Skull is going together like a puzzle.  Down to 3 pieces!  Also look how pretty and white he is!  (well, bone white, but white!)  The lonnnng thing oddly sticking out is actually the top of the nose bridge for those of you not familiar with skull anatomy.  (basically the muzzle is in two pieces, along with the bottom of the eye socket, it was weird)  

The large hole on the skull is actually how this coyote died.  He apparently had head trauma on impact from the accident, poor baby :c  I actually couldn’t tell this when I picked him up, it was only after it was down to the bones I could see the giant fracture on the back right of the skull, and it’s so fragile the piece is just entirely missing.  

Weird rubber bands to hold the skull firm while the adhesive does it’s magic!  Been having to work really oddly on this one, since there’s so many loose/misaligned parts I was having to let the stuff only be tacky before pushing it around a little to allow additional pieces to be put in place, but it seems to be working, hooray!  

Animal was found as road kill.  It was not killed for this purpose, merely found and re-purposed as a skeletal reference for future artistic endeavors c: