cowboys and dinosaurs!

reminders about adam young:

  • his subconscious reaction to learning about environmental issues is to replace a nuclear power plant with a lemon drop full of eternal clean energy and regrow the rainforests
  • he turned a terrifying nightmare hellhound into a fluffy puppy with a funny ear
  • he wrote a book about a detective that somehow involved cowboys, dinosaurs, and a spaceship
  • his love for his hometown was so enormous that an angel could notice it
  • he accidentally made aliens who were worried about the ozone layer appear 
  • he fights and defeats satan and his destiny because he loves his friends and his world and he wants to protect it
  • he could do literally anything he could think of and with that power he reset the entire world so everything was okay and made chain stores and big highways avoid his town 
  • he is the most wonderful person ever and i love him with all my heart
the jojo parts i haven't read yet
  • stone ocean: lesbians try to stop gay priest, Dio's back in action, ??? some universe shit goes down
  • steel ball run: cowboy race???? dinosaurs???? gyro zeppeli pizza mozzarella????? jonathan joestar is now a paraplegic? and a blonde?????
  • jojolion: what the fuck is going on, fusion, eyes?? on the walls? gross???, heterosexuality? in MY jojo? more likely than u think, four balls?? some guy has a shitty cut

Two outlaws and one man with a T-Rex sidekick :P

I remember watching Pixar’s, The Good Dinosaur awhile back.  Although the visuals were absolutely beautiful, I wasn’t totally sold on the concept that dinosaurs evolved to produce their own food like farmers/cowboys.  The movie did bring me back to an old dinosaur/western stop-motion film called the Valley of Gwangi though, haha.

When I was a kid (like 6 or 7) I made a comic about “dinosaur cowboys” (yeah). The main character “Deputy Dino” looked something like this. 

Yeah, so the story behind that design is– those eyes were originally boobs that I transformed into eyeballs after getting scared that someone would see that I’d drawn a “naughty” thing. And I ended up liking (??) the design/concept so much I did an entire comic about dinosaur cowboys. 

I should do an updated redesign, honestly.

I’ve always wondered how exactly Netflix goes about placing ‘suggestions’ in categories because I swear some of the things don’t add up at all. A ‘top picks’ list has majority of the Star Trek series, a show about secrets of Great British castles, a few sitcoms from the 90s and then all of the sudden – Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs. I was honestly on board with absolutely everything until that showed up. It seems to be relatively reminiscent of Sharknado and those terrible Mega Shark movies. What kind of guy does this computer algorithm think I am? I demand a recount.