cowrie shells,

In this drawing of Pidge I tried to incorporate some traditional Udmurt jewelries into modern clothing.

Kushilvesh - an unique Udmurt ornament - a thread of beads, worn around the body, draping from one shoulder to the opposing hip, like a garter sash.

Kondonvesh - a necklase from beads and coins.

Gyrpinvesh - a more traditional necklace, from beads and cowry shells.

Bird pendant and earrings are based on ancient jewelries found in Idnakar.

Mwaash aMbooy mask of the Kuba people, Lulua Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Made of painted parchment, decorated with cowrie shells, beads, and human hair.  Artist unknown; late 19th/early 20th century.  Now in the Brooklyn Museum.  Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum.

Made myself a Sea Witch’s New Year’s ‘Wish’ Jar for good luck and prosperity in the coming year!

  • Sand, from my local beach 
     - - a base, symbol for overall well being and protection
  • Drop or Two of Sea Water
    - - protection and clarity
  • Sand Dollar
    - - Wisdom
  • Cowrie Shells
    - - Wealth and Prosperity
  • Cones
    - - Healing and Protection
  • Driftwood
    - - for me it represents 'going with the flow’ and flexibility.
  • Dolphin Charms, both in the jar and on the ribbon
    - - Dolphins have always been my favorite animal, and represent protection, health, luck, peace, playfulness, and inner strength.