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I am a fine artist and now that I have studied for a few years I am tackling my experiences. Yappy canine I suppose. :)

I’ve seen some of your work, I think! Art is definitely a great way to express and understand experiences.

What’s the hardest thing to express about being therian/otherkin in your art? Is there some element of your identity/experiences that you’re having trouble getting across?

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Might be interested in your coyote masks and rabbit pelt. :)

Now that I think about it, I’ll probably have 2-3 rabbits up for sale (depends if I can stand to see my babies go ;u;). At leaset one of the coyote masks should be done next week! I just finished reshaping it this morning and am figuring out how I want to do the straps :3  nukawin replied to your postsugarbastard replied to your post: Cleaning…

You’re evil, showing me the face I want but can’t get D; Curse you international shipping complications ;n;

[evil laugh] Ugh, it really sucks cause I know plenty of international people who I’d love to send stuff too! Why you live so far away D:!?!