coyote flats


R.U.T sheaths .

A good customer has very kindly offered to re send me his Rexford Rut so I can make a few more sheaths for them .

So from next week if anyone requires either a kydex neck /key ring carry or leather version for belt carry via tek lock in either clean or rustic stonewashed finish please contact me at the email bellow to pre order  as I will only be able to have this tool for a short period of time  and yes they fit both version 1 & 2 RUT’s .

 Current kydex options include kryptek mandrake ,highlander , nomad and typhoon , multi -cam , standard black ,hunter orange , coyote brown , flat dark earth ,chocolate brown , desert digital (2 versions ), woodland digital , carbon fiber black , carbon fiber foliage gray , carbon fiber coyote brown , urban digital gray , od green , desert fox yellow  and Union Jack flag .

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