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Drawing characters that youve already decided are dead is tough on the emotions. Also wanted to try something other than 4 dudes just posin facing forward heh.

Roz, Odele, Umbra, and Glade Senlin from their glory days. Roz is the only one who may or may not be alive still, but Nero hasn’t seen him in years.

Okay but do not think about Malia Tate visiting the graves of her sister and her mom. Do not think about Malia telling them how sorry she is and how she wishes she could turn back time and make sure the accident never happend. Also don’t think about Malia going to the grave and telling them about a boy she met, Stiles Stilinski, who makes he want to be human again, that she made a best friends, Kira Yukimura, who is adorable but really awkward. Or about her proudly telling them that Lydia and her are making progress, that the redhead seems to hate her a little less. Or Malia going to the graves after Stiles and Lydia get together, to just cry about it, because her best friend is out of town, Scott is Stiles bestfriend and she can’t talk to Lydia about.

‘I know I should’ve let go of the idea of us being together when he broke up with me, but he promised me he would never leave me!’ The young coyote tells her mom and baby sister with tears streaming down her face.

We got into a Kitty au on the discord and it got into the subject of 76 and McCre grooming each other. But all I could imagine was how my cat aggressively grooms our kittens, even tho she hates them???

So here’s grumpy old Kitty 76 aggressively cleaning young coyote pupper McCree.


       “Theo.” Malia whispered, which really wasn’t a whisper, more like a whisper yell. She shook his shoulder not so gently and growled deeply in her throat. “THEO.” Pregnancy was beating her up. She wasn’t sick, but she was ravenous most of the time. With pretty much anything. She was always hungry for something, badly. Be it food, body heat, to hit something. It was all amplified. She’d been trying to raid the fridge when she felt the baby kicking, not little taps either. And that’s when she got the strong urge to eat Venison. The one craving she understood but the one that made it hard to get in her condition. She couldn’t exactly shift into a coyote and hunt down deer right now.

      “Wake up!”

Coyote and Younger Coyote

In the summer I made Coyote, a thoughtform. I charged him with guarding my property. I did not speak with him again until yesterday.

When I left him he was a young man, growing from puphood to adulthood in the space of a day. Now he is much different. He is grizzled, old. Pups play at his feet. “These are my grandpups,” he says. I wonder how this happened because I did not create a She-Coyote. His is wearing tattoos and a bandoleer from which hangs small pouches. I did not give him any of these things. The little puppies come to play with me but Coyote warns them, “do not bother the mistress.” I snuggle one and give it a kiss. Soon I set the pup down and Coyote sends them away to speak to me privately.

“I have done a good job,” he tells me. “I know,” I say. “You have done a good job.”

“I will retire soon,” he tells me. “My son will take my place.” I am surprised to hear this. I never set up succession, breeding, life-living. All this happened spontaneously. I say I will be pleased to have your strong son to serve me. He nods. We stand on the edge of my property, and further out to the farm north of me I can see many coyote spirits.

As peacock-witch suggested to me over the phone (I was relaying all this to her as it happened) that I make a good pile of meat for the coyotes. I do so.

“Will you move it off the property line?” asks Coyote. “This way, the whole tribe may feed.” I move the meat north. Quickly coyotes come, a good number of them. I don’t know much about coyotes, but I honestly thought they were more solitary.

I leave and go back to work. I was at work, by the way.

Presently I see Coyote’s face. He brings me back to the field. “We have brought you a gift,” he says. A coyote trots to me with a fat, plump pheasant in his mouth. I accept it. They wait for me to eat it, but I say, “thank you for this generous gift. I will keep it and cook it in the human way so I may enjoy it fully.” They seem pleased and begin howling. I join in with them and our chorus rings out in to the night sky. “You are a member of our tribe now,” says Coyote. I say I am highly honored.

Again I return to work, but after a few minutes Coyote comes in to my awareness again. This time, there is another, younger coyote with him. “This is my son, and my successor,” says Coyote. He leaves us alone. Young Coyote gives me a name and says he will be honored to serve me. I give him his first tattoo as a symbol of his station. He howls, and returns to his tribe.

Jenny Owen Youngs

[ Coyote // Jenny Owen Youngs ]

and i seen the way you eye me up like a chunk of meat gone bad
like you were wishing i was something still worth having
you can go ahead and have

one two three, i hate me
there’s no one else who i know how to be
four five six, oh your body makes me sick
don’t take it away from me just yet
there’s no one i can think of that i can stand less than you
don’t you want to touch my hands before you go?
i think i’m confused


Coyote showed Antimony Reynardine’s real body, which he preserved until Reynardine’s soul will be free to return back into his body and then tried to convince Antimony, probably, into taking Reynardine with her and leaving to Court in order to live in the forest (I’m actually sure that this is Coyote’s intention. He noticed how powerful Antimony is and maybe he needs her for himself, he doesn’t like that Court might use her for themselves. Its a battle between both sides for the same “prize”, Antimony. Let’s not forget the Gods of Death too. Poor Antimony, everyone wants a piece of her, she NEEDS to be her own person, not let anyone to use her for any reasons. I’d be more than happy if she’ll decide to screw everyone up in the end. Coyote, like the cunning old dog he’s, decided to teach Antimony to use the Blinker Stoner better than she already use it, and Tom makes an explosive show of psychedelic colors and images with his INCREDIBLE DRAWING SKILLS, every page with Antimony learning how to be more in control of her powers being a flawless piece of work.

[ p l e a s e   d o   n o t   r e m o v e   t h e   t e x t   f r o m   u n d e r   t h i s   i m a g e ]

BAT GIRLS CLUB  { a television series focusing on the female bat proteges

Led by Barbara Gordon working as the Oracle, the series focuses on the five female proteges of the Bat as they train together, fight together, hang together, & grow together. Harper Row as BlueBird, Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Cass Cain as BlackBat, & Carrie Kelly as Robin. It’s like the Bad Girls Club but 5000 times better. [ in relation to ]

opening credits: Six Shooter | Coyote Kisses
closing  credits: Young Legends | Sleigh Bells


Swedish elkhound attacked by wild wolves

Klara the Swedish elkhound was attacked by two wolves during this season’s elkhunt in Sweden. She’s lucky to be alive, and was probably saved by the spike west she was wearing exactly to prevent attacks from wolves.

Wolves are extremely territorial and will kill any intruders and competitors, be it foxes, coyotes, cougars, young bears, other wolves or domestic dogs. Releasing a dog in a wolf territory is extremely risky and very unresponsible. Far too many hounds are killed by wolves in Norway and Sweden, but the hunters never seem to learn.