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Here is a bit more, ke ke. (WIP)

(I even tried to write a bit more, especially for this drawing/scene, uff)

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Summer Swordsman, Takumi

All my orbs for a seasonal Takumi, but until then I’ll have to keep on making these instead.


Submitted by @yourqueenofyaoi

I felt like she needs more love. Because based on the sketches from earlier, she really is one hell of an artist.


Rea quickly apologizes to the young lady for breaking down into tears. She was very moved by her uplifting words of kindness.

The Lady of Shallots, John William Waterhouse, 1888, oil on canvas (with slight modern additions).

I just made an art history/produce pun, which means the potential audience is like, one person. and that person is me. 

I drew a little something for you guys. Nothing too big; it’s just that Seymour and Rea are my favorite coworkers, so here. I hope you like it.


These two are actually the “popular” characters of the blog, as far as I have read from fanmail!
Why though? XDDDDDD

-Mod Mama

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i don’t think i ever posted this one? this digital painting is from months ago.

in memory of lydiane ♡