Spring Break Update 1

Today was one of the most terrifying experiences in my rowing career.

I watched, helpless as my coach ignored my yelling, while my coach backed our four into a security booth.  And CRACK went the stern deck and hull.

There is so much more, but honestly, it just makes me sad and angry.  Because when you drive a trailer as long as she has, you should know better.  You should be more cautious. Two of your coxswains should not be trying to inform you how best to make sure that you don’t damage more boats.  They shouldn’t have to.

You should know.  At all times, where obstacles are in relation to your boats.  The boats are precious pieces of equipment.  And even if they can do a good repair, the boat is never the same after that.


Tomorrow morning is my last day of practice this year. We’re derigging and washing the boats. Saturday was my last day coxing. Tomorrow we won’t even touch the water.

I will miss waking up at 5:00am.
I will miss seeing the sun rise over Lake Union.
I will miss seeing the Seattle skyline from the middle of the lake.
I will miss the morning drizzles.
I will miss the lost voice days after seat racing.
I will miss sassing my coaches on the water.
I will miss working through tough pieces.
I will miss my novice lineup.
I will miss my coaches.
I will miss the boat house.
I will miss the canal.
I will miss the tugs.
I will miss hearing the rush of the water when they pick up the boat in a piece.
I will miss the feeling when my novices beat the varsity boat.
I will miss how much my knees hurt when I get out if the boat.
I will miss not feeling my fingers.
I will miss steering with strings and balls.
I will miss the van rides to and from the boat house.
I will miss team breakfasts.
But most of all I will miss my team.
And more than that I will miss my boat.

Three months off the water will be three months too many.
But it will make next season so much better because I’ll know what to look forward to.

The start of a 2K.
Walking through boats.
Commitment 20’s.
The swing.
The third 500.
The sprint.
20 at the swing.
20 at precision.
20 to tear yourself apart.
Winning with open water.

SU crew on three