This is ink on deli paper - my latest obsession. I think my influence for the subject of this painting was flipping through one of my favorite artists on tumblr - Cowtopus. Hope she’s not insulted. I love the way her artwork makes me feel & would just love to be able - someday - to convey that much feeling in my art. I’m not there yet, but I’m happy to have so much inspiration.

cowtopus asked:

I don't know what to ask, but I definitely want to see pictures of you being a painting. And you don't have to publish this, I just wanted to say hi. Oh I've got one: are you listening to any music right now? Do paintings listen to music?

I’m not listening to any music but sometimes paintings listen to music but it’s not willing because music is not a necessity in the life of a painting. In order to be a fulfilled painting you don’t require music but sometimes in the reality that neighbors that of being a painting, music can be heard.
And hi there. I suppose I can post the picture I have. It’s alright. It’s just a first attempt. 

cowtopus answered your post: I feel great. I had such a wo…

I would talk to you, except I’m very awkward and I take hours to respond… but I read you. Hi. I’m glad you’re fine :)

hahaha I am awkward too! it’s okay, I take forever too because I never know what to say/am afraid to say what I want. I just feel so good right now and feel really chatty so it seems (more) okay or even great to talk to people. 

I love your art, by the way! you said on one of your posts that you wished you knew how to paint and I think you do know how to paint? or well, I guess I don’t know exactly what you meant by that (and I don’t know art well so maybe I’m missing something) but I just love what you do. :)