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Perhaps the most western-sounding of his cowboy-inspired songs, this tune was very rarely performed by Bill Monroe. Too bad, since it combines the folksy charm of the traditional cowboy song with Monroe’s patented high lonesome wail, echoed to perfection here by Kenny Baker’s mournful fiddle.

This is “Sunset Trail”, written by Monroe, and performed live in 1978 at the Great American Music Hall.

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As someone who grew up loving western films, and as someone who is also a music fan, I have this certain affinity for cowboy songs. Marty Robbins is kind of the king of this type of song. His Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs is damn near essential for any cowboy song lover. “El Paso” is to me the archetypal cowboy song and rightly so. It’s got everything a dashing anti-hero, gunslingers, horses, a chase, a “Mexican maiden,” a tragic end, it’s even set in Texas for god’s sake. I mean how has this song not been turned into a movie yet? It’s the perfect western story. 

I borrowed this here ukulele, specifically so I could learn how to play this song because it’s awesome. It’s the Cowboy Song. It’s from Joe Vs. the Volcano which is, and always will be, my favorite movie of all time. If you haven’t seen it, get on it. Or don’t talk to me. I’m srs.

I don’t know who originally did this song, and I don’t give a shit because no one but Tom Hanks should be able to do it ever. Including me.

…My bad Tommy.


this song is in my head constantly these days.



Leadbelly singing a song taught to him by Gene Autry written by Stephen Foster.


Also, Leadbelly has to be near the top of the list of underrated guitarists.


Horrible Histories - The Cowboy Song (by jamie932)

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For any Horrible Historian who, like me, likes the Cowboy Song but can’t listen to it because of the *ahem* childishness of some of it, I have altered it so those bits are no longer in it.

(PLEASE NOTE: It is very crappy in the bits I have altered, and I have removed the ‘solo’ part) but it’s better than nothing if you are like me and get embarrassed when it plays :3