TFW your little brother is 3X bigger than you are despite you being 5 years older than him.

Malk and his little brother, Dallas. They’re only half related, sharing a father. Their Father is a Minotaur. Dallas had a Minotaur Mother and Malk had a CowFolk mother. They hang out sometimes and Dallas likes to go to the breakfast place Malk works at after leaving anger management classes. (his temperment is getting better.) Dallas honestly thinks it’s a bit weird that Malk’s place of work allows him to work in basically hooters styled cow print hotpants.

Shout out to all the flat chested cow monsters because my god have you ever looked into the Cow Monster tag? It’s just massive tits. Like, I get it. It’s a cow, they make milk, but not all of them have to have monster boobies.

(A cute Cow who works at Crepe Escape with scramble the Egg Slime. His name is Malk.)

jasmine1999  asked:

Don't know if you're still taking fic requests, but I was on holiday recently and I went through almost all of your one-shots in admiration :) wondering if you could write about Sheldon mentioning how he prefers Texas attire, and the next date night Amy wears a really nice dress and cowboy boots and Sheldon is knocked off his feet in awe, making out ensues ;D

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I would love to see them both play dress up.  I know he has the hat.  She likes Little House.  They need to make it happen.  I hope you enjoy the story.

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