“Phoenix Returns” by Nina ‘Space Coyote’ Matsumoto ⊟

This is one of several dozen pieces that will appear at Fangamer X Attract Mode, the amazing art show returning to Seattle’s 1927 Events during PAX at the end of the month.

How have we not already promoted this event to death? It’s run by two super friends (really, it’s a shame to see they’re at odds for this show), and the list of participating artists is nuts. The show will also feature some indie games (17-BIT’s GALAK-Z and Capy’s Synchroma), music (Danimal Cannon and, OMG, Virt), and more.

Cover is just $10 – be there on August 31, from 7PM to midnight. Prints will be available for sale at the show, and likely online afterward.

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“I would never leave without you.”

So I’m most likely going to get mass amounts of hate for this but I’m still going to say it. I’m really tired of seeing people disliking Malia for just being a love interest, it doesn’t really make sense that she’s just a love interest when she plays such an important role in the pack. If she didn’t fight along side the pack I’d understand. Also people saying Stiles isn’t really into it, HE’S NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM HIM? He’s been single this whole time pining away for one girl who just considered him a friend, she never had those romantic feelings for him as he had for her. Also like Jeff said, they’re both very new to this, and not really knowing what to do. He’s never had a girlfriend and she’s never liked boys until him considering she been a coyote this whole time. Which is another thing, she’s still figuring out how to adjust to her new life as a human while not letting go of her animal side. It would only make sense that her relationship with Stiles be physical considering animals are very sexually driven, she’s not still in the mindset of an eight year old girl guys, she’s in the mindset of a coyote who’s trying to survive so just because Jeff writes their relationship as a physical one doesn’t mean that they won’t last, he’s just trying to write their relationship as true to their characters as he can. Basically to conclude this, if you don’t like Stalia that’s entirely your choice but don’t shove your hate down our throats and we won’t shove how much we love it down yours. 

sarcasmsasssnark asked:

How do you feel about Stiles?

sarcasmsasssnark: ask my character “how do you feel about ______?” can be an idea, person(s), place, or thing, and they’ll have to answer honestly.

     ❛ I really like him.  He doesn’t judge me even though I killed
     my family, ‘cause he has hurt people when he didn’t want to
     too.   He makes  me feel  human again…   like I’ll  be okay. ❜