“It was the cowprint wallpaper classroom, right?” Elettra asked, just to make sure. She could briefly make out the pattern of the classroom from the video, but it wasn’t that clear.

“I… Think so.” By the time they had reached the second floor, he was out of breath from running. He didn’t want to be, but he couldn’t help it (he’s not ran seriously since he was a kid, whereas he knew she was more athletic than he was).



After tiger, snake and zebra prints, a new trend is emerging. Less wild and closer to home, the cow print is becoming more and more present in collections and accessories. Graphic and artistic, as a total look or as a detail, both visual and tactile, the cow print gives dressing a fun and fresh organic dimension.

blog: Léa Zetlaoui

Givenchy pre-fall 13

George (Gitmix)
George (Gitmix)

Cowcube - George (Gitmix) (2012)

Listen to this.  If you don’t like it, I’m wasting my time.

If you’ve never heard of, or don’t already know, Cowcube, then this is one of those days when something has gone so very, very right for you. Cherish it. Mark it in your diary. When they find your dessicated corpse in fifty years, clutching that same diary to its chest, and they prise it from your cold, dead fingers, snapping some because the grasp is so tight, and they see the page you left the bookmark at, they’ll nod knowingly.

Cowcube produced one album, one EP, two and a bit John Peel sessions and remixed two other people’s tunes early in the noughties. Then, to all intents and purposes, he vanished.

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