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1 I still don't see why SM would make ks look more manly. Soo was mentioned by idols till around summer2014. His roles till PL didn't require him to change, he built his body coz he had to carry ksh on his back (he said it himself) then bcoz of hyung he built it even more. Feb 2016 he had that super cute fluffy hair cut coz he wasn't filming anything then he got "with god" so he cut his hair for the military look. Idols had stopped talking about his looks way before his physical transformation.

2 for b+ he had a very small built but still that short haircut coz of WG. If it wasn’t for WG he would have had his 2014 looks. Ppl need to get over 2012 soo he was 19, he’s grown up, he’s 24 now & why is it so hard for ppl to admit that he is the manliest “mentaly”? They weren’t talking about looks but attitude. He hates aegyo, he’s responsable & honest but still super caring. I feel like ppl forget all that’s happened to soo with saesangs & his responsabilities & kd theories took the lead 3 in the japanese itw ch*n chose suho & stuck with his answer he didn’t move his finger. L*y was lost half the time with ks having to explain to him at some point I bet he thought he didn’t get the question. I honestly see no link btwn kd & ks “becoming” manly so many idols have gay rumors sorrounding them they didn’t change anything but somehow ks who had a traumatizing experience & bcame more serious is bcoz of kd? Why make him change when SM had kaist*l in mind all along? It doesnt add up.

First, is important to see this even beyond kd or kxk mess. Media manipulates everything since always and KS isn’t the only main target of this. Different idols had been throught the same changes, so they could attract one specific public or make them take conclusions about this person, for the best or the worst. Example (don’t take this as real idols examples pls): Person H was thought to be unproachable by the public, so, even if people knew who he was, he didn’t had many fans compared to others. To change that, interviews of this person were released where it was shown that he/she wasn’t cold or arrogant at all. Shows showing the cute side, caring side. Result: his image got way much better than before. Example 2: why W idol has this image of being pure? Because it’s what media shows about this person. 

The company assigns a image to the idols, everyone knows that. So, media’s role is to portrait this image fully so they can target this specific group of people and make them like that person. So, don’t think about it only (or specifically) in a kd perspective, but think of this image manipulation as something that happens naturally in a worldwide level. The idols change as human beings, yes, but most of the vision public has about them is distorced to make them see what maybe isn’t even there. And we can’t deny the role the ones behind them have on this.


putting this here because, yes, it’s too easy for everyone inside (companies, media and even the own idols) make up what you think of them :) (source)




The conclusion for this is from this link that talks about common ways that media uses to manipulate population:

Whether for marketing or for manufacturing consent, the media industry is guilty of using subtle and not-so-subtle tactics to influence our conscious and subconscious minds to influence our opinions and behavior. There are countless other examples of these practices, and discerning, awake people would be well served to be vigilant of this when consuming modern media in any form.

You don’t have to be paranoid these days to acknowledge that you’re being lied to and that the institutions we should be able to depend on for bringing us an objective view of world are anything but objective.


  • Media manipulation happens everywhere;
  • Media manipulation happens inside kpop too, all the time;
  • Don’t be limited to reason A or B, but see the whole. 
  • We are lied to all the time, even if not the reason we think of :)