coz i just finished the book

Trials of Apollo (spoilers follow)

So just finished the book in just over 24 hours *double air punch thing* yea!✊✊

Apollo is soooo funny lolz, like when they were fighting the colossus and he winced eveytime the campers hit it… And just everything, I officially love Apollo…😂

Also, Percy not running into battle coz he promised Annabeth he wouldn’t die while she’s gone was just PRECIOUS! I would love to know how Sally reacted to him coming home with a head cold like “you were only gone a few hours! How did you get a head cold??”😩 *cue motherly faffing* and omw i just wanna see Percy with his lil sister when she’s born, you just know he’s gonna be the sweetest, most over protective big bro EVER! 😊😊

Meg needs to be hugged and protected omw, the poor baby :( I love her though, she’s awesome. I totally want her to hear about Apollo riding the ant things and start calling him Ant-Man just to annoy him🐜🐜 Hehe.

People lining up to punch Leo KILLED me 😂😂. Harley was the cutest thing EVER! Caleo is my new favourite OTP, they are SO cute and I cannot wait to read more of them next year!😍

And can we just take a moment to appreciate all that character development that Apollo went through? And all the hidden angst behind his cheerful demeanor? Damn some of his lines gave me such feels!😢

Nico and his doctor note hehe😏

All in all, I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next one!😆

Who else is pumped that we get 2 Rick Riordan Books in one year?? I sure am!

Stage door story: (this happened between 19 - 23 Oct, I can’t remember)

So if I recall correctly, that night benedict came out to stage door pretty late, almost around 11pm. Usually if it was that late, he would either not do stage door OR even if he does do stage door, he’ll rush through it and do it quickly. That night, he really took his time with every single person. He even agreed to take selfies (on most nights if he’s tired or not in the mood, he won’t take selfies. So the fact that he did selfies this time really surprised me considering how late it was already)

I was standing at the front row towards the middle. There were two girls on my on my right whom i talked to while waiting and it was all nice & good fun. But when benedict came to our side, the two girls were so demanding and so fucking rude to benedict that they literally pissed me off. Let’s call them girl 1 and girl 2. Ben already signed their hamlet program books and he was busy trying to sign everyone else’s books at the back, so Ben was signing and slowly walking down the line. And then girl 1 & 2 screamed AT him, telling him they wanted a selfie. So Ben leaned in to their camera, took the selfie and all is well, right? Wrong. After Ben took the selfie, he was frantically busy signing again and the girls once again screamed at him “NO no no we’re not done, Ben come back, we’re not done yet!” (I was already quite pissed off at them coz they weren’t asking him for a favour, they were DEMANDING him) So while signing , Ben asked them “have you got your cameras ready?” They said yes, Ben leaned in again and took the picture.

By now Ben was slowly getting close to signing my sketchbook and then girl 2 shouted again at him “Wait no I haven’t taken a selfie yet! Ben come back, we’re not done” And for the love of god, BEN ACTUALLY COMPLIED AND TOOK ANOTHER SELFIE WITH THOSE RUDE PEOPLE AND HE DIDN’T EVEN COMPLAIN HE SIMPLY LOOKED SO TIRED THAT HE HAD NO STRENGTH TO FIGHT AND SAY NO I honestly can’t believe how patient Benedict was!! I felt so angry on his behalf, i felt so sorry for him – and there he is still so calm and patient and complying to what his fans asked for (no matter how fucking rude they were!)

At that point I just felt so bad for Ben, it’s already so late (11.20pm) and he’s nowhere near finished doing stage door and yet he’s so patient putting up with this kind of crap rude “fans”. So any intentions of selfies or to strike a conversation with him I had just vanished coz i felt so bad for him. So I silently had my hand outstretched to make sure he doesn’t accidentally skip signing my sketch (coz there were loads of books stacked above my sketch and over my head. Despite standing right at the front i couldn’t see ben’s face at all because there were books over my head blocking my view)

And then through the gaps between the books over my head, i saw that ben was getting to my turn. I expected him to scrawl his autograph and proceed to the next book coz he probably wants to go home asap right? But that’s not what he did. He paused when he saw my sketch, then he crouched down, trying to find my face between the gaps of program books. (I was so confused at first, why was he crouching? And then when i realized his face was between books looking at me, I was really surprised) He asked me “did you draw this?” I said yes. He said “this is really amazing” and signed it. I thanked him (but ofc i sounded like a blubbering idiot saying OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH) and he proceeded doing the rest of stage door that night

my point is Ben is honestly a really good, humbled guy. He could’ve said no to the rude fans, but he remained patient. He could’ve quickly signed mine, get the whole stage door over and done with that night, but he didn’t. He took his time. To crouch down, to find my face, to talk to me, look at me in the eye and compliment my sketch before signing it. He takes his time to appreciate what his fans do for him, and that’s really sweet imo

[2014 To-Read List]

(Because  I’m lame  and I have a huge pile of novels to read and to continue reading. Look at all the books I need to catch up to //prances) 

  • Tamora Pierce Books (Yes, all of them)
  • Miss Peregrines’ Home for Peculiar Children
  • Demon’s Lexicon 
  • The Lynburn Legacy
  • Tahere Mafi Books
  • Shades of London
  • John Green Books (I still need to finish TFIOS, I’ve been lagging on it because I’ve been handling too many feels this year) 
  • Game of Thrones ( STILL NEED TO FINISH THIS ONE, I just skim some parts coz… just because, don’t hate me plz)
  • Marie Lu Books (I acutally started on it, but I stopped because I procrastinated)
  • The Dream Thieves (Maggie Stiefvater ftw \m/)
  • Blood of Olympus (DUH)
  • Jamese Patterson Books (My mom keeps on recommending him)

So yeah, this seems little compared to yours, I guess. If you have suggestions just tweet me! (@aegisdea) I can’t afford having my asks flooded and stuff. I’m hunting for their paperbacks and it sucks living in my state because restocking is slow here. And every time they restock, I don’t have the money to buy it. Fuck me right? |D I’m unlucky when it comes to book shopping. I’m still in the verge of completing my PJO, HOO, TMI and TID collection. Oh well.


I think I’ll be inflicting myself with emotional Sepuku on 2014. Wish me luck. 

negaistar  asked:

Hi dee Did you draw a manga story before greyis?

I drew pages, and scenes but not really a story.

2005 (I was 19). A story that I knew nothing about. It was just a bunch of characters with different powers and “cool” hair, but no idea what they’re gonna use the powers for, nor what they were fighting and dying for (I think only one stays alive).

Thoughts were that it’s the most original thing and I’ll be the no.1 “mangaka” in the world. Trivia: I never read one single manga back then. I don’t think I knew what manga is. Only watched anime (you can guess the genre, maybe some titles too…)

2008 Then again with the same story, but gone digital WOOHOO! Thoughts of being the best mangaka this world will ever see persists. Still no idea what the story is about. I received my first manga book, but never read it, never opened it. No kidding.

2009 I wrote a story and actually submitted to the, I think it was the 3rd, International Manga Award. You can tell I still have the confidence that I’ll sit at the top. I sketched scenes about different human emotional conditions from times to time, inspired by the complication that was my life back then.

then, 2010, I held that first manga book in hand (which was a gift I had sitting on shelf since I received it). Right then I said “I wanna try writing a short story and draw it seriously from start to finish".

My thoughts were “it’s the most unoriginal thing in the genre I most enjoy and will probably be full of cliched lines. It’s simply everything I love in a few pages.”

And here we are now.

I always say “Grey is”, is my first attempt coz all these unfinished attempts were just like me trying oil scenery painting or watercolor flower illustrations or any other medium/method/technique that I was curious about, tried it for a day and moved back to my comfort zone of bishies, or, my bed.