Vampire?- Simon Lewis

Author: coyotes-anchor

Pairing: Simon x reader

Requested: Yup

Request:  -Imagine Simon telling you that’s he’s a vampire, and you freaking out momentarily before giggling and asking if he sparkles

-Shadowhunters imagine where Simon has a girlfrend before he is turned into a vampire amd when it happens he has to decide about telling her or not 

Warnings: N/A

Originally posted by simon-maia

It’s been a couple of weeks since Simon became a vampire. And it’s been a couple of days since he’s been home. Simon was pacing back and forth in his room. He was debating if he should tell you about him being a vampire. Simon’s scared that he’ll lose you once he tells you the truth.

You were coming over to check up on him and maybe have a movie night since Mrs. Lewis said that he was acting a little strange. Mrs. Lewis greeted you with a hug as she opened the door.

“Simon’s in his room. Make sure he’s ok for me please. He hasn’t spoken or left his room much. I’m worried about him.” Mrs.Lewis said with a worried look on her face.

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Sibling day- Isaac Lahey

Member:Renee (rae-the-coyote)

 Request: Isaac X sister fluff

Originally posted by dunbarfeels

It was national sibling day, and in honor of it, you and Isaac had the whole day planned out. Just a day with your big brother, no supernatural stuff, nothing but spending ‘brother-sister bonding time’ as you like to call it.

You woke up bright and early, feeling excited for the day ahead of you. You got dressed and went into Isaac’s bedroom only to find him sleeping. This was topical Isaac, always sleeping.

“Isaac, wake up.” You began, poking Isaac’s cheek. “We have to get to the pumpkin patch before all the good pumpkins get taken.

"Give me ten more minutes.” Isaac moaned, burying his face in the pillow.

“Oh no you don’t. I know how you are Isaac. Ten minutes will turn into an hour.” You declared, yanking the blanket from his body.

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WINTER; a marauder playlist

  • Spirit Cold - Tall Heights (x)
  • Coyotes - Modest Mouse (x)
  • Old Pine - Ben Howard (x)
  • Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap (x)
  • In the Stream - S. Carey (x)
  • Elysium - Bear’s Den (x)
  • Be Here Now - Ray LaMontagne (x)
  • Hero - Family of the Year (x)
  • Belly of the Deepest Love - Tow’rs (x)
  • Smother - Daughter (x)