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Just some more comparison stuff between Doggos and Coyotes. I thought Lurcher was a possible Coydog, but now after looking at him and his body Im thinking he’s just a Combo of dogs that made him the smooth boy he is.

One thing that I found particularly interesting is that despite both dogs being larger than the coyotes, the coyotes foot was still pretty much as long is not slightly longer than both dog feet. They just have really narrow, long feet.

Each picture is captioned!

Thought this would be done sooner but it’s still a work in progress. Entry in my drawing journal for the song Slaves by Crywolf. Referenced the coyote sleeping in a coffee table photos, but I can’t find that artist on mobile to tag them, so if someone please could for me, I’d appreciate it!
My drawing journal is just a stress reliever that I’ve started so they’re not meant to be neat or perfect since it’s impossible to sketch and erase on this paper without destroying the paper.


In 18 days I am going on a solo trip to Iceland for three weeks, The truth is, I’m petrified, but more on that later. For now here is a little coyote I’ve started, I’ve been going through a longer than usual artistic and spiritual dry spell so what I’m about to say is really something I need to hear and the wisdom I need to apply, but I know countless others need to hear this too. You are not one thing. You are not defined by your gifts, your strengths, nor your weaknesses. You indefinable. And you are allowed to change your mind and the trail you blaze. Opinions and expectations be damned. You don’t need to start over. There is no starting over. But you do need to keep going, even if it is not the mountain you intended to summit in the beginning, the view will still be vast. Onward, onward, onward.

Via @wnyc: An Icon of the Wild West Becomes a Secret New Yorker

An animal long associated with wilderness is thriving as a city-dweller: coyotes.

The canids showed up in New York state around 1940, and moved into the Bronx just 10 years ago. Slightly larger than their western cousins, northeastern coyotes, or “coywolves,” are thought to have descended from western coyotes who bred with wolves as they expanded their range eastward to avoid hunters in the West.  

For the past five years, the Gotham Coyote Project has been using camera traps triggered by motion and heat, to capture images of the elusive animal in the wild. The team has been able to document coyotes in the Bronx, where several family groups have been established, and a single coyote haunting part of Queens. (There have also been sightings in Manhattan.)

“Very rarely as a wildlife biologist do you ever get to study something happening in real time,” project co-founder Mark Weckel said. “My colleagues and I have the opportunity to look at this emerging story year after year.”

So far one major mystery remains unsolved: how the coyotes get from one borough to another. In other parts of the country, coyotes have been observed using railroad tracks. But Weckel, who’s also the manager of the science research mentoring program at the American Museum of Natural History, says it’s not clear what transportation infrastructure, if any, are being used by the coyotes here. He says they’re pretty strong swimmers, but more likely to cross a bridge if the opportunity avails itself.  

Listen to the interview with Mark Weckel. 

I’d love to

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Requested by anonymous: Hey I love your blog! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a vampire and Scott and the pack confront her and stiles thinks she’s evil because vampires don’t like sunrise because it’s like good over taking evil (the dark) but the reader has always had a crush on stiles and one night she saves his life and he gets annoyed because he thinks he should be the one saving her and it’s just really cute at the end. Sorry it’s so long xx

WORDS: 236


A/N: Thank you! I hope you like it!

Y/N P.O.V.

“Ok. We need to talk.” Scott closed the door.

“Why?” I asked.

“We don’t trust you. But we need your help, Y/N.”

“I still think this isn’t a good idea. She’s a freaking vampire!” Stiles said.

I roll my eyes at the cute guy.

“What happened?”

“We’re trying to find a coyote, and I thought you could help.”

“I can.” I smile. “I’m sure I’m faster than you are.” I said looking at both of them.

Stiles roll his eyes.

“Don’t be sad, Stiles. I know you find me attractive so I’m sure you will love hanging out with me.” I wink and Scott laughs.

“Shut up!”

“Let’s go.”


I saw the coyote running and Stiles followed me, I noticed the trap and I pushed him to the floor. I screamed when my leg got caught on it and he looked at me.

“You saved me.”

“Yes, I did, dumbass, now can you please get off me?”

He stands up and I broke the trap, I wait till my leg to heal and he looks at me,

“This is ridiculous!”


“I should be the one saving you! You just can’t…”

“Stiles.” I smile.

“God, I’m so…” I cut him off by pressing my lips against his.

He smiled when I pulled away.

“Alright. Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asks. “I mean, after… all of this?”

“I’d love to.” I smile and he shakes his head.

“Oh, stop being cute.”

“It’s not possible.”

Ok, I haven’t done a blog post like this in a minute but DONALD HAS RESURFACED FROM WHATEVER CAVE HE’S BEEN HIDING IN AND HE CAME BACK WITH A MANLY MOUNTAIN MAN BEARD AND I AM IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Ok, who else was watching that Conan interview like 

because this was literally me the entire time. Seriously. I had my hands under my chin and I could FEEL my face grinning. The ONLY time I stopped grinning was when he brought up that dang coyote and I thought for a split second, “Oh my God, Donald, don’t die”. Then he went on to joke about his brother not wanting to have sex with a coyote and it was back to my Lisa face. Oh my goodness, I cannot explain how happy I feel seeing Donald tonight. I’m so happy he looks happy. I’m so happy he’s in movies. I’m so happy he exists. I am the only person gleefully giggled when he walked out or……? Like…..the man just gets more and more handsome. I can’t take it. Jesus, you have done a fine job creating this blessing of a man. Glory be to the lord for Donald McKinley Glover.

I pray Gambino Girls everywhere get to see his appearance on Conan.