cowboy on the run

The signs as types of shoes

Aries: ballet flats

Taurus: converse

Gemini: flip flops

Cancer: running sneakers

Leo: slippers

Virgo: combat boots

Libra: rain boots

Scorpio: stilettos

Sagittarius: sandals

Capricorn: short heels

Aquarius: cowboy boots

Pisces: crocs


THE  QUESTIONS  WE  ASK  … shape our path

“What is adventure?

I’m not so sure we know these days! Movies and magazines all scream "Extreme, Gore-tex suits and vertical routes, foreign trips and big cliff hits” … but that’s not part of it! 

Adventure is curiosity. The willingness to embrace uncertainty. Wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing …. differently than before" 

Gaucho’s lasso by eyemage Brazilian Gaucho riding a wild Criollo horse to round lasso bulls. Gaucho is an equivalent of the North American “cowboy”. The national rodeo competition involves a paired team of horses and riders that approach a steer from both sides at a full run. The steer is sandwiched in between the two horses that lean onto the bovine, practically carrying it down a 60 m long delineated path beyond which the horses must not go during the defined trajectory. It is an amazing demonstration of control. March 5, 2014 at 8:04AM