coyote attacks

actual notes on attracting crows

some of you may know i’ve been feeding crows for a few months now, as represented in my operation: crow army tag

i’ve been doing it as part of spellwork and as an attempt to gain a cohort of familiars. ultimately i would like to train them to attack cops or something but i haven’t quite figured that out

it’s gotten to the point where i can pretty much walk out onto my porch during any daylight hour and crinkle a packet of ramen noodles and they’ll come perch in the trees. today a few of them were willing to land on the far edge of my lawn while i was still on the porch, which is a new development.

they’re still wary of me. every time i move, even from the other side of the window, they jump. i think it’s reflexive

an unexpected side effect is that i am learning which of my neighbors the crows like. lots of people walk by my house but only for a select few will the crows only stay on the ground level while they walk past.

at first i summoned raccoons, and they got into the crawlspace directly under my bedroom. actual monsters under my bed, screaming and gnawing on the floorboards. just kidding, they’re probably cute, but i interpreted this as a metaphor for the structural underpinnings of my thoughts and beliefs: there’s something dangerous going on in the recesses of my mind, and i need to get rid of it before it gets trapped and rots down there.

well, i think the raccoons are gone but apparently it’s because there has been a coyote sighting exactly in front of my house, and i have no idea if i summoned that or what it means


max domi: lion whisperer 

tumblr gothic
  • The messaging system sucks. The messaging system has always sucked. The messaging system has sucked for hundreds of years. Somehow, nobody thinks this is unusual.
  • You wake up to discover that tumblr’s default font is now Papyrus. “Coyotes,” explains a colorful polygon with dots for eyes. You offer no response. The grayfaces and polygons know what coyote attacks look like. This is not a coyote’s work.
  • “let’s all just keep xkit guy in our thoughts and prayers tonight as he works to fix this new update,” the post says. You reblog it. But can this cycle really sustain itself? How much longer before he needs more than prayers? How many more times, before xkit guy demands incense, bath bombs, the blood of unblemished lambs?
  • The updates are sudden now, coming without warning. Rich and poor, proud and humble, fave and problematic, all are swallowed up in user interface cataclysms. Once there was a sigil to reblog, a ward to keep the chaos at bay, but nobody reblogs it. It doesn’t work any more. Deep down, you wonder if it ever really did.
South Dakota Gothic
  • Someone asks you “How many miles to Wall Drug?” and you answer automatically. No matter where you are or where you are going something in your bones knows. After a while they stop asking. The knowledge sits heavy.
  • You drive five miles out of town and the stars are so bright that you can’t look away. You recognize none of them. The glow from town has faded. For some reason it takes twice as long to drive home. 
  • At night you can hear the cows calling. Occasionally the coyote will answer. Their attack could come at any time. Keep the young in the center of the herd and wait until morning. 
  • The old school house is ancient and uninhabited except by the ghosts of the children who died during the Children’s Blizzard. They finally reached the school but the fire won’t light and oh god when did the building decay. Why can’t they get warm?
  • There’s gold in them hills. Every hill. There’s gold in the land, and the people, and the giftshops. 
  • If you encounter a Mountain Lion remember that they are more afraid of you. They know what happened to the forest. They know it’s only a matter of time. 
  • There’s someone new in town. They’re acting strangely and you suspect they’re from another planet altogether. The people from the other side of the river can’t be trusted. 
  • You reassure yourself that the strange shape in the night as you drive down the highway was just a roadside statue. One that seems to have been walking alongside the road. The T-rex has escaped it’s leash.

Guys and girl, pet owners with an open heart please help if you’re able! Last night my pet 9 year old shih tzu Orphey was attacked by a coyote and was severely injured. He has 4 fractured ribs, two deep puncture wounds and multiple lacerations and blunt trauma down his sides. we’ve had him in emergency care all night from critical condition the vet said we would need to get him stable on an iv drip and oxygen chamber antibiotics painkillers and other medication. His blood pressure dropped to 35 from a 150 norm after 6 and a half hours we had him transfered to a specialty vet that said surgery would be necessary to see if there was internal bleeding and to suture the torn muscle. In addition to the near $1700 we’ve spent in emergency care we had to pay for an oxygen transport to the new vet at near $450 that lands us at over $2000 out of pocket with no pet insurance and we’re unable to pay for his surgery let alone his current continued care. We took him home unable to continue treatment and he’s still in unstable condition to whether out the storm on his own and I’m so worried he won’t make it through the night. He needs to be cared for but we are unable to keep up financially. Please if you are able to help I would be eternally grateful, any amount helps and if you’re unable to donate please spread this around! I don’t want my little guy to pass because I am unable to pay for medical services :( you can donate on paypal at the estimated cost for the care he needs is inbetween $5000 and $6000 T-T

Update: so far we’ve raised $500 thank you for the help so far everyone I deeply appreciate it and I think orphey will too!

@affectbreathe replied to your post: So Tuesday night I dreamed that my car had two…                

   I’ve had reoccurring dreams divided by like two or three years each about finding rotted burned corpses in black trashbags. They’re never scary, but my most recent one had the trashbag see-through and at my house. I tried to show my mother but it vanished and I realized the killer was near me. For once, it was terrifying. I haven’t yet convinced myself that they don’t mean my imminent murder.   

Aw, dude, wow. O.O That is very uncool. I used to have recurring nightmares about being attacked by coyotes while walking my dog at night, like at least once a month, and I moved out of the country and away from my dog and the coyotes without it ever happening, so you’re probably good? Dreams are wacked out.

Luffy is a 3 year old labradoodle. His first owners intended for him to be a “guard dog” for their property and was in bad shape when we got him. He was flea and tick stricken with multiple hot spots. He also had been attacked by coyotes as a pup. He’s much better now and has his human parents to protect the house.

Haven’t ridden my own horses in weeks due to working other people’s. Refreshing to ride my own mare, even though we did almost get attacked by coyotes heading back to the barn. 😅