cowboy week



We have now officially reached the drunk enough to say shit you ort notta said part of the evening. And we have so many new people showing up, and said to myself, damn self, there are so many pretty people showing up tonight. And then I realized why: it is because LITERALLY EVERYBODY HERE IS ATTRACTIVE

I am not making this up. When objectively removing existing friendships and awkwardness and social niceties and power imbalances and general Reasons It Is A Bad Idea, I would most definitely bang everybody in this building.

So naturally before making suhc a statement I needed to double check the entire roster. And make sure I wasn’t leaving somebody out or making someone feel bad. Or anything like that, because even if I didn’t want to bang you all I still almost entirely like y'all and don’t want to cause no hurt feelings. We’re still a family and I still love you okay? But I went down the whole list and. I was right. Literally. Everybody. At Overwatch. Is like 100% bangable. Some over 100%.

For the purposes of this I am leaving Bastion and Orisa off the list. Because Orisa is a youngun and probably doesn’t have a grasp on such things yet and Bastion seems to be like… three? Four maybe? Mentally? I mean given that we just had to explain porn I think there maybe issues with the concept of sex, much less consent. But it’s definitely not just an omnic thing, as you will see.

So look. We’re gonna go straight down the fuckin list and I will Mathematically Prove This To All Of You.

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And now, another episode of “vids or it didn’t happen”

In which a catheter cowboy invades the Fox and Friends ad break for an audience of one, but that snippet of an ad for Planned Parenthood at the top of the video makes me think that everbody’s doing this now


Here’s some JoJo and other characters that I drew some time ago. Not sure when I’ll put any of them out in all honesty…I definetely will be trying to make more later on (the periods in G.D. Jail I filled out with gems btw). 

Jobin’s outfit…I designed it from the top of my head but I feel like it’s from somewhere…


So our Zbrush sketchbook assignment for next week was to refine one of our previous scuplts– I kept working on my cowboy ghost from last week, and NOW he’s looking the way I wanted him to! 

This is Charlie, a character from an original comic I’m cooking up. The full character model I’ve done is also from this story; I’m still experimenting with styles and designs at this point.