There is a scourge haunting the streets during the feeding hours in the #SoutBay of #LosAngeles. Keep your pets inside and lock all your doors, draw the blinds and turn out the lights. The coyotes are coming and they are hungry…. If you find yourself face to face with one of these criminals contact the #CoyoteBereavementServices immediately! This message brought to you by the kind people at #WildAnimalInvestigators. Sponsored by the #LawOfficesOfRobertDowneyandSons …. #charcoal #instaart #instaartists #coyote #craola

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“Coyote Cookies”

A scene from Michael Bergey’s novel “New Coyote”: Coyote baking some cookies with some nosy little pups! This may be used as a book cover someday, hence the wide format. I created this scene using a Sketchup model as a rough base for the perspective lines, and Corel Painter 15 for all the colorful textural painty stuff.

Oh, and don’t worry about those paws. Coyotes are fire proof!

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