coyote packs

so i went to plaid pantry and i got my grape soda and whipped cream and i was on my way back when i saw a dog across the street from me. i looked over and another dog walked up to it and i was like “nice, double dog”.
i kept walking and a minute later i saw a third dog and i thought wow these dogs look like big foxes. oh wait they’re coyotes. but no one else on the street was acknowledging it? so i figured i was just Too High.
Then a couple minutes later, a big truck full of kids pulls up beside me and starts waving at me so i take my earbuds out and someone says “dude, you know there’s a pack of coyotes following you?”
if being hunted by coyotes in downtown portland on the way back from getting munchies isn’t Northwest Gothic idk what is

lil things i love about firebringer

this accidentally became rly long. lmao sorry

• molag’s turtle shell shoulder pads

• lauren i think is singing alto parts in a lot of the songs? and she is usually a soprano right? we got an alto lead kids i’m v happy

• when they go to use a modern-day idiom but they stop halfway through because a word in the idiom wasn’t a word yet (“i don’t wanna be around when the shit hits the … i don’t even know what”)

• tiblyn bowing down and dancing & stuff with her arms still in the air

• “keeri JUST invented dancing”

• EMBERLY’S HAIR that must have taken forever to brush out

• chorn can only SAY chorn but it can SING other words

• “it’s not yet been scientifically proven how big the turtle we live on top of really is”

• jemilla’s freakout when she finds out the duck isn’t a god

• keeri just fucken gnawing on a rock in the background

• meredith cutting off the band to change them to another musical theme

• keeri copying zazzalil’s movements


• at the end of welcome to the stone age “chorn!” “ha, yes!”

• “it’s happening!!” “what a lion is befriending a little baby pig and now they’re hanging out ??”

• schwoopsie’s squirrel tie and dandelion microphone

• emberly’s really frantic body motions all the time she literally can’t calm down

• “you know how sometimes there’ll be a pack of coyotes feasting on a rabbit, and there’s one small coyote who’s being kept from the meal?” “yeah,” “I’m like the rabbit”


• ducker’s face when tiblyn puts her arms down and the sky doesn’t fall

• “she is the spirit of the river! i know this because i saw her standing by a river once”

• “don’t be mean to lauren!”

• smelly balls dancing alone onstage at the beginning of the night belongs to snarl

• sexual tension between keeri and zazzalil JESUS



• the “light that flame” sequence

• the one guy in the band who has two vital lines in the show “time is frozen now” and “did you see that spark upon the wall”

• when smelly balls looks at the flame and says “what is that, a man?”

• in the night belongs to us when jemilla sings “I” while the tribe sings “we”

• choreography in climate change omg omg

• lauren’s super sassy flirty dancing throughout the whole show

• keeri’s supreme love of animals

• jemilla & zazzalil’s two completely different reactions to clark wrapping his arms around them

• “it’s grunt to see you too, grant!!”

• the slide noise when grunt holds up his self portrait

• when grunt asks emberly if he can paint her and it’s the most pure thing in the whole world wtf

• emberly’s lil dance in paint me aw

• “we TRUSTED YOU ZAZZALIL!!!” “who the fuck are you?”

• chorn & smelly balls brotp for life

• “emberly, you just shat out a fire.”

• “well, well, well, look who was wrong!!!”

• clark preaching from the band

• the whole song “together” jfc sorry it’s so gay & pure and i love everything about it

• ba-dum ch everytime schwoopsie says her own name

• when they’re petting snarl and the band starts playing the night belongs to snarl but in a major key

• snarl saying “tell my wife trunkell i love her” as he dies

• chorn’s weird body suit

• how much do u wanna bet they were having a “who can make the ugliest face” contest when chorn taps their foreheads. lauren & brian won


• those high notes jamie hits in chorn!!! get it!!!

• jemilla’s line “they need you as much as me” which could be interpreted as “they need you as much as they need me” or “they need you as much as i need you”

• jemilla & zazzalil proposing at the same time and then ducker marrying them seconds later

[during the cave scene]

Katara: I’m sorry I reacted the way I did… You’re from the Fire Nation…

Zuko: Oh, well, I’m not with the Fire Nation anymore; it’s just me.

Katara: [sympathetically] Just you? Just you, how could that be?

Zuko: Well, I- I was the Fire Nation prince, but they kicked me out.

Katara: Why?

Zuko: Ah, well, you know how sometimes there’ll be a pack of coyote-hawks that are feasting on a rabbit-lizard, and there’s always one small, runt of a coyote-hawk that’s being kept from the meal?

Katara: [understandingly] Yes.

Zuko: I’m like the rabbit-lizard.

[long, awkward pause]

Katara: …Oh.

Hazel: I’m not supposed to be near people from other camps.

Nico: I don’t have another camp, it’s just me.

Hazel: Just you? Just you, how can that be?

Nico: Well, I had a camp but… you know how sometimes there will be a pack of coyotes that are feasting on a rabbit and then there’s always one small, runt of a coyote that’s being kept from the meal?

Hazel: Oh. Yes.

Nico: I’m like the rabbit.

My prom is taking place across from a giant forest preserve. I’m going to meet Scrappy there, in the middle of the night, with me all decked out in makeup and a fancy dress, and kick his ass with a pack of coyotes that I’ve become the leader of. I’ll leave him bleeding in the woods and then storm the prom with my coyotes. It’ll be great.

Who’s a Good Boy? (Dean x Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Length: 1667+ words

TW: Nothing but fluff here, folks 

A/N: I saw three dogs while going on a walk yesterday. It was a good day. I was inspired by THIS video right here (please watch it, and be prepared for your heart to melt, and I couldn’t help, but write this. Plus @winchesters-favorite-girl kept posting pictures of Eeva, and I really love her dog ;; So here’s some dog!Dean fluff! 

Dean hated witches. I mean, he hates all monsters in general, but he’s very vocal on his hatred for witches. This case just gave him more reason to hate them. Sam was down with a broken leg back in the bunker so it was up to Dean, and Y/N to gank the witch.

The witch had led them to a forest, the hunters on high alert, but kethat didn’t matter because the witch had enough of running. She casted a spell on them from a safe distance, letting the dust surround them before disappearing.

“Dean!” Y/N yelled, bringing attention to the dust around them, but it was too late. They had already inhaled whatever mystic powder she threw their way on them.

“Fuck!” Dean cursed. “We don’t even know what spell she hit us with.”

His partner didn’t respond. Instead, she leaned her weight on the tree closest to her. Her lungs felt like they were expanding, and collapsing at the same time. The blood in her veins felt like hot lava slowly pumping through her bloodstream, and yet she shivered, her skin prickling with cold dampness that came from her sweat. Her heart felt like it was racing, too fast to be normal, too fast to be healthy. A choked sob escaped her lips.

“Y/N?” Dean whipped his head around to see her lurched over. He ran to her, one hand on her back, the other cupping her cheek. “What’s wrong? What hurts?”

She couldn’t respond. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Dean ignored to pain that was starting to bloom in his heart. He ignored the fact that he could feel his blood pumping his heart, and the fact that it fucking hurts. He ignored the pain he felt all over because the blood in his veins were moving too slow, and too thick.

“Y/N?” he choked out, trying to push through his pain to help her with hers.

Then everything started spinning, and darkness overtook the two hunters.

Y/N came to first. She opened her eyes, finding her surroundings to be bigger, and monochrome. She tried moving her fingers to scratch the itch away from her cheek, but when she brought up her hand to her face, she found a paw- a small paw. She looked down finding a furry chest instead of her normal human body. Trying not to panic, she analyzed her surroundings, and her mind went to Dean. She found a German Shepherd near her, and Dean’s clothes surrounding it. She quickly ran to his side, nudging her paw against his chest, but when that didn’t work she placed her snout on his neck, trying to feel a pulse. Suddenly, he moved, and she backed up from him, trying to give him some space. He tried raising his hand to his head, but he found the same thing, a paw. His eyes widened, and he frantically looked around, seeing her. There was concern in his eyes as he scanned her figure for any injuries. He tried speaking, but only a bark came out, and Dean looked less than happy. She walked over, and nuzzled his chest once again to relax him. 

He looked around, trying to look for his phone, thanking Chuck for smartphones. He used his snout to unlock his phone, growling in annoyance at the rectangular device for moving around as he held it in place with his paws. Finally, he got it to dial Sam’s phone, waiting until he picked up before barking. Y/N rolled her eyes at his incessant barking. They could hear Sam’s confused questions as Dean kept barking at the phone. Finally, they heard him speak the words they wanted to hear.

“I’ll come find you guys. Just stay on the line.”

Dean just kept barking, and barking. Y/N’s ears perked up as she heard some howling from afar, she quickly leapt on Dean, trying to shush him. She put a paw near his mouth, missing his sharp canines. He got the message, and stayed quiet, realizing the sound of growling was getting closer. With their heightened senses, they could see a pack of coyotes approaching them.

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Malia x Fem!Reader

Malia’s heart sank as she heard the noise. She could hear it just as clearly as the alarm bells that told her lunch had started. Ignoring the pack’s call to her she barged through the busy corridor to the basement where she found you sat alone, crying.

For a moment, she watched you silently, she liked you a lot and your scent was so distinct, when it was warm you smelt like the grass near the creek and when it was cold or raining you smelt like a thunderstorm. But now you smelt like spilt petrol and burnt rubber, she hated it, deciding quickly that she’d do whatever she could to get you to stop smelling like that.

“Stop it.” She said sharply and you jumped, quickly wiping your eyes as you grabbed your bag and stared at your feet.

“You’re not supposed to be in here.” You mumbled and she tilted her head slightly.

“Neither are you.” She glanced at the book that was in your hands and spotted the title, wondering if local mythology included her and if you’d want to see the pack on a full moon, perhaps you’d let her take care of you on a full moon and keep you safe.

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anonymous asked:

odd question, but i wanted to know. what do you think Fred and George have as their patronus'? I tried looking it up and found that J.K never mentioned it anywhere and now I'm super curious

Hello there! :D

I actually thought about this a lot because Fred and George’s Patronuses (Patroni? I believe “Patronuses” is used in the books so I’m going with that) are going to make an appearance in my fic! Luckily I’m not at that chapter yet, because I haven’t really 100% decided yet!

However, I believe their patronuses would be a Jackal and a Coyote! Jackal for Fred, Coyote for George, for the following reasons:

Obviously they are different animals, BUT they are rather similar looking. Remind you of someone?

Anyway, my less obvious reasons are:

In fables, myths, and folklore, both the Jackal and the Coyote are often referred to as not only intelligent and resourceful, but also as clever and playful tricksters who love a good laugh and occasionally like to offer advice, often hidden in a trick or riddle. Of course not all of the tricks they play are nice and harmless, but tbh neither are Fred’s and George’s.

Now let me break your heart:

Jackal (Fred): Live with a partner or in small family groups or packs.

Coyote (George): Sometimes live with a partner, sometimes alone.

Jackal: In Egyptian mythology -> closely tied to death. In both fables and reality, occasionally feign death.

Coyote: Associated with life. One myth tells the story of how the Coyote brought the “seed of life” into the world.

Jackal: Sometimes seen as bringer of destruction and desolation.

Coyote: Is depicted as aware and mindful of the consequences, to himself and others, of the tricks he plays. Seen as bringer of change.

Sources: [x] [x] [x] (amongst others tbh)

Let me know what you think!! I’d so love to hear peoples’ opinions on this! :D

Creepypasta #1122: My Bird Dog And I Went Hunting In The Desert Of Eastern Oregon - A Desert That Doesn't Like Intruders

Length: Super long

About six weeks ago, I went into the wilderness of Eastern Oregon with my 2 year old hunting dog (a golden retriever named Reggie) to hunt for pheasant, partridge, quail, and flyfish for steelhead. I was camping along the John Day River, which is in the high desert and carves a deep valley through the sage brush coated hills and black-rock cliffs. Something happened in that canyon that has changed everything I know (or thought I knew) about the world we live in. I’ll start with a bit of backstory before I get into the events.

I did this same camping trip with two buddies last November during my dog’s first bird season, and we were all psyched to have round two. Unfortunately, one of the dudes bailed because of work pressure, and the other because he needed time to prep for an interview.

So I decided to go alone. I’ve done plenty of solo camping and hunting before, and this time I had my bird dog so I felt even better going alone. There’s obviously no cell service out there, so I gave my girlfriend and some buddies my route and camping locations, and set out before sunrise on a Friday with plans to return late on Sunday. It’s about a three hour drive to the stretch of the John Day River basin where I was heading, and got there around 9:30. 

It was around 40 degrees when I got out at the BLM parking area to stretch and started to get ready to set out. My dog was really stoked (he knows we’re hunting when I put on my bird pouch and bust out the shotgun), and I was as happy as a pig in the mud. Sun was shining, and it had snowed a few days earlier so the red, tan, black, and green sagebrush-coated valley we started hiking down into was shimmering.

I had my big backpacking pack loaded to the brim with camping gear, winter gear, hunting and fishing gear, and dog stuff. I had my shotgun in hand (a double barrel 12g side-by-side), a field knife, and my Ruger .357 on my belt. I don’t always carry a sidearm, but with three days and two nights alone in an area infested with packs of coyotes (who don’t scare me but would love a golden retriever snack) and mountain lions (which definitely scare me), I figured why the hell not.

We (my dog and I) rucked about 6 miles into a more open part of the valley where I wanted to spend the first night. It was around 50 degrees at this point and absolutely beautiful, although quite muddy with the snow melting. I set up the tent on a little grassy plateau above the old trail, and put the dog in the tent with some water to chill for a bit to get his paws warmed up. 

I ate lunch and dumped most of my gear to set out with just my camelback, bird pouch, gun, and dog down further into the valley to start hunting (about as happy as a dude can be). It was slow hunting at first but eventually we flushed some quails and a few hen pheasants. After about 4 hours it was starting to get dark. We had bagged 3 quails and were working our way back to camp. This is when things got somewhat strange.

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There are now members excluding Non-members from roleplaying, and when I call them out for it, they’re like “but ur a member so be quiet”

Members act like they were never non-members. We’ve all experienced our membership expiring (unless you’re spoiled by your parents), and when we first join the game, we’re non-members. Treated like shit by both AJ and Members. 

When I was a nm, I got kicked out of fashion shows, clans, packs, and parties, simply because I was a nm. And whenever someone hosts a non-member only party, members feel entitled enough to show up and wreck the place, harass the non-members that went there. I wasn’t even allowed to roleplay, one of the few things a nm can do, because I was a nm. 

And now that all these members are doing shit like “COYOTE PACK MY DEN” or “Needs babysitter for two kids and a grandpa! MEMBERS ONLY” When you call them out, they pull shit out of their ass like “well i’m in 2nd grade” or “BUT UR A MEMBER!!!”.

Please do not exclude non-members, a group on AJ who can’t do much of anything, from the things they can do

my dad’s house is in the middle of a canyon, and i was jolted awake last night by the sound of a pack of coyotes howling. 

but it actually sounds more like screams. anyways, they’re doing it again and IT’S SCARY AS SHIT.