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ATTENTION ROWERS: Coxswain Appreciation Week (First week in May)

Our coxswains have to endure a lot; not only do they have to steer an awkwardly long, obscenely expensive boat in the straightest course possible down an unpredictable body of water, but they also are expected to read the mind of as many as 8 girls and say the things that will motivate them the most. On top of that they’re expected to translate what the coach is saying coherently and concisely and help regulate practice. They help correct technique—without damaging the fragile egos of the rowers. The responsibility of a whole boat rests on their shoulders, they take the heat when anything goes wrong. They are consistently yelled at by grumpy singles, grumpy coaches, and grumpy rowers. This criticism is extremely hard to take because, unlike a rowing stroke, it’s something pretty personal that is getting criticized. They do all this (and more) while sitting in a miniscule seat no matter the conditions, be it freezing cold (with no exercise to be had to warm them up), raining, windy, glaringly sunny, or even night time. While we’re on the subject of a miniscule seat, they’re also expected to stay light and tiny. But the 20+ hours they already dedicate to rowing doesn’t count as exercise for them, so if they want to stay fit themselves they have to carve out additional time from their schedule to fit that in. 
For all these reasons and more I think the world of rowing needs a coxswain appreciation week—a week in which we remind our favorite little buddies how much we love them, how much we appreciate them, and how much we realize we couldn’t do this sport without them. Thank you coxies! We love you!

Be it for your current coxswain, a coxswain you had from years ago, or a fellow coxswain, a little goes a long way! Highschool teams, masters teams, collegiate teams, and every other rowing team out there that utilizes coxswains, please participate and appreciate your coxswains! Even if it’s just a kind word, a card, an instagram post, anything can make someones day better. Sometimes we all need reminders.

SPREAD THE WORD. Let’s make this national. 

Person: All you ever do is crew. Do you even party?

Me: Hell yeah!! Its very exclusive–only about nine people are invited. We get together and get turnt on carbohydrates. Party so hard we all pass out. Then we get together the next day and party even harder on a super fancy and expensive boat with our matching outfits. No one parties like we do.

Person: Boat parties don’t fuckin count