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Coyote Fur, Coyote Bones

I am a Coyote Girl. It was a lover who first told me so. He could see what I was as plain as day. I laughed in his face at the time, unable, perhaps more than a bit unwilling, to fathom the mere thought. Me, the honest one, the stable one, the mature one, a Coyote? I was somehow a personification of the Trickster, the spirit of chaos?

But no, he insisted, Coyote and his children are more than that. Not simple chaos, and certainly not its source, but the adaptability that shows itself best on shifting ground. Not just the Trickster, but a laugh of knowing amusement, a sly grin, and a lesson learned with a half-playful cuff on the snout.

I am a child of Coyote, a daughter he sired off on a wild prairie rose. I learned to run with the drumming of a Chinook wind in my ears, and the scent of grassfires a warning in my nose. To be a Coyote is to be of the sage and the sweetgrass, of the den and the trail. It is the ability to make the best of bad circumstances, to persevere, to change when one needs to change and build anew when everything around you turns to ash. It is howling out into the night to find your fellows, and doubling down when those fellows are few and far between. It is to speak with smirking lips and dancing eyes, to find amusement in the smallest thing, to take nothing so seriously that its weight may crush you. It is a snort in the face of austerity, a song in the place of silence.

But there is another side to being a Coyote, a side that runs deeper than our soot-and-cinders Coyote fur, a side that is rooted deep, deep down in the marrow of our Coyote bones. It is the opposite and equal of our adaptability: the overwhelming will to survive, an absolutely cutthroat sense of self-preservation. For what else could adaptability be born from but the need to live?

It is the urge to run at the first sign of danger, a soot-and-cinders tail disappearing over the next rise in an endless, tireless lope. It is flashing eyes that never look back once they have chosen to turn away. It is a smirk that turns to a snarl and teeth that snap a warning – stay back, don’t come too close, too far! It is a cunning mind that might – might – forgive but will certainly never forget a transgression, a threat, a trespass. To be a Coyote is to be willing to let it all burn away to nothing because you see that something is no longer healthy; when it is easy to rebuild, to start over, then it is easy to accept a need to set the fires yourself. It is being called “bitch” when you protect yourself, when you show the less palatable facets of your nature, and not flinching at the word. It is not an insult. I am not a dog and I do not stay just because you tell me I should.

I am a Coyote, wild and wary, and my rosy heart withers to thorns every time I realize that someone only ever expects me to just adapt to hardships they keep creating. They are always so hurt when I choose to run from the weight of their expectations, and I… I never feel bad for hurting them when I run.

I told them from the start what I was.


In 18 days I am going on a solo trip to Iceland for three weeks, The truth is, I’m petrified, but more on that later. For now here is a little coyote I’ve started, I’ve been going through a longer than usual artistic and spiritual dry spell so what I’m about to say is really something I need to hear and the wisdom I need to apply, but I know countless others need to hear this too. You are not one thing. You are not defined by your gifts, your strengths, nor your weaknesses. You indefinable. And you are allowed to change your mind and the trail you blaze. Opinions and expectations be damned. You don’t need to start over. There is no starting over. But you do need to keep going, even if it is not the mountain you intended to summit in the beginning, the view will still be vast. Onward, onward, onward.

Coyote and Younger Coyote

In the summer I made Coyote, a thoughtform. I charged him with guarding my property. I did not speak with him again until yesterday.

When I left him he was a young man, growing from puphood to adulthood in the space of a day. Now he is much different. He is grizzled, old. Pups play at his feet. “These are my grandpups,” he says. I wonder how this happened because I did not create a She-Coyote. His is wearing tattoos and a bandoleer from which hangs small pouches. I did not give him any of these things. The little puppies come to play with me but Coyote warns them, “do not bother the mistress.” I snuggle one and give it a kiss. Soon I set the pup down and Coyote sends them away to speak to me privately.

“I have done a good job,” he tells me. “I know,” I say. “You have done a good job.”

“I will retire soon,” he tells me. “My son will take my place.” I am surprised to hear this. I never set up succession, breeding, life-living. All this happened spontaneously. I say I will be pleased to have your strong son to serve me. He nods. We stand on the edge of my property, and further out to the farm north of me I can see many coyote spirits.

As peacock-witch suggested to me over the phone (I was relaying all this to her as it happened) that I make a good pile of meat for the coyotes. I do so.

“Will you move it off the property line?” asks Coyote. “This way, the whole tribe may feed.” I move the meat north. Quickly coyotes come, a good number of them. I don’t know much about coyotes, but I honestly thought they were more solitary.

I leave and go back to work. I was at work, by the way.

Presently I see Coyote’s face. He brings me back to the field. “We have brought you a gift,” he says. A coyote trots to me with a fat, plump pheasant in his mouth. I accept it. They wait for me to eat it, but I say, “thank you for this generous gift. I will keep it and cook it in the human way so I may enjoy it fully.” They seem pleased and begin howling. I join in with them and our chorus rings out in to the night sky. “You are a member of our tribe now,” says Coyote. I say I am highly honored.

Again I return to work, but after a few minutes Coyote comes in to my awareness again. This time, there is another, younger coyote with him. “This is my son, and my successor,” says Coyote. He leaves us alone. Young Coyote gives me a name and says he will be honored to serve me. I give him his first tattoo as a symbol of his station. He howls, and returns to his tribe.

Via @wnyc: An Icon of the Wild West Becomes a Secret New Yorker

An animal long associated with wilderness is thriving as a city-dweller: coyotes.

The canids showed up in New York state around 1940, and moved into the Bronx just 10 years ago. Slightly larger than their western cousins, northeastern coyotes, or “coywolves,” are thought to have descended from western coyotes who bred with wolves as they expanded their range eastward to avoid hunters in the West.  

For the past five years, the Gotham Coyote Project has been using camera traps triggered by motion and heat, to capture images of the elusive animal in the wild. The team has been able to document coyotes in the Bronx, where several family groups have been established, and a single coyote haunting part of Queens. (There have also been sightings in Manhattan.)

“Very rarely as a wildlife biologist do you ever get to study something happening in real time,” project co-founder Mark Weckel said. “My colleagues and I have the opportunity to look at this emerging story year after year.”

So far one major mystery remains unsolved: how the coyotes get from one borough to another. In other parts of the country, coyotes have been observed using railroad tracks. But Weckel, who’s also the manager of the science research mentoring program at the American Museum of Natural History, says it’s not clear what transportation infrastructure, if any, are being used by the coyotes here. He says they’re pretty strong swimmers, but more likely to cross a bridge if the opportunity avails itself.  

Listen to the interview with Mark Weckel. 

Wait That Was You!

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Request// Imagine meeting Malia for the first time and realizing she’s the coyote you’ve been feeding when you were younger.

A/N// Thank you for your request, we hope you all like it.

Tonight was pack night, We would have pack night every Friday to just chill out, have a laugh, goof around and forget about all the supernatural just for one night a week. But tonight would be special because Scott and Stiles thought this would be good to invite Malia to pack night as she has just joined the pack. Also I was glad that they did invite her because I haven’t met her yet. I would have pack night at different houses each week, last week it was at Stiles’s house, this time it was at Lydia’s.

Everybody left school to go home and get all their stuff, and get ready. As I arrived to my house everybody was out so I raced upstairs, got a quick shower and did my hair and make up in a basic way,I grabbed all the stuff  for what I would of needed that night; pyjamas which was a pair of shorts and a tank top, My phone and phone charger, even though I would be putting my phone in a bowl because we all thought it would be best that it would be a non phone night so we would be spending time together, then just some stuff for tomorrow like make up and clothes.

I went down stairs waiting for Scott to come and pick me up, I decided to sit in my living room and checked all my social media before I got to Lydia’s house. As I finished checking Facebook, there was a knock on my door. It was Scott, so I grabbed my bag and headed out.

“Hey Y/N you ready for pack night?” Scott asked as I locked your door and jumped onto his bike.

“Oh yeah been looking forward to it since Monday” I say 

It didn’t take long to get to Lydia’s house. When we got there I got off Scott’s motorbike and headed in the house, Stiles Kira, Lydia and a girl who must be Malia was in the living room waiting for Scott and I to get in. But before I stepped into the living room Lydia pushed me back.

“Where do you think your going?”Lydia questioned

“What do you mean? I’m going in to your living room” Iasked

“Phone” Lydia said

I just laughed at how serious she made the situation, so I took out my phone then placed it into the bowl. As did Scott.

“Come on in you two” Lydia said

We both just laughed and walked in. Scott pulled me over to Malia.

“Y/N this is Malia, Malia this is Y/N” Scott introduced you two. I had a weird feeling, like I had already met her, but I don’t recognizer her, so I just pushed that feeling out of the way.

We all decided to kick off pack night with some movies. We got comfy to watch the film. We must of watched 4 different kinds of films until we all got bored.

“What about truth or dare” I suggested. Everybody agreed, so Lydia got a glass bottle, pulled up a small table and everybody sat around it in a circle. Stiles spun the bottle and landed on Kira.

“Truth or Dare Kira?” Stiles asked

“Umm dare” Kira said

“I dare you to give someone in the group a piggyback ride around the room” Stiles Laughed

“Seriously Stiles, that’s like the easiest ever” I claimed, but kira pulled me up and told you to get on her back. She gave me a piggyback around the whole room.

“Remind me never let Stiles do the dares ever again” I shot him a smirk

The truth and dares went on with the dares getting worse and the truths getting personal. The bottle landed on Malia.

“Truth or Dare?” Lydia questioned

“Truth” Malia said

“Okay when you were a coyote, what is the one thing you will always remember?” Lydia asked

“Oh that’s easy, years ago and I mean years ago, there was this little girl who always used to feed me, she would be waiting outside her house with food, she wasn’t scared of me, I could sense it. But then she never came back, I saw her for months. I wonder where that girl is today” Malia said. When I heard that I were so shocked.

“Wait that was you?”  I inquire. The room went silent and everyone stared at me.

“When I was younger I also saw this coyote and I wanted to be kind so I stole food from the house and fed it, but one day my dad found me getting food and he shouted at me, and when he asked me why I was doing it, he went mental, he made the whole family move because he thought coyotes were dangerous. I can’t believe that was you, I had a feeling that I met you before, but I would of never of thought of you in that way” I state

“Same I thought I recognized you from somewhere, and thanks for feeding me” Malia announced. I spent most of the night laughing about what just happened.


Just some more comparison stuff between Doggos and Coyotes. I thought Lurcher was a possible Coydog, but now after looking at him and his body Im thinking he’s just a Combo of dogs that made him the smooth boy he is.

One thing that I found particularly interesting is that despite both dogs being larger than the coyotes, the coyotes foot was still pretty much as long is not slightly longer than both dog feet. They just have really narrow, long feet.

Each picture is captioned!


Requested by mvlarkai: Teen Wolf - request time !!!!! how about an imagine where Y/N is peter’s daughter but he doesn’t know it. She’s new to town, she wants revenge on him so she started to become friends with the pack, and Derek slowly notices similarities between Y/N and his uncle ? So he confronts her and she gets mad and tells him everything but peter hears it? Something like the Y/N is really sarcastic ?

Like I said it so often now, I love your requests and I hope you and the other Alli’s will like the One Shot! <3


Your name: submit What is this?

In Derek’s Apartment:

“Hey, take a breath!” Derek chuckled while he tried avoid your kicks.

You smiled back and stopped. You waited for him to make a move. Derek stood still and looked carefully at you. 

“I thought Scott said we should train and not stare at each other. When I give you a picture would you stop and finally train me?” You asked sarcastically and laughed soft.

“Just you wait!” Derek said with a smile. 

He ran over to you and while you tried to avoid him, he grabbed your arm and throw you against a wall. You weren’t hurt, just surprised and now pretty angry. You stood up and growled. Derek was in front of you, he were now the surprised one. When you growled your eyes accidentally changed in a glowing blue. You always took care that they wouldn’t in front of someone else than Scott. You noticed that Derek where starring at you and as fast as you had changed your eyes back, you attacked him. You tried to hit him but Derek was stronger than you. When he tried to grab your arm once more, you duck and slide trough his legs. You kicked his butt so that he stopped focusing. Then you stood up, jumped on his back and got on his shoulders, you jumped once more and kicked him down, with all the strength you had. After you landed on your feet and Derek was laying on the ground you couldn’t resist and laughed as loud as you could.

“I told you not to underestimate me, Derek.” You said with a soft smile and stock out your hand. 

Derek took your hand and you helped him to get up. In that moment Scott came in the apartment, together with Stiles. While they came in, Peter came downstairs with a smile.


“Hey Derek, you look a bit exhausted.” Peter laughed soft.

Scott looked confused, “What happened?”

“Your orphan girl here, kicked his butt. Literally.” Peter replied.

“Could you please shut up?” You said to Peter when you saw Derek’s ashamed look.

Derek nodded to you, “Where did you learn how to fight like that?” he asked.

“Ehm.. Well, before I got the bite.. I had some family issues and sometimes I had to protect myself. When my mother died, an Alpha found me on the streets fighting against some guys who molested me.” You faked a smile. “When he got them away from me, he bit me and showed me how to defend myself.” You looked down sad.

Scott came closer to you, “Y/N, you know that you don’t have to tell anyone else.” he touched gently your shoulder.

“It’s okay. Derek need to know why he won’t bet me. Ever.” You smiled soft. “I joined his pack and got to feel what an ass he was. Away from the street but still fighting.” You shrug with your shoulders. “After Deucalion helped the Twins to kill my Alpha, I ran away.”

“You were in an pack with those Alpha Twins?” Peter asked surprised. “Ah now I understand why little Scott here brought you in his ‘Pack’. The Twins won’t kill you because they liked you?”

You growled and Scott grabbed your hand, “Calm down. Peter isn’t worth it.” he smiled soft.

“Hey Peter?” Stiles said with a soft laugh. “You can find out by yourself why Y/N is with us. Maybe then she’ll do us all the favor and kill you for good.”

Peter smiled sarcastically while you and the others laughed. 

“Why did you came here?” Derek asked and crossed his arms. 

You needed to think what you could say now, “You’re the Alpha aren’t you?” you raised an eyebrow. “A Omega will always find an Alpha.” You said.

“But you joined puppy Scott-” Peter mumbled.

“So why all that training?” You asked and tried to change the theme. 

“Because Deucalion want Derek and Scott in his pack.” Stiles replied. 

“-Or dead.” Peter said.

“We need to be prepared for a fight.” Scott responded.

“And you’ve some pretty anger issues.” Stiles added.

“That’s why you’re going to stay here for a few days.” Derek said.


“Did you find a house now where they won’t find you or are you still living in the woods?” Derek argued sarcastic.

“I can protect myself. I don’t need a babysitter and you guys need me when you want to bet Deucalion. I know his pack, do you?”

“Because of that, we can’t risk that he’ll tear you apart, Y/N.” Stiles replied.

>>beep, beep.<<

“It’s Allison. She maybe found something.” Scott said. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“For this I hate you, you know that right?” You said.

Scott nodded with a soft smile. “Try not to be that angry.” Then Stiles and he left.


It was already after midnight but you still couldn’t sleep. You trained with a punchbag. You were so angry, that you throw it against the wall. 

“Damn it!” You said.

You wanted to get the bag up again but it was broken and the sand were on the floor. The Lights turned on and you heard Derek coming down. 

“You’re to angry.”

“Oh really? Tell me something I don’t know.. or better where I can get a new punchbag.” You said and grabbed your towel which was laying on the ground.

“Y/N, why are you always so angry?” Derek asked when he was in front of you. “You know that you’re not on the streets anymore. You’re safe and have friends who watch out for you.”

“And? Doesn’t mean that I should stop fighting. And safe? Stiles told me what was going on the last years, you call that safe?” You laughed. “I’ll take a shower and clear this up tomorrow. Go back to sleep.”

You walked around a corner and in the bathroom. You turned on the water and showered fast. When you were done you didn’t turn of the water. You got dressed and looked in to the mirror. You never liked what you saw. Whenever you looked into a mirror, you saw a monster. The only question you asked yourself, since you moved to Beacon Hills and got to know your father, was.. Have I become a monster or were I born as one? Your eyes started to glow blue again and a tear rolled down your face. Then you clenched your teeth and hold yourself back from smashing the mirror into thousand pieces.

“Now is the right time Y/N.” You said to yourself. “You can do it. He’s weak. You can handle him.” You took a deep breath and stopped looking into the mirror. 


You opened the door as quiet as you possibly could. You got out of the bathroom and closed the door behind you. In that moment you could feel that Derek was standing right behind you. You growled and then you turned around and tried to kick him in his stomach. Derek grabbed your leg and throw you against a wall. Again. And much harder this time.

“I knew that you were trouble.” Derek said serious when he came closer to you. “Why do you want to kill me?!”

“You’ve no idea. If I wanted to kill you, I already had in your sleep, you snore.” You clenched your teeth and stood up. “And when you would know everything, you wouldn’t throw me around.” You said and tried to attack Derek.

He avoided you, he knew how you were fighting and you didn’t understand why. You tried everything you could but saw that Derek just got a scratch. You wondered how he could be that good and avoid every hit of you, when you bet him once. Then he grabbed your leg and throw you once again. You were bleeding on the ground and tried to get up again.

“You don’t know when it’s time to get up either.” He said. “How is that possible?” Derek asked himself.

You were standing really weak on your feet but you stood. “Let’s finish this.” You said and spit the blood out of your mouth. You could barley hold yourself. “Come on, do it! KILL ME!” You yelled.

Derek ran over to you and caught you when you got unconscious.


When you woke up, you found yourself laying in Derek’s bed. You never saw his room but you smelled his scent. You sat yourself up and saw Derek thinking in a chair.

“Why didn’t you kill me?” You asked soft.

Derek looked straight in to your eyes and waited to reply.“I killed Peter, my own uncle-” he said and paused to walk over to you. “-but I won’t kill my only niece.” 

A tear rolled down your face and you felt anger. “How did you find it out?”

“Don’t take this in the wrong way but you’re like him.” Derek replied and sat next to you. “You speak and fight like him.”

“I’m not like him!” You replied angry.

“And you’re angry for no reasons. You think anger is the only way to be strong.”

You smiled soft and shook your head, “Anger was the only thing that kept me alive after I killed my own mother.” You replied.

Derek was confused, “Why did you kill your mother?”

“After my father left us, she got alcoholic.” You faked a smile. “She hit me when she was human and tried to rip me apart when she was a coyote.”

“But I thought you got bitten? Even the Twins recognized you.” Derek argued.

“The Twins found me once on the street when I wanted to steal food and some guys really molested me. They showed me how to defend myself when my they would come back. They had pity with a wolf girl who couldn’t even bet some human guys.” You laughed sarcastic. “I’m a born wolf, I never got bitten. You should’ve noticed that when I bet you.”

Derek laughed, “I let you bet me. I showed you a few minutes ago that I’m stronger.”

“Nah, I let you win.” You laughed back.

“Sure.” He smiled soft. “Why did you came here in the first place, Y/N? Why did you wanted to kill Peter? You could do everything with your skills, maybe you could bet an Alpha and became one.”

“He ruined my life as he left us. Didn’t you listen? I had to kill my own mother to protect myself.” A tear rolled down your face. “Because of him I was alone!”

Derek pulled you in a hug and said nothing. He let you cry and you cried for the first time without hating yourself.

“You’re not an Orphan anymore. I’ll watch out for you and we won’t have to tell anybody about this.”

You stopped crying and looked in his eyes. “I’ll tell the pack. I owe them to be honest.” Derek nodded. “Can I sleep here?”

“Yes.” He replied. “I’ll sleep in the chair but please don’t try to kill him again or I’ll have to chain you up. I hate him as much as you do but we need him against Deucalion.” You nodded and felt asleep.


Peter took a deep breath and needed to sat down, he heard every word. Peter didn’t understand and he didn’t remembered to had a daughter either.. but it was clear. Not only Derek saw the similarities between them. He did too because he liked how you were.. and the only way that he could like someone was if they were related or like him, and in your case it was both. Peter knew that he had a daughter, Lydia told him that a month ago.. So long you were in Beacon Hills.. but he never thought that you were right there. Right next to him. Peter stood up and decided to go to his old house.


After you woke up and got dressed, you walked downstairs and saw Derek, Scott and Stiles. They were looking at you and you knew Derek must’ve told them.

“I’m sorry.” You said. “I used you and you guys didn’t deserved that.”

“It’s fine.” Scott replied ans Stiles gave him a look. “Not fine, fine but fine. But you can never lie to us again, okay?”

“Ever.” Stiles said serious. “Because then I’ll never share my fries with you again.”

Derek was smiling and you were thankful that they weren’t that angry. You noticed that they tried to find a way into the bank, when you saw some plans on the table.

“I know that you probably need my help but can I go to Derek’s old house? Now where you all know the truth I want to see if I can find something.”

“I don’t know what you want to find but sure.” Derek replied.

“Stiles will come with you.” Scott said and Stiles nodded.

“Then let’s go.”


Hale House:

After Stiles and you drove to the burned House you needed a moment. You already saw it but you knew what you were searching for. 

“Y/N, shall I come with you..?” Stiles asked carefully.

You laughed soft, “Are you a Hale?”

“No but-”

“Are you a wolf?”

“No but-”

“Then you’re not allowed to get in there.” You said and got out of the car. “I’ll be right back.” 

You closed the door and walked upstairs into the house. 


You got inside the House and looked around you, you closed the door behind you to make sure that Stiles wouldn’t see you or would try to sneak in.

“Come out!” You said looking around you. “Then I can tear you apart.” You mumbled.

You walked carefully into the living room and Peter came around a corner. You growled and made yourself ready to attack him.

“How did you know where to find me?” He asked and grinned.

“When I woke up, after I got unconscious, I smelled not only Derek.” You replied. “And you saw the fight, after I got out of the bathroom, didn’t you?” You asked. “You knew that I would come here.”

“You’re really smart. Like me.” Peter smiled.

“I’m not like you.” You hissed. “Not even close.”

“Ah really?” Peter asked and came closer. “Derek already told you that you’re like me. And you thought about that since you saw me for the first time.”

“Stop talking to me.” You said and wanted to hit him. 

Peter avoided it and walked around you, “You know what else we’ve in common?” he asked and you turned around to see him. “We’ve the same eyes.” Peter said soft and turned his eyes in a glowing blue but then right back in his normal ones. “If we’re turned or not, we’ve the same.” he smiled. “It’s like you would look into a mirror right?” he said.

You got angry and tried to hit him again, this time you did because he let you. Again a tear rolled down your face but you wiped it fast away, you didn’t want to seem weak. But you hated mirror’s more than everything and now you were looking at your father. Peter came closer to you and grabbed your arms, you tried to get him off of you but he was much stronger than you thought. He pulled you into a hug and confused you. Then he stabbed his claws in your neck. In the moment were he touched you, he remembered everything.


“I didn’t left you.” He said soft and let you go. 

“Tell that someone in Eichenhouse, maybe they’ll believe you. If you ever touch me again-”

“-Then what?” He asked serious. “I did not left your mother and you!” He shouted. “Not voluntary.” Peter said calm again and you were confused. “When I touched you, I remembered. My mother told me once how it works, she was also the one who stole my memories of you, like that.” Peter said and hold his hand. “I wanted to go to the market, you had birthday in a week and I wanted to get the present because your mother was pregnant and should rest.”

“What? I don’t have a sibling!” You replied. “You only can tell lies.” You said and wanted to go outside but he grabbed your hand.

“You’ve..” Peter said calm. “My mother said I was a Monster who didn’t deserved one of you. So she took my memories and made me come with her. She tried to protect you from me, Y/N. But I think I became a worse Monster without you.”

“So I shall be thankful for all of that, that your mother wanted to protect me?!”

“No, you shall understand that I didn’t want to left you!” Peter replied sad. “Please give me a chance to be your father.”

You looked at your arm and Peter let you go, “I need to help my pack now.” you said calm and turned around.


You walked out of the house and tried to look normal when you got into the jeep.

“Did you find something? Maybe something that could help us against the big bad Alpha’s?”

“I don’t know.” You said and thought about what Peter said, that your mother was pregnant. “Maybe.”

Stiles nodded confused, “Anyways, Scott texted me. We shall come back.”

Stiles started the motor and drove. You were looking outside and thought about everything that happened in the last few minutes.

I’d love to

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Requested by anonymous: Hey I love your blog! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a vampire and Scott and the pack confront her and stiles thinks she’s evil because vampires don’t like sunrise because it’s like good over taking evil (the dark) but the reader has always had a crush on stiles and one night she saves his life and he gets annoyed because he thinks he should be the one saving her and it’s just really cute at the end. Sorry it’s so long xx

WORDS: 236


A/N: Thank you! I hope you like it!

Y/N P.O.V.

“Ok. We need to talk.” Scott closed the door.

“Why?” I asked.

“We don’t trust you. But we need your help, Y/N.”

“I still think this isn’t a good idea. She’s a freaking vampire!” Stiles said.

I roll my eyes at the cute guy.

“What happened?”

“We’re trying to find a coyote, and I thought you could help.”

“I can.” I smile. “I’m sure I’m faster than you are.” I said looking at both of them.

Stiles roll his eyes.

“Don’t be sad, Stiles. I know you find me attractive so I’m sure you will love hanging out with me.” I wink and Scott laughs.

“Shut up!”

“Let’s go.”


I saw the coyote running and Stiles followed me, I noticed the trap and I pushed him to the floor. I screamed when my leg got caught on it and he looked at me.

“You saved me.”

“Yes, I did, dumbass, now can you please get off me?”

He stands up and I broke the trap, I wait till my leg to heal and he looks at me,

“This is ridiculous!”


“I should be the one saving you! You just can’t…”

“Stiles.” I smile.

“God, I’m so…” I cut him off by pressing my lips against his.

He smiled when I pulled away.

“Alright. Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asks. “I mean, after… all of this?”

“I’d love to.” I smile and he shakes his head.

“Oh, stop being cute.”

“It’s not possible.”

Imagine #11

Tears was streaming down my cheeks like a waterfall while I walked on the sidewalk back home. I was going to meet my boyfriend Stiles, but when I walked inside his room, was he standing there making out with Malia. 

Malia and I never worked out, I knew she had a thing for Stiles. She was always all over him. Always looking at him, always trying to touch him. I let out a loud scream trying to let out the anger that was building up inside of me. 

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