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I've been thinking - Ian should eventually get a cow. (Retirement!) But would he ever debate getting something like a Texas Longhorn? Or would a simple milking/non-milking cow be better? Also, another question. Would Gretchen Matilda ever show a love for farming/farm animals? Would she ever debate getting into something like FFA Or 4-H? But I'm sorry. I'm country girl, so I couldn't help asking. LOL

LOL! Thank you for the Ask! You ask some of the coolest questions. 

If Ian was to get a cow in his retirement, it would be the simple milking cow. In my AU - Ian grew up in an area that had a fair amount of dairy farms and that is what he would know best. I’ve touched on this, but Ian did farm work as a teenager and it would have been on a dairy farm. They would also not have a fully functioning farm. Just a handful of acres. It would take a while to sell Rico on the idea of chickens and a goat. The cow would take some real convincing.  

I could 100% see Ian and Rico both wanting Gretchen involved in something like 4H if there was a  chapter in their city.  Ian loved growing up out in the country, and while he enjoys and sees the goodness in living in the city - he would want his child to have at least some of the experiences he did growing up. Rico would plant a vegetable garden in their backyard and that is something Gretchen would help with. So while Rico is city girl all the way - she understands the value of agriculture and would be happy to support Gretchen’s interest in it. 

Ian and Rico, once they moved into an actual house, would always have cats and dogs - so Gretchen would always have animals around. 

I think Gretchen would really enjoy spending time with her grandparents and aunts/uncles who live out in farm country. That includes Petra and Auruo who are both veterinarians. Auruo is a large animal vet so he spends most of his day on farms.  Visiting the Bossards would always be a fun time. 

Would Gretchen get into agriculture? I’m not sure. I think she would move out the city and settle in a more rural area. I could see her going into Agricultural Engineering - if she did follow the Agricultural path. 

So…there is my rambling answer! Thank you again for your wonderful question! 

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BTS Reaction: You having a pet baby iguana (requested)

Sorry this took a bit longer than expected. Sorry for any errors.

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

“And this is my bedroom!” you said, showing Jin your bedroom in your new apartment.

“Wait! What is that?” Jin asked, pointing to the terrarium in the corner of your room.

“My terrarium…”

 “But what is in it?” he asked and he went up to the glass.

“My iguana. Her name is ______.”

“But when did you even get it?!? I helped you move out of your old place and like, there was no iguana! Not even talk about getting one!”

“Things change when you leave on tour for 3 months Jin.” you laughed.

“Yeah, yeah… Can I hold her?”

“Sure!” you pulled _____ out of her terrarium and held her out for Jin to hold.

He was hesitant at first, laughing nervously as his hands came closer to her. ”Wow!  She feels weird but cool!” he giggled as he brought his arm to eye level and try and make eye contact with _______. “You know what would be cute on her?”


“Hold her again for a sec.” 

You did so, staring at him in confusion as he grabbed a sticky note from your desk and tore it in half.

“What are you doing?”

“Wait.” he mumbled as he folded that paper. “Got it!” Then he went up to you. “It’s a bow!” 

He smiled as he placed the paper bow on _________’s head. _________ kept still, completely unphased by the bow.

“She looks so much cuter now!” he cheered.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

“So this is your place?” he smirked as he walked in to the door way of your apartment. “And this whole time you were hinting that you lived so far away!”

“Well when you are as lazy as I am, everything feels far away.” you said as you threw yourself onto your couch.

You patted the empty sat next to you, inviting him to sit down.

“So what other secrets do you have?”

You laughed a bit. “Well my apartments isn’t exactly a secret.” 

“Aish, let me rephrase that. What other things did you mislead me about?” he asked jokingly

“…I have a cow.” you smirked.

He raised his eyebrows at you. “ A cow? How the fuck do you have a cow in this apartment?”

“Its a baby cow.” you giggled

“Nah, you’re laughing, that means you are just messing with me!”

“I’m serious!”

“Then show me!”

“I will! Give me a second.”

You ran to your room, gently picking up your iguana and walking carefully back to the living room. “Here she is!” you beamed.

He turned around to you. “That’s not a cow, that’s a lizard!”

“She is an iguana. Female iguanas are referred to as cows… So I have a cow.”

He slapped his hand over his face. “You are just too much for me.” he groaned playfully.

You moved your iguana close to his face. “You want to hold her?” 

He slid his hands down, trying to make eye contact with your pet “cow”. “Well, she looks cool so I guess so.” There was a slight smile in his face. You could tell he was trying to hide his excitement. 

He held her carefully, running his finger down her rough back. He let out a small chuckle, so small you barely noticed. 

“This thing- Your cow is pretty cute.” he smiled

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

“So this is our third date, what other superficial fact do I not know about you yet?” he asked after taking a sip of his drink.

You contemplated what other tiny things about yourself you were willing to reveal. You took your time doing it, laughing to yourself as you saw him getting antsy.

“C’mon, I just told you the embarrassing speech I made in middle school, the least you can do is try to change the topic.” 

You laughed, replaying the story in your head. “Ok ok” you giggled as you stuffed your mouth with fries, stalling to actually think of something. “Ummm… I… I have have a pet iguana!”

“An iguana?”


“An actual iguana?”

“Yes! Haha, I have an iguana. It is a little baby.”

“Why don’t I believe you… I need proof!”

“Well,I could drag you over to my place,” you smirked. “But I don’t feel like doing that just yet. I do have pictures though!” you said as you pulled your phone out.

“What, pictures from google?” he giggled.

“Shut up!” you laughed, nudging his shoulder. You opened the folder you had of you and your little pet and shoved your screen in his face. “Look at these!”

He took the phone from you. “Oh shit! An actual iguana! I never met a girl with a pet iguana before.” He said as he zoomed in on the first picture of you with your iguana on your shoulder. “You know I used to have a reptile phase when I was a kid” His voice drifted.

“Yeah? You ever look into iguanas?”

“Yeah… You know, there are great swimmers.”

“Oh really? What else do you know?”

“They can survive falls of 40-50 feets with no injuries and they can hold their breath and stay underwater for 28 minutes.”

You just stared at him, amazed by his brain “Wow, you are more of a nerd than I thought you were!” you giggled.

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Jhope/Jung Hoseok:

“Why didn’t you tell me you got a new pet?!?”

You shrugged at him, “I wanted to surprise you I guess.” you said with a sneaky smile.

“What kind of pet did you get? A dog? A cat?”

“Nope. You’ll never guess. Let me just show you!” You said jumping off the couch.

“A hamster? A fish? A hermit crab?” He continued to guess.

“Just close your eyes!” you said as you went down the hall.

You scurried down the hall and quickly returned with your precious baby iguana, _______. You found Hoseok with his hands slapped over his eyes as he eagerly waited for you.

“Ok, I got him! Open your eyes!”

He did so and quickly his bright face contorted into a look of horror. He let out scream and jumped over the back of the couch.

You couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at his reaction.

“Y/n, what the fuck?!?” He shrill voice overpowered your laugh as he peeked over the back of the sofa.

“Hobi, you should have seen your face!” you cackled.

“Shut up! Go put that thing away!”

“But don’t you think he’s cute?!?” you asked as you moved up to him,

He quickly jumped up and backed away form you. “Cute my ass! He is cool from a distance, but not an inch away from my eyes!”

“Oh don’t be such a baby.” you said finally catching your breath.”I’ll go put my little baby away so you don’t have another heart attack.”

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V/Kim Taehyung:

You turned the keys to your apartment and opened it up for Tae “And here’s my place” you told him as you let him look around a bit “I’m going to start cooking the ramyeon, feel free to look around” you say and disappear into the kitchen. 

He walked around your apartment, finding all the cute details endearing. Like the picture of you two at the amusements park, the random stone with ‘don’t be a stone’ carved into it really he thought, and lastly a terrarium with an iguana…

Hold on.

AN IGUANA? He’d press his face close to the little lizard in the terrarium, starting to speak with it. “Hello little one, and what’s your name?” he’d talk like if it was a little child. 

You hear his voice and wonder if he’s talking to himself, just to walk in on him making weird faces at your pet iguana _______. 

“Uhm… What are you doing?” you say while giggling. 

“Y/N!” he shouts and turn around “Why didn’t you tell me you had a pet iguana?! It’s so cool!” his eyes were sparkling like a kid’s on Christmas.

“I don’t know, it just never came up? And his name is _____.” you tell him. He smiles returning his gaze to the terrarium “Hello____. My name is V” he says and puts up two fingers. You roll your eyes at his silliness but chuckle nonetheless. 

“Can I like… pet him?” he asks and you nod “Of course” taking _____ out of the terrarium and putting it in his hands. 

He’d just look at you, then _____, then back at you.

“I love him” 

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

You let Jimin in your place and immediately his eyes caught something. “There is a lizard in your living room!” Jimin’s eyes were glued to your pet iguana that was resting on the arm of your love seat.

“Haha yeah that is my baby iguana, ______.” You said flopping back down to your seat on the couch.

Jimin stayed in place, just standing and staring at your iguana. 

“You okay Jimin?”

“Uh, yeah… Just looking at the lizard… making sure he doesn’t move around anywhere.”

“He won’t move. Just come sit down, the drama is about to start.”

He awkwardly went around your whole couch, avoiding the short path that involved walking past _______. Still he kept his eyes on ______.

The drama started, but throughout the whole episode, his eyes constantly flew over to your iguana.

“You are really interested in _______ arent you?”

“It’s just, he barely moves… Its like he’s fake…. Why do you even have a lizard?”

You shrugged. “Why not? He’s adorable.”

Again his eyes flew over to ________.

“You aren’t scared of him are you?” you asked teasingly.

“What? No!”

“You want to hold him then?”

“Um… Nah, I just want to see the next episode.”

“You at least want to pet him. I can see it in your eyes.” you teased again.

“Eh, I guess I c-can pet him.”

You went up and grabbed _______ and went back over to Jimin. “Go ahead, pet him.” you offered, holding your baby right up to Jimin.

He let his hand out, but then pulled away really quick. “He doesn’t bite right?”

“Actually, he does. He loves eating little worms, so when you pet him, don’t let your fingers get too close to his face.”


“I’m kidding!” you laughed. “Oh my- Jimin, iguanas mostly eat fruits and plants and all that.”

“Ugh, you jerk!” he laughed. Again he moved his hand towards _______. Well, not his hand, just his index finger.

After what felt like hours, his finger finally made contact. He only moved his fingers ½ an inch down _______’s belly before he pulled away. “Woah, his skin is weird!” he smiled. 

“You can keep petting him. You can even hold _______ if you want.”

“…I’ll just keep petting him for now.” Jimin said in concentration as he slowly moved his finger down ________’s back. 

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Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:

>>[7:44 pm] Where are you?


>>[7:45 pm] Well you  better hURRY, I have a surprise ;)

>>[7:45 pm] Yeah blame others for you not planning well enough…

>>[7:46 pm] And HEY don’t text and drive 

You giggled to yourself a bit as you read his message at the table while taking out your pet iguana, ____, from him terrarium.

The knocks on your door let you know it was Jungkook and you ran up to open it.

“Hellooooo” you said in a sing-song voice. 

You knew you threw him off already. He looked at you warily “What have you done?” he asked while squinting his eyes.

“Nothing” you said innocently as you looked up at him through your lashes. 

He squinted his eyes some more, moving his face closer to you “I’ll believe you for now” he backed up a bit “Now where’s that surprise of yours?” he asked while looking over your shoulder trying to see inside your place.

“Ok hold on, uhm…” you start “stay here” you say as you ran to the bedroom. “Wait… Where’s _____?!?”  You thought as you didn’t see him in the terrarium. “Oh no!”

“How’s it going babe?” you heard Jungkook’s voice from the hall.

“Uhm… Wait a minute!” you said as you started to check under the tables, behind books and other things. 

“Is everything alright?” you heard him ask again as he walked into the room, no even bothering to hold his hands over his eyes for the surprise.

“Well… okay no. So my surprise kinda… uhm…” you looked at him before diverting your eyes and searching for _____ again. 

“Go on” he told you while chuckling a bit “My surprise ran away…” you said, more as a question to yourself. 

Ran away?” he repeated

You sighed deeply “Yes, he ran away… Will you help me look for him?” you asked quickly, continuing to check under different pieces of furniture and clothing. 

“I’d love to… If I knew what I was searching for” he said and giggled as you facepalmed.

“If you see a little green iguana, about this size” you showed him with your hands “it’s ____” 

“Hold on iguana?” he questioned and gave you a look. 

“Yes an iguana, now help me find him!” you say angrily

You heard him sigh before he moved to help. “There porbably isn’t even an iguana, this is a trick.” he grumbled to himself

However, it didn’t even take 3 seconds before you heard “Is this him?”

You turned around to see him holding ____ in his hands. “Aren’t you cute?” he said, looking into the reptile’s eyes. 

“H-how did you? W-Where?” he just looked at you with a very serious face before;

“Babe, I am the golden maknae.” he smirked. “But I guess now you can call me the lizard man, a top notch lizard whisperer!” he said and broke into a silly smile.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Whatever.”

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-Admin Boat and Admin Satellite 



We’re out shopping for new stock today and I just found the most AMAZING huge amethyst geode carved into a skull.
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supergirl sentence meme: episode 4-6

  • you’re safe here. 
  • saving the world means everybody. 
  • you promised me that you were gonna be here. 
  • i’m just- i’m freaking out. 
  • she was mad at me for you not dating enough. 
  • chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. 
  • you always looked great in blue. 
  • i mean, she does kind of give off a sapphic vibe.
  • we can watch orphan bIack after. 
  • you’re always warning me about something. that’s our dynamic. 
  • if i could legally adopt her, i would. 
  • people don’t want your brand of negativity anymore. they want optimism, hope, positivity. 
  • if the weather’s getting you down, don’t worry. it never lasts. 
  • she has always come down hard on me for not protecting you. 
  • i truly hate hospitals. 
  • how much longer until it’s appropriate for us to leave? 
  • you and i both know that you’re tougher than a bolt of lightning. 
  • i don’t understand how you could allow this. 
  • she’s going to do things that you don’t like. 
  • you know better. you should have stopped her. 
  • the stars aren’t going anywhere. 
  • you lied to me for years.
  •  she risks her life to protect other people, and she’s a hero. and yet, i do the same, and i’m in trouble? 
  • you were always so much harder on her than me. 
  • and you and i– we’re gonna have words. 
  • i’ve transcended. do you really care how or why? 
  • i didn’t get where i am by running and hiding from a fight. 
  • sounds like you’ve got your hands full here. 
  • you’re useless. 
  • everything i am, everything i have, is because of her constant pushing. 
  • you always make the hard choice. you look to help others before yourself. 
  • i wanted you to be better than me. 
  • i can draw her out, but then we’ll have to work together. 
  • cool, it’s like ghostbusters. 
  • i really wanted one of you to watch the other one die. 
  • congratulations, you have the wit of a youtube comment.
  • i wonder if i have enough power to stop your heart. 
  • the world is full of so much noise and snark - much of it, we generate. 
  • there’s a lot i don’t know about you. and that should probably change. 
  • who cares what that guy says? 
  • she’s taking on way too much, way too fast. 
  • people who click don’t spy on each other! 
  • if someone’s targeting one of my assets, i want to know who it is. 
  • please don’t yell at me, this isn’t my job. 
  • i didn’t know that she could smile if it wasn’t based on cruelty to others. 
  • i didn’t tell you about it because i knew you would have this reaction. 
  • get me a salad for lunch. i don’t care what kind as long as it has a cheeseburger on top. 
  • she is living down to my expectations by prioritising her career over my own. 
  • you know how sometimes people just want to help other people? 
  • so, you think that if you do me this favour, i will owe you something. 
  • that sounds like a woman who knows what she wants. 
  • okay. that is cool. 
  • she’s gorgeous, she’s smart, she smells nice– hell. even i want to date her. 
  • well, was she out saving the world? 
  • my mom says it’s okay to be a nerd. she says if you can face your fears and come out of your shell, then nerds can win in the end. 
  • i prefer not to rely on the government to solve my problems. 
  • i’m trying to change the world. so anyone invested in maintaining the status quo would be interested in targeting me. 
  • and here, i thought we had something special. 
  • i believe there’s no higher calling than helping others. 
  • the world needs a new kind of hero. 
  • i’ve never met anyone worth trusting. 
  • that is a very lonely way to live. 
  • you are staying home. 
  • i don’t know what i would do without you. 
  • you do not seem like the kind of person who gets frazzled.
  • just because i look a certain way on the outside, everyone assumes it matches the way i feel on the inside. 
  • i don’t put much faith in the government’s idea of protection. 
  • what happened to you was a tragedy. i’m trying to prevent another one. 
  • be honest, your heart was never really in it. 
  • i’m starting to think you have a thing for me.
  • i want to help you. i understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed, but you are not alone. i can help you. 
  • please, do not kill all of those people. 
  • we had an epic nerf gun battle. 
  • you have just stumbled upon the most annoying question of the century and you are so young that you do not even realise it. 
  • far too many women burn out trying to do too much before they’re ready. 
  • you can have it all, just not at once and not right away. and not with that hair. use conditioner, for god’s sake. 
  • in the end, you can’t control people. 
  • easy peasy fresh and squeezy. 
  • i suspect that whoever is responsible for these attacks might be curious about you.
  • the fun is just beginning.
  • you cut me off, dude! 
  • watch where you’re going next time! 
  • you cannot lose control like that! 
  • those idiots nearly killed people, and you’re getting mad at me
  • that’s the thing. i am not mad, i am controlling my anger. i suggest you get into the habit. 
  • i’m just glad these two men were only in the hospital, and not in the morgue.
  • call me old-fashioned, but i still prefer male doctors. 
  • i need to find out what really happened to him. you’re the only one who can help us. 
  • we have an executive order forcing you to comply. 
  • game night is the last shred of normalcy that remains in our lives. 
  • maybe the roar of the ocean will drown out the sound of her voice. or maybe it will just drown her. or me. 
  • don’t you think you’ve made enough of a fool of yourself over him for one day?
  • everyone’s noticed how you throw yourself at him. 
  • you should try being a little bit more professional. 
  • it helps when you really know your partner. 
  • it’s like when you see a movie star in person and you’re like ‘is that it?' 
  • i don’t say this often, but i am craving a good fight right now.
  • i’ve invested too much time and effort into this. 
  • i’ve been screaming your name over and over for the past minute and a half. ninety seconds, i have been boiling alive in my office. ninety seconds, each of which, if amortised to reflect my earnings, is worth more than your yearly salary. 
  • don’t talk to me like that! please! i work so hard for you! i don’t ask questions, i don’t complain, and all you do is yell at me and tell me i’m not good enough! and it’s mean! why are you so mean?! 
  • i didn’t mean that. i don’t know what happened. i just snapped. 
  • chop chop.
  • hope no one’s trying to kill me this time. 
  • i’m not the bad guy. 
  • it’s gone rogue, and i need your help to find it. 
  • if you want to prove to me that you’re not the bad guy, then help me find the real one. 
  • 'never trust a man who doesn’t drink, because he’s probably a self-righteous sort– a man who thinks he knows right from wrong all the time.' 
  • play nice. 
  • you’re not good enough for her. 
  • you ally yourself with people you think are special. but that doesn’t make you special. and i think you know that. 
  • here’s the thing: everybody gets angry. there is no pill that will eradicate this particular emotion. i know this because if there were such a pill, i would be popping those babies like pez. 
  • you apologise too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem.
  • whatever you do, you cannot get angry at work. especially when you’re a girl. 
  • he picked up a chair and he threw it out of the window because somebody missed a deadline. and no, he didn’t open the window first. 
  • that would’ve been professional and cultural suicide.
  • the real key is that you need to figure out what’s really bothering you. 
  • you weren’t really mad at me.
  •  you need to find that anger behind the anger. figure out what’s really making you mad.
  • i’m not gonna let you hurt them!
  • you saved my life. 
  • you let that thing get away- i thought you were on our side. 
  • he used your humanity against you. and now more innocent humans could be in danger. 
  • you seem to only help people if it helps you. 
  • i’ve seen what happens to the selfless. 
  • wow! and i thought rocky balboa practicing on dead cows was cool. 
  • girls are taught to smile and keep it inside. 
  • it’s not like black men are encouraged to be angry in public. 
  • say what you’re mad about and then let the fists fly. 
  • i hate how my emotions get the best of me! 
  • i hate that i’m never gonna have a normal life!
  • i’m realising that being myself doesn’t make me feel more normal. and it never will. 
  • think you can keep your cool this time? 
  • i’m not afraid of my anger anymore. i can use it. channel it to work for me, not against me. 
  • you’ll have to kill me.
  • we are on the same team. 
  • i hope that one day, when you realise what a terrible mistake you’ve made, it won’t be too late.
  • you’re my hero. 
  • you don’t get to talk to her that way. 
  • i understand that you have always been threatened by my success and you try and elevate yourself by denigrating me. 
  • be careful, you might cut yourself. 
  • i’m bleeding.

the year is 198X.  the internet doesn’t exist, weed, cigarettes and alcohol aren’t that moderated and boomboxes are still a thing. four high school misfits. an alien menace. teen angst. everything is against you, but keep trying your luck, kiddo.

“My agent called and said, you know, ‘You have the opportunity to read for a Disney cartoon.’ Of course I was like so excited. Because I’d been saying to him for a year, ‘Can’t you get me any work? Can’t you get me voice-over work? Don’t I have a voice that people recognize and can’t you do something with it, for God sake?’ So then they called up and said that I had that opportunity. And he was really scared to tell me. He goes, ‘And it is a cow,’ like really scared like I’d go, ‘How dare you suggest that I would…’ I go, ‘That’s great.’ And he goes, ‘Uh, really.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, this is so exciting.’ And he said, ‘And also, she’s the fattest cow in the world that’s ever lived.’ And I go, ‘That’s great.’ I was very grateful. I was just so excited to be in a Disney movie. I would’ve played a rat or a snake or anything they came up with. I was very happy to portray a cow. I like cows, they’re delicious! (Laughs loudly)

“I’m from Utah. I have a real western background and I worked on a couple of farms when I was a teenager, milking a couple of cows and all that stuff that you do. So I’d been around cows. I owned 30 cows when I had a farm in Iowa and cows are something that I’d always go sit by and watch, just in real life, for a long time. They’re a deeply spiritual animal. I mean, a lot of people on earth think they’re holy. They kind of are if you really are into watching them. I kind of was because that was part of my whole relaxing in Iowa thing – hanging out in the big field on my motorcycle staring at cows. It’s cool how they do. Cows are cool.”

– Roseanne Barr, the voice of Maggie in Disney’s Home On The Range

WaFuckingTusi!!!  The watusi cows are so cool.  I pass these guys everyday on my way in and out of my home.  The variety of their horns are groovy.  Up close, these guys are impressive….so AWESOME!!!!

Cattle breed
The Ankole-Watusi, also known as Ankole longhorn, is a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet from tip to tip, are used for defense and cooling by blood vesseled honeycombs. Wikipedia

what even is “““almond milk”“”

like. cow milk, cool. goat milk, okay. coconut milk, whatever.

almonds. do. not. have. milk.

are they feeding their teeny baby almonds with it.



Relationship: Jason Todd X reader, Joker X Daughter! Reader

Warnings: Abuse, character death, abandonment, Angst , Joker being an asshole, it’s just kinda sad y’all. Torture, Jason’s death.

A/N: So here’s what I’ve been working on lately (And why I’ve been a little MIA)This will basically go along with the storyline of Under the Red Hood and I have had this idea on and off in my head for almost two years now and I just rewatched under the red hood and I have the plot a little more set in stone so here we go!


You were tied to a chair. Jason was lying on the floor. Your father was beating him senseless.

It wasn’t like that beforehand, you and your father used to be close. But then, the day he wanted you to be his sidekick came along, and then? Things fell apart.
“Y/N Shoot the boy!” Your father cackled as you shakily held a gun in your hand, pointing it at Robin

“I can’t!” You wanted to cry. “I don’t want this life! I don’t wanna be like you!”

Everyone had froze at your words. You couldn’t even believe that they came out of your mouth. But the words that came out of his mouth next shocked you even more.

“You’re not my daughter.” He snapped taking the gun out of your hand and that’s when the dam holding in your tears broke. You sobbed and collapsed to your knees as the Batman took down your father, put him in the batmobile and walk back over to you. You pulled out the rest of your weapons and gave them to him. The mighty duo kneeled in front of you.

“Just take me to Arkham, he’ll escape without me.” You say quietly. “And then, he won’t come for me. He wouldn’t go back there unless you forced him.”

Batman knew how easily it could be that this whole thing was an act, but when he looked into your eyes, he knew you weren’t acting, Because he too knew what it was like to lose your parents, and although yours weren’t dead, your relationship was.

“No.” He stated gruffly and Robin helped you up. You looked at him and he gave you a small smile as tears continued to run down your face.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to take care of you.” Robin said reassuringly. You nodded your head, the green hair you had associated with your father falling in front of your face.

“Thank you,” You said giving the Boy Wonder a hug. Robin was tense at first but he still hugged you back.

“Robin take her back to the cave.” Batman said before getting into the car and taking off. “I’ll handle Joker.”

“Why yes sir.” Robin said in a deep voice imitating his mentor. You let out a laugh, and snot came dribbling out of your nose.

“Ew, sorry that’s disgusting.” You say with a light laugh wiping your nose on your sleeve.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says laughing also. “Thanks for not shooting me by the way. That would’ve been a great way to start my first day on the job.”

“Uh, you’re welcome.” You say as he leads you to his bike. He gets on and looks at you waiting for you to get on also. You do so slowly and wrap your hands around the boy’s waist. Robin drives and soon enough you enter the cave and he stops the bike allowing you to get off first. “Holy Cow!”

“Yeah it’s a pretty cool place,” Robin says placing his hands on his hips, admiring the area.

“Not the cave silly! The computer!” You say running over to the large device. “I haven’t seen one in ages thanks to Joker.”

“Oh, how come?” Robin asks analyzing you as you run your fingers over the keyboard.

“He wanted me to work in the field. ‘No more techy stuff! Gotham needs a new Genius Villain terrorizing them!’ I hated every moment of it. I’m better at hacking into webcams, or crypted files! Not killing innocent people for a damn laugh.” You said the last part quietly. “He always hated that about me. The fact that I’d rather spend my time on the computer for him rather than in the field so Gotham knew who I was disgusted him. He never even asked me what I wanted.”

“I’m sure Batman will figure out something. He won’t let the Joker force you to do anything any more.” He said coming up behind you. You started typing away at the computer hacking into your father’s network.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked worried.

“Hacking into Joker’s security camera’s.” You said setting up the video feed on the side console. “And here is some important files concerning his next few attacks.”

“Wow, how’d you learn to do all this stuff?” He wondered aloud.

“I never went outside, so I had a lot of free time to learn.” You told him honestly.

“Now hopefully, you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to locking him up.” You said before muttering the last part, “And maybe one day he’ll be locked up where he can never escape.”

“I’ll make it my job to lock him up for good for you Y/N.” Robin said reassuringly.

“Thanks Robin.” You gave him a small half-smile.

“You can call him Jason.” The Batman’s gruff voice echoed throughout the cave as he stepped out into the light. “And you can call me Bruce Wayne, I believe your computer skills will be a great asset if you’d want to join our team, I’d even provide everything you’d need to live here with us.”

“Really?” You asked tears brimming your eyes. “I wouldn’t have to go out in the field would I?’’

“Only if you wanted to.” He said removing his cowl. You gave him a big smile before hugging the man.

“Thank you.”
“Please stop!” You had managed to get the gag out of your mouth and now you were pleading with your father begging him to stop hurting your lover. The insane man continued to ignore you and tried to get your hands free of the their restraints. “He’s had enough! Hurt me instead.”

“Now that looked like it really hurt, should we give her a try?” He asked tauntingly Jason just shook his head and he got hit once more. “That looked like it hurt a little more. So let’s try to clear this up okay pumpkin?” He gave Jason a sickening grin. “What hurts more? A? Or B?” With each question he hit Jason once more with the crowbar. “Forehand? Or Backhand?’’

The ropes holding your wrists fell to the floor and you got to work on releasing the rest of your body. Jason was twitching on the floor, breathing heavily and lying in a pool of his own blood as your father let out a loud cackle. You watched as Jason turned over slightly and said something incoherent and then your father dropped down to mock him. Jason spit the blood in his mouth onto the sick man’s ghostly white skin, only to have his head slammed into the floor.

“Now that was rude.” Your ‘father’ said wiping the blood off of his face with a hanky. “At least the first boy blunder had some manners.’’ Jason rolled over and gave your father a shit-eating grin. “I suppose I’m going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. Nah I’m just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar.”

At that moment you had managed to escape your restraints and as Joker held up the crowbar you grabbed it attempting to take it away from him. He placed his foot on Jason’s back and shoved you backwards at the same time causing you to fall next to him.

“I’m sorry.” You cried looking at your lover as he closed his eyes in pain. Suddenly the Joker left and walked to the door.

“Okay kiddos, I’ve gotta go. It’s been fun though right?” The devil himself says exiting the building and fixing his tie. He turns back and looks at Jason and you laying on the floor. “Well maybe a bit more fun for me than you since you’re being awful quite. Anyways, be good kids finish your homework and be in bed by nine. And Hey! Please tell the big man I said hello.” He let’s out a cackle and slams the door shut leaving you and Jason alone.

“Jay I’m so sorry this is all my fault.” You say crying. Jason opens his eyes and rolls over allowing him to bring his cuffed hands in front of him.

“Calm down doll. It’s okay. I’m Okay.” He tries to reassure you but he can barely walk on his own.

“No you’re not Jason!” You say catching him before he falls down. “You should’ve let him hurt me.”

“No don’t you dare say that Y/N, he’s caused you enough damage.” Jason says as the two of you struggle towards the door. Jason falls to the ground and you quickly help him up and put most of his weight onto you. When the two of you made it to the door Jason jiggled the handle only to find out it was locked. You set Jason down gently onto the floor before trying your best to open the door, then you heard the quiet but ear-piercing beep that was going to bring your death. You slid down next to Jason.

“I’m sorry Jason.” You whisper as the clock counts down and you fall into his arms.

“Don’t be doll,” He says holding you close. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You say before spending your last moments kissing the love of your life.

Then, the old warehouse you were in blows up and you die being held by Jason Peter Todd.