coywolf pelt


Top & Left: Massive Coyote face shaped via DIY supplies, (a modified version of the towel method.)

Bottom and Right: Same face, reshaped with proper supplies.

Ugh, I knew the original was anatomically horrible, but I just didn’t have the tools. There are some things I need to go back and fix and some things I couldn’t like the nose, which was just a little too deformed in one spot. The left ear isn’t as bad as it looks, it’s mostly the hair and shadows making it look more wobbly than it is. The eye aren’t symmetrical, because one eye hole was enlarged and the head was already a bit too big for the form. I have a history of being a freelance artist doing 90% canids, so I’m decent with anatomy, but I struggled to compensate here as creating the look of eyelids without eyes that wouldn’t warp while drying was a bit of a challenge already.

Anyway, this guy will be getting attached to a massive Coywolf pelt I have. I’ve have about a dozen Coyotes so far and this one is still larger than any that have crossed my path by several inches. I’m intending it to be sold, but… That was my first Coyote. It’s special. :(

Every so often, an incredibly rare genetic mutation results in a coyote with absolutely stunning black-and-tan coloration. Unlike melanism, which is an overdose of black pigmentation, this genetic fluke leaves the pale underbelly and white facial markings unaffected. The contrast in hues is quite striking, and the fur itself often has a sleeker, plusher feel to it.

This coyote’s face has been expertly shaped for the most realistic expression and form. It fits perfectly atop the wearer’s head, or can be worn over the face like a mask, as well. The eyes are not backed so the wearer can look out through them, effectively viewing the world from the animal’s own.

These headdresses are exceptional for ritual use, but are also perfect for photoshoots, performing arts, and home decor for the serious collector. I only make a few of these per year. This is one of only three I’ve ever made that feature such a unique genetic mutation.

Available from the NaturePunk Etsy Store


This would have been a nice photo shoot until my mom ruined it. :c

Some pictures of me wearing the coywolf headress nice it was finally nice out and my brother was home to help me take the pictures.  Everything was going swimmingly until about the fourth photo in and my mother was standing at the door watching us.  Basically she made the hand gestures to stop and made us come inside, making a comment how f*** up it is. 

Really don’t get her logic.  I’ve taken pictures of taxidermy, soft mounts and pelts outside and she never made an issue about it.  Hell, I was walking around with a black wolf pelt drape over my back just like the headdress and didn’t get flack over it.  Oh well, probably really should care what she thinks.

One of this hopefully will be suitable to post on dA.  I really need a new ID there.