The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently re-posted these amazing photos of a standoff between some coyotes and a pair of juvenile mountain lions. This wild installment of the cat vs. dog battle happened in the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming back in 2013. Apparently the mountain lions, who were chased onto a fence above a creek, survived the encounter.

Image Credit: Lori Iverson / USFWS


Modest Mouse - Coyotes


A new University of Georgia study aims to understand how coyotes live in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama (where they seem to be doing much better than in the West and the North). They’re trying to trap about 160 coyotes and fit them with GPS collars so they can learn how the animals navigate a human-dominated landscape.

How do they coyotes react to being trapped? Find out here.

Top image: Trapper Dan Eaton prepares to release an adult female coyote.

Bottom image: Biologists measure a coyote trapped outside Augusta, Ga.

Credit: Grant Blankenship/Georgia Public Broadcasting