can appreciate them for who they are as individuals and don’t feel it necessary to tear down their work ethic with little or no evidence to back their accusations.

But yeah, I have noticed from a very small (very, very very small) group of people that are intent to drag Jen through the mud to build Josh up. 

It is what it is, I don’t agree with them. I don’t follow them or read their stuff. It’s best for me if I don’t. And for me it isn’t one of those things were we benefit from listening to another opinion, because their opinion is just negative. So, I don’t listen to it.

Both Jen and Josh are flawed people, they say and do stupid shit, just like the rest of us. They are not gods to be worshiped or without any faults whatsoever. And BOTH of them have done an amazing job in their roles in this franchise, each have strengths and have put in so much effort for our enjoyment. To say otherwise, in my opinion, is just incorrect and biased thinking. 

Everyone together has made this franchise. 

I think both Jen and Josh are the perfect Katniss and Peeta, they play off each other wonderfully and have astounding chemistry. Without Jen or Josh would I be as attached to the series as I am? No, probably not, their performances in THG is what sucked me in.

I dunno anon, my best advice is don’t allow that into your space. If it bothers you push it away, get it off your dash.