A path moved beneath my feet
as the sun dipped above my brow
and mountains approached, so
tentative in step and composure.
It was as this globe so spired to spin
that my mortal visage chanced
to fall upon the sight of Hera, eternal
in her sentinel-like gaze and watch.
Her ocher tones masked in dust
and her ivory-sharp horns displayed,
the maternal deity brushed aside
and deigned to let me on my way.
Though a single sword had slain,
in truth, her cult, her holy herd,
she, solemn and integral, stayed retreat
and walks these trails and valleys still.
—  “The Way of the Herd,” hopeless-sonder

The Artisanal Cheese Alchemy of @sugarhousecreamery

June 4 is National Cheese Day. To see more photos and videos of what goes into Sugar House Creamery’s artisanal cheese, follow @sugarhousecreamery on Instagram.

At Sugar House Creamery (@sugarhousecreamery), a tiny dairy farm tucked in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, it’s all about the Brown Swiss cows. They’re hardy. They’re docile. They turn the farm’s tough grass into well-balanced milk perfectly suited for cheese-making. “And they’re not too hard on the eyeballs,” says Alex Eaton, who, with Margot Brooks, founded Sugar House in December 2013.

The farm produces just three types of cheese, which Alex says ensures consistency and extremely high quality. But the small size of their operation also allows for experimentation, which Margot can trace back to her childhood on a dairy farm, making batches of chèvre on the kitchen stovetop from the milk of her pet goats.

Alex and Margot’s photos and videos capture the essence of life in the New York countryside — except for the smells. “The grassy, vegetal smell of warm summer milk being strained into the bulk tank. The smell of the cheese cave: beer and pine boards and yeast and earth. So many smells,” says Alex. “Some bad, but mostly good.”

anonymous asked:

So if i'm not vegan i cant feel bad abbout the yulin festival? First: i have never killed a cow,chicken or pig my entire life. Secound: the yulin festival tortures dogs no one here tortures the cows, they kill them fast. So please shut up before you act like youre better than someone else

No you don’t kill them yourself, you pay other people to do it for you. You know who those people are? Usually migrant workers, who are exploited and often suffer from psychological trauma

“No officer, I didn’t kill this man. I just paid a hitman to do it.”

Really? Cows aren’t tortured? That’s news to me, I must have imagined these videos then:

Dark Side of Eating Meat (2009 Belgium, Europe)

Slaughterhouse Investigation: Cruel and Unhealthy Practices

Cattle Slaughter

Shocking slaughter footage: English slaughterhouses exposed

Undercover investigation at Chinos Hallmark/Westland slaughterhouse

Disgusting Slaughterhouse Abuse EXPOSED!!! Animals skinned alive and more


Inadequate stunning occurred in 12.5% (16.7% of bulls, compared with 6.5% other cattle). Bulls displayed symptoms rated the highest level for inferior stun quality three times more frequently than other cattle. Despite being shot accurately, 13.6% bulls were inadequately stunned compared with 3.8% other cattle. Twelve percent of cattle were reshot, and 8% were inaccurately shot. Calves were shot inaccurately more frequently (14%) than other cattle.

Let’s do the math on that. Say there’s 89.9 million cows in the US right now. Even if we take the most generous estimate and use the 8% statistic, that’s 7,192,000 cows that are improperly stunned before being killed. If we use the more realistic 12.5%, then 11,237,500 cows are slaughtered when they’re still conscious. 

So do me a favor and shut the entire fuck, and reevaluate the dreamworld you live in. Do you think the animals you eat all live on a cloud and gently float down to sleep in your plate? No, they live brutally short, miserable lives that end in blood and pain, because your ignorant ass can’t resist getting a cheeseburger. 

Luckily, there’s hope! Not only is being vegan healthier, but there’s tons of delicious food that you can eat without having to contribute to all that horrendous bullshit. 


Behold the bovine awesomeness that is Blosom, the World’s Tallest Cow. Standing 190 cm (6 ft, 4 in) tall, the towering female Holstein received her title earlier this year from Guinness World Records at her home in Orangeville, IL alongside her owner Patty Meads-Hanson. Sadly Blosom recently passed away following a severe leg injury. So, in advance of the release of the 2016 Guinness World Records, in which Blosom was going to be officially recognized at the singularly colossal cow that she was, Guinness World Records posted a tribute to honor her memory and her lofty legacy:

“We hold our tallest animals at Guinness World Records in an extremely high regard due to their uniqueness and rarity in finding. We were devastated when we heard the news of Blosom’s death as she was such a friendly and gorgeous animal and her owner equally as wonderful and took such great care of her. She is definitely one of the standout highlights in our upcoming book and we hope the world enjoys seeing the pictures of her.”

[via Laughing Squid]