coyotes having existential crises

Ben Edlund on Writing

“I DON’T write, for the first two-thirds of the time allotted for completion of the script. This is a period of much contemplation, self-deconstruction, fever dreams, all while seated in front of the computer, NOT writing. Then, as the pressure of an imminent dead-line finally builds to the truly absurd, necessity alone drags the newborn of invention from my calloused womb. This last phase requires one to three ‘all-nighters’ with sporadic two hour naps, you know, the ones you use your cell phone alarm to terminate, which is not unlike getting a call from the belly of unpleasantness itself. There is the pit of four a.m. loneliness, that low hour when the coyotes are either asleep or trying to figure out what went wrong with their lives, the place where your only hope is to dive into the fictional, to order a story universe the way you cannot order your own.

I do not recommend this process.”

– Ben Edlund