cows are my favorite animal

okay but what if the gangsey completely 100% exaggerates ronan’s fondness for cows the same way i do the fandom does? what if literally every time one of them sees a photo or a video of a cow they send it to ronan like “thought you’d appreciate this :)” and he gets increasingly annoyed every time?

ronan: for fuck’s sake growing up with cows does not mean they’re my favorite animal will you all please stop
blue, already using henry’s phone to send ronan another twenty videos of baby cows: unfortunate,

The zodiacs signs on animals
  • Aries: "yeah, I love cats, I'm always gonna love them. They will be my favorite forever. No doubt about it." *10 minutes later* "aweeee bunnies are so cute, they are my new favorite animal!"
  • Taurus: "I love cows... They taste good."
  • Gemini: "I literally love every animal. I'd rather be an animal than live this shit life."
  • cancer: "awwwww look at those fish, let's go look at them. Please!please!please! OMG there are elephants over there COME ON! Hurry!"
  • Leo: "I like birds, they are very pretty and there is a lot of them."
  • Virgo: *frantically tries to save every species even if they aren't endangered*
  • Libra: "did you know that animals actually make noises?"
  • Scorpio: "I like scorpions, and hornets, and bees, and wasps, and all animal that bring pain to man-kind." *smiles evilly*
  • Sagittarius: "I like butterfly's because they are prettier than you" *smirks*
  • Capricorn: *smiles at the thought of animals and gets distracted for the rest of the day*
  • Aquarius: *tries to buy and own one of every animal*
  • Pisces: *goes around saying "I love you" to every animal in sight*

I’m really happy that things are going so well with Eric and myself. I want these next five months to go by in slow motion. I’m not looking forward to him leaving, at all. I told him that I want stamps and letter writing utensils for my birthday. I’m going to send him a letter with man boob confetti, I’m pretty excited for that. I’m going to miss him a lot though, hopefully we stay together, forever (;

I love, love, love him!