coz he's body's

God closed a window and opened up a fine ass door he said come thru child

So I’m working in a cafe that’s just beside a hotel and there’s this hella fine ass man who works there. I been crushing on him ever since. He smiles and asks how my day is every time we crossed paths. I’m just taken aback at how he looks coz his body, good god bless that. I’m thinking eh, I’m way out of his league like look at him and look at me.

My fat ass decided to get on tinder, so I swiped on cute ass boys accidentally Super liked this dudes profile coz he was mad cute and shirtless. 2 hours later he swiped right on me and ask “hey you’re that girl that works in that cafe right?” GURL I WANTED TO THROW MY PHONE COZ I WAS SO EMBARRASSED I DIDNT RECOGNIZE HIS ASS so I was like NO WAY YOURE THE HOTEL GUY

so we talked and apparently he’s been crushing on me the first time he laid his eyes on me and we’re going on a date

That’s all, thanks for reading