Favorite Powder Blushes!

I am not a huge blush girl, and there are times when I forget it and walk out the door. But there are some great ones that I’d recommend to anyone looking for some good blush options.

1. Everyday Minerals Dusty Miller: This was designed as a highlighter and may look like a peachy beige, but note that it will deepen and warm up to a pastel peach with coral sparkles on the cheeks when layered and buffed (picture at bottom, but sparkles are not visible there). Probably best as a highlighter if you have deeper skin tones. If you’re ghostly pale, this would be EXTREMELY pretty on you.

2. Everyday Minerals Viki’s Radiant Creation: This also looks pale in the jar and swatched, but deepens into a creamy mauve-beige with layering and buffing. This contains noticeable sparkles, so if you will be taking flash photography, avoid this except as a highlighter. Like Dusty Miller, this will work as a very nice soft blush for fairer skin tones.

3. I Nuovi Thumbelina: I actually got this as a free gift with purchase, but totally grew to love it. Pale, sugary peaches that do not have a ton of shimmer are not that easy to find. The blush looks very shimmery in the pot, but will just be luminous (not glittery or oily) on the cheeks. If you have deeper skin tones, pack this on the apples for extra cute-ness.

4. TheBalm Hot Mama!: Many people agree this is a nicer Orgasm than Nars Orgasm. A flushed translucent coral with golden highlights. Beware that over-application will intensify the gold sheen, but not the coral that much, so you could end up a little greasy-looking.

5. Maybelline Pure Mineral Healthy Natural Blush (oh sheesh, stop it with the long names already) in #1 Original Rose: A non-shimmery version of Orgasm or Hot Mama, with ever-so-slightly warmer/pinker melon tones. Plus, it’s cheap and accessible. The only con is that loose blushers are harder to control, so when you are using a more pigmented shade like this, you need to be careful.

6. MAC Well Dressed Blush: This is a holy grail true-pink for many people. I believe you can wear it even if you have medium-deep skin tones, as this will give a doll-faced lighter-than-your-skin-tone flush on the cheeks. For medium to light skins, this is a shade that is almost impossible to over-apply if you’re just starting out. But if you are on the deepest end of the skin spectrum, this will probably not be opaque enough to show up. 

7. MAC Coygirl: It looks scarily purple/mauve in the container, but will just soften out into the loveliest cool-toned matte pink on the cheeks. Perfect when you are wearing cooler-toned colors. Just be careful to start with a light hand and build up as necessary. This is a Sheertone but it’s not all that sheer.

8. I Nuovi D36 Blush in Dolly: The most rich, intense, BEAUTIFUL matte melon. This goes on as a pretty flush which I believe will work on just about everyone. Be careful though, as this is very pigmented (and quite inexpensive compared to other high-end brands), so a little goes a long way. If you ever travel to Singapore or swop with anyone from here, make sure you have I Nuovi on your list.

And all the shades again, in flash this time, for you to see the textures (matte, shimmery, satin, etc):

Dusty Miller packed on and buffed in: