I decided to take a stab at making one of mangycoyote’s witherlings. These guys:
Tidy Witherling
Shomirok bodies are comprised of moss and lichen, with a broken snail shell fragment mask that is chosen early in their life cycle. Shomirok are shy and live in small family groups or mated pairs. They make their homes on mossy rocks and logs, and devote most of their time to keeping their small territory free of fallen leaves, nuts, seeds, and other detritus.
The information on contributing to the witherlings project can be found on the creator’s deviantArt.

For my part, this is the first time I’ve tried to paint (as opposed to draw) digitally in about six years, so I feel a little slow and clumsy with my tablet. I’ve had the good fortune of watching my partner and one of my roommates exercise their hefty digital painting skills lately, so I managed to use some new tricks. :)