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Omg.. How do Taylor fans not grasp the concept of who gets cowriting credits. It's the same way with Martin and shellback get cowrite credit they produce and create the music of a song that part of song writing too creating the music like wow

songwriter (noun): a person who writes the words or music to songs

taylor: wrote the words –> 1 writer

calvin: wrote the music –> 1 writer

1 writer + 1 writer = 2 writers

cowriting: songwriting with one or more people

2 writers > 1 writer


UPDATE: Brandon Flowers Cowrote New Duran Duran Track ‘Change The Skyline’?

This post has been updated below with additional information since it was first posted. 

UPDATE: June 16, 2015 10:00PM EDT

It has been brought to my attention that while Flowers collaborated with Duran Duran on the track early on, he was not involved with the finished version that will appear on ‘Paper Gods’.


It appears that Brandon Flowers cowrote a track that will appear on Duran Duran’s new album, Paper Gods. Flowers allegedly cowrote the track ‘Change The Skyline’.

Regular readers will recall that Flowers indicated in an interview with The Independent last month that he had collaborated or was collaborating with Duran Duran and New Order but, due to issues with his label, would only be able to appear on one track.

Like his ambition, Flowers’ Anglophilia knows no bounds. There have been rumours of him appearing on Duran Duran’s upcoming, Mark Ronson-produced new album, but he squirms when I mention this.

“No… I mean, it’s not… Well, I might be on a new New Order song,” he says eventually. “So that’s cool,” he smiles, very pleased, not least because The Killers took their name from a fictitious band in the video for the Mancunian outfit’s 2001 single “Crystal”. “But it’s gonna be tricky with the label… I’m definitely not gonna be able to be on both of them.”

As Flowers will not be providing vocals for ‘Change The Skyline’, this makes it more likely, in my opinion, that he will appear on the new New Order song mentioned above.

In lieu of Flowers’ vocals, it appears that Danish singer Jonas Bjerre of the band Mew will be providing vocals for ‘Change The Skyline’.

It should be noted that Flowers and Duran Duran will both be performing at the 2015 Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas this September so it is possible that we may get a live version of ‘Change The Skyline’ with Flowers’ vocals.

Many, many thanks to Jeff via email for the tip!

Enchanting, that’s what you are
With orbs the color of chocolate, soft and warm
A mosaic of freckles dusted on your skin, beautiful like stars
Curls of bronze with a hint of red complementing your breathtaking face
Your personality, the perfect mix
Your voice daring, accent lingering
A sparkle always present in your eyes
The crinkles around them, fascinating
Your laugh contagious, even to strangers
Your smile can light up the world
Well, at least, it lit up mine
And I admit, indeed, I may be falling for you

A little bit

—  Vera ( @calumofficials ) and Julia ( @atasteofcake ) cowrote this

What We Know: Ocean’s 8 

The plot: this will be a female driven caper spinoff of the George Clooney led Ocean’s 11/12/13 movies. 

The director: Gary Ross is set to direct, with Steve Soderbergh (who directed the Clooney movies) producing. Susan Ekins of WB is executive producing.

The script: Ross cowrote the script with Olivia Milch 

The cast: the first casting news to break was around Sandra Bullock, followed by Cate Blanchett and then Anne Hathaway! Getting three actresses with Academy Awards brings a lot of prestige to the project, also set to star Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina & Helena Bonham Carter. Deals are reportedly about to be reached with everyone on the list, leaving casting open for one more actress to fill the title 8.

The film is set to start shooting in October in New York - with more details emerging closer to the start of production. 

Deadline Exclusive Article 

When internet friends are on vacation basically two seconds away from where you live and you get to hang out! ❤️ Something I said tonight: “remember that time we cowrote a fanfic together?” 😂

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Episode 71: Everybody Loves a Winner

Listen to Episode 71 of The Organist.

William Bell never became a household name. His debut single, the one he wrote and recorded the year that Satellite Records changed their name to Stax, barely cracked the Top 100 chart. That song, “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” worked out a bit better for Bell’s friend Otis Redding, and for a band called The Byrds. That’s more or less the same story as “Born Under a Bad Sign,” the song he cowrote with Booker T. Jones, which got covered by Cream and pretty much every blues rock band since 1968. Bell might have had a better chance at stardom if he hadn’t got drafted to serve in the U.S. Army in the middle of the sixties, right when Stax was taking off.

After Stax dissolved in 1975, Bell tried to reinvent himself. He had a top forty hit for Mercury, an easy-listening number with a funk beat called “Trying to Love Two.” He moved to Atlanta, put out a few self-released albums, ran a business, and did well with songwriting royalties. He didn’t lose himself in God or women or indulgence after the peak of his career, like some of the other stories we’ve heard before. He kept his voice and lived a comfortable life. You might say he was hiding in plain sight.

This summer, Stax released Bell’s first album for the label in forty years, in what may be the best album of his life. For the Organist, the writer Wyatt Williams drove around Georgia with Bell to bring us this story.

Produced by Wyatt Williams and Jenny Ament 

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I am so tempted to write that book. I did actually, it's a great novel. The first page reads 'you can't' and the rest of it is a blank book except on the last page, it's a picture of Yoongi smirking. And that was "How to Survive Yoongi: and other Bias Wreckers"

LOL you and @my-dreamreality cowrote the book lmfao!



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I've seen so many fans be annoying about TIWYCF and saying that it's a hit because of her. Like no! Stop giving all credit to Taylor. Calvin cowrote and did the music. How would you all like if Max Martin took credit for all of Taylor's hits?

that’s the exact point calvin was making with his tweets (before he got extra and annoying af) like basically he was saying “yes she was a part of it but she didn’t do EVERYTHING” 

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I find this wedding talk rude! Amanda, how dare you! Since you started it... A moment that would kill me would be their first dance. They'd dance to "Can't help falling in love" but instrumental, since they would whisper the lyrics to each other.

That was my first dance!!! It’s an excellent choice.

My gut instinct was to say it’d be a song they cowrote, but that would just be two people trying to outdo each other lyrically on how much they love each other, lol, so I wonder if it wouldn’t be a Sheeran special?

If they did go with “Can’t Help Falling in Love” I would hope they would ask Ingrid Michelson to perform it. Her version is c'est magnifique! 💚💙

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Yeah but she WAS hiding that she cowrote the song, so the whole thing did seem weird and spiteful. I guess everyone will see it differently but I just will wonder her true intentions. I think I just see her differently after everything.

you know what’s interesting to me? she confirmed that she cowrote the song when TIWYCF started going down in the charts and, her confirmation that she wrote it, brought so much more attention to the song and it went back up on the charts. 

so, her timing actually couldn’t have been more perfect. she helped both of them out. our girl is one smart business woman.