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I still believe that the Minutemen can be what I thought they were

t h e  g o o d  g u y s

“I see you’ve come back… and, right in time.”

{{ Surprise, I was not dead! But simply so much inspired by the Cowboy prompt that I wanted to make a full artwork out of it along with a real background practice (an idea that I had had for a few months to be honest…) I hope you like it as much as I do! :D here is a link to the Outfit ask meme for other ideas: }}

{{ Oh and, bonus sketch since I like you and I think Teo wants me to make up for the Magical Girl thing.~ }}

{{ That sheriff star fits him too well >v> }}

Daddy Devil  { Teaser }

Words: 1,290

A/N: I was chatting with @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff the other day about demon/devil!AU’s, and ended up calling Namjoon Daddy Devil. Now here we are.

Here is the teaser–aka my little build up to the main course–my dears. Hopefully the next part–the actual fic–will be up soon~ But first I have to write it ;*


Quite the interesting place. Maybe not for forsaken humans, but for demons, and beasts, and all hellish creatures alike—it’s home.

Like the layers of corrupt human society, there are levels. 7, to be exact. Each level has a…guardian. A demon chosen by the Devil to make sure there’s no excessive mischief—that everyone follows their orders and stays in line.

The seventh level is the worst. For the scum, the insane—home to the monsters that even the Devil himself can’t match. Such monsters remain trapped in the 7th level, the appointed guardian—Yoongi—only present to make sure the door that traps them remains locked tight. He’s the strongest of the Devil’s guardians, but also the laziest, and therefore the job fits him perfectly.

The remaining 6 levels are free to interact—but you live where you live. Prolonged stay in one level will get you kicked back into your assigned one, because you can’t betray your human sins, and the Devil picks a new spawn’s home with astute scrutiny. And he is not wrong—for he is the Devil.

The sixth level is guarded by Taehyung—mischievous in his own right, but undeniably dangerous. People have learned not to trust his handsome face, because despite his boyish wonder, he is a snake.

The fifth level is kept tidy by Jin—a man with the features of an angel, but the strength of an inferno. And the fourth level is carefully watched by Hoseok—a friend to the Devil and a friend to many, but his blinding smile is all a ploy. It’s said he decapitated a man whilst gigging, but that anyone around to witness the scene had met the Grim Reaper a second time.

The third level is overlooked by the youngest of the guardians—Jungkook. The innocent looking boy had met criticism from the long-term residents of the level—his image not living up to their dark-hearted tastes—but after a few years to mature and establish his power, those who opposed him soon learned that beneath his cute smile laid miles of muscle and strength—enough to send a man flying and to break a bone with little effort.

The second level is guarded by Jimin—pleasant, yet deceptive. He is loved by all and praised as a rightful guardian, but when push comes to shove Jimin always manages to reestablish order—whether he does so through violent methods or otherwise. Luckily, the second level is a peaceful realm, as is the third, and neither Jungkook nor Jimin are forced to show their true strength too often.

The final level—the first—is under watch by the Devil himself. There is no violence—no disobeying of orders. The fear of punishment is too high. Most residents are trusted generals, innocent pawns that missed their chance to run for the golden gates, or…servants. The Devil needs a thrown and a palace, after all—and it’s not like he’s going to take care of it himself.

And so, that’s how the hierarchy remains—at least, until someone manages to strip the Devil of his thorny crown. But god knows that won’t happen anytime soon.

Jungkook is performing his usual nightly rounds when he hears it—a slightly intoxicated statement from a female demon leaning against the alley wall outside a bar. She’s with her two friends who seem worse off—but none have lost their dinners yet.

“I can’t believe you keep calling Him that,” one says, and you roll your eyes.

“What? Daddy Devil? Oh give me a break, he’s the lord of all demons—of course he’s Daddy material.”

Jungkook clasps a hand over his mouth, stifling his laughter, and hurries to hide behind the chimney spout when the girl currently referring to his Lord and friend as ‘Daddy Devil’ narrows her eyes and begins looking around. Luckily, Jungkook is quick enough to evade her suspicious glare.

“For all you know he’s an old man with red skin and devil horns.”

You roll your eyes. “I know he’s not. I saw him in passing—once. When he came to the third level for a visit. He’s…tall…”

“And being tall makes him daddy material?!” your friend laughs, and you sigh, waving your hand in the air.

“Whatever. He’ll never know I said it anyway, so let’s just drop it. You can keep thinking he’s an old man, and I’ll keep dreaming that he’s tall and handsome.”

At that, all three girls share a laugh and begin to stumble out of the alley—leaning on each other for support. Jungkook watches them go, his lips split into a playful grin, a hint of impishness sparkling in his dark eyes.

He’ll never know I said it anyway.

Jungkook laughs. “We’ll see about that.” After all, this is just too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

On that note, Jungkook hops down from the roof and disappears into the evening shadows.

Jungkook doesn’t bother using the front door to the Devil’s mansion. That would require him to bypass the guards and be questioned on his intention in being here—and that’s all too much of a hassle. So, he hops up to a second story window and MacGyvers his way in—smiling once his feet touch the dark tile floor.

Whistling his way up the hall, Jungkook starts towards his Lord’s private quarters, but then pauses. This late in the evening, maybe he’d better check the Play Room.

Diverging from his path slightly, Jungkook slides down the banister to the main floor and approaches the thickly lined double doors in front of him. From his standpoint, everything is silent—no sound managing to slip from the room—but the minute Jungkook opens the door a sliver wanton moans and screams flood the hall.


“What are you doing here?” A low voice asks, a hand reaching past Jungkook and grabbing the door handle tightly. Jungkook manages to see one woman choking on cock and another in the reverse cowboy position before the door shuts in his face.

“I came to see you, hyung,” Jungkook replies, grinning, and he turns to find the Devil sighing and walking away from him. Laughing, he steps forward and launches himself onto the Devil’s back, wrapping his arms around the male’s neck tightly, his cheek resting against his shoulder.

“Namjoon hyung~ C’mon~!”

“It’s too late for this, Kookie,” Namjoon sighs, Jungkook’s weight not impairing his long strides in the least. “You should go back to your level and sleep.”

“But hyung, I came because I heard something interesting. Concerning you.”

At that, Namjoon’s interest perks a little.

“Good or bad?”

“Knowing you, I think you’ll like it,” Jungkook snickers, slipping from his hyung’s back. Namjoon cards a hand through his hair, watching his youngest guardian as he leisurely floats in the air in front of him.

“I should have never granted you flight.”

“It’s fun, you should try it sometime,” Jungkook grins in response, and then gets back on topic. “I was doing my rounds earlier when I heard a girl mention you outside a bar. Her nickname for you was quite interesting.”

Namjoon raises an eyebrow, and Jungkook can see the curiosity slip into his gaze.

“Do tell.”

Daddy Devil,” Jungkook whispers, snickering when he sees a chill run up Namjoon’s spine, the elder’s body turning to ice almost immediately. The hall sits in silence for a good five seconds before finally Namjoon releases a shaky breath and rolls his shoulder, the bones cracking as he turns on his heel and starts for his quarters.

Jungkook is licking his lips happily before Namjoon even gives him the order.

Bring her to me.”

|  [Dominance] –>

Beachcree and McCree for @dilfosaur

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Hey! I saw your aloha cowboy post and just wanted to share that I read a comment that was saying that Misha's "Aloha Cowboy" was probably referencing the Aloha Cowboy sandwich commercial from Arby's (which was voiced very dramatically, lol), referring to Jensen's butt as the 'sweet, savory King's Hawaiian bun' , while the meat inside the sandwich is 'savory brisket from Texas'... so, ya know, Aloha Cowboy. :p

aloha cowboy 

Holy crap I never realised! Thanks for telling me xD

Best thing I’ve read all day

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I need your expert opinion! What should we expect from that 2nd hug? I want details, lots of details because I'm not going to make it!

Aw thank you anon. This is the question I keep asking myself over and over again. :D

Let’s look at what we have heard about it so far:

It’s been described as “pretty sweet” and “particularly sweet and emotional” by TSDF. 

It’s been said that we will gif the shit out of it.

Rocket Dog described it as Daryl “hugging the shit out of Carol”. Then he made a joke about how “Daryl’s shit could probably drill through a damn tree at that point”.

And these people are non-shippers. It’s important to consider that. They don’t ship Caryl and normally because of that, they sometimes downplay moments (e.g The Same Boat hug) that we shippers will squeal over.

But no one is downplaying the second hug. From what they’re saying, it sounds epic. Which means it’s probably even more epic than what we are expecting. I think it will probably be different - more intimate - than any other hug they’ve shared. Because it takes a lot to get non-shippers to talk about it the way they are. 

I think that maybe Daryl will lift Carol up and hug her, like in No Sanctuary, but this time she’ll wrap her legs around his waist. Or something like that. I think that there will be lifting involved. 

Like this but sans the kissing and cowboy boots. :)

【13】Commando? Commando. - Daryl and Mike (Part 3/ 4)

Thinking about it again, he stopped and retracted his hands. He went off to wash his hands. Mike was slightly disappointed. He was watching with his eyes slightly open. Mike had to get him. Mike went back to sleep, hoping he’ll get Daryl one day…

The next morning, the boys donned on their green singlets and PT shorts and fall in in the parade square. As the strength was accounted for, the boys spread for 5BX, followed by a 2.4km morning run. It was a usual routine for them, if there wasn’t anything of importance going on on that day. As Daryl was doing his jumping jacks and high jumpers, Mike was eyeing on his crotch. Every time as Daryl jumped, his dick would jump too. Daryl was going commando yet again. Seems like he was making it a routine.

During the morning run, Mike ran along side Daryl. All the time Mike was looking at Daryl’s family jewels, jiggling as he ran. Occasionally he saw the tip of his dickhead peep out from the loose inner lining of his pants. Mike was having a hardon. Lucky for him he was wearing his favorite Calvin Klein navy boxers today, hiding his hardon.

The boys marched to the cookhouse after that to consume breakfast. Mike sat opposite of Daryl. This naughty Mike took off his shoes and used his feet to caress Daryl’s crotch. Daryl shuddered and jumped a little. “Don’t play lah! Walao…” Daryl said as he flicked some bee hoon on his plates on Mike. Mike just laughed hysterically at his reaction. Their platoon mates sitting along with them, looking at them. The Battalion Orderly Sergeant was staring at Daryl for flicking his food at Mike. After finishing, Daryl cleaned up the mess to avoid getting into trouble.

Back in bunk, Daryl was taking a dump and Mike was in bunk. He took this chance to inspect his bed. Those white stains on the blue sheets… It definitely wasn’t a badly washed bed sheet. Fellow NSFs will understand how bad are SAF’s bed sheets. He took his green blanket up and looked at it. It was evident as the smearing of a white substance could be seen. He kinkily smelt it. Fucking turning him on.

The rest of the day passed quickly. There wasn’t anything much on the day. Today, Daryl slept on time. Mike was planning something. He waited for Daryl to sleep. Soon, the whole bunk was asleep. Time for him to act. Knowing he’d be free-balling, Mike lifted his shorts cover, took out his soft dick and began sucking on it. Daryl woke up in surprise.

Daryl tried to resist, but he couldn’t make noise. He didn’t want to wake his bunk mates up and embarrass his buddy. Soon, Daryl stopped resisting. Mike took it as a green light. He took off his singlet and threw it to his bed. He sensually slid of his PT pants and his boxers and flung it onto the floor.

In no time, Mike was savoring Daryl’s rod whole, happily. At the same time, Mike was jerking himself off as well. 2 hot corporals making out in bed in a 10 men bunk, totally ignoring the existence if others. Bored, Mike started to lick Daryl’s pinkish hairy hole. Daryl shuddered in pleasure, resisting to moan. After awhile, Mike wanted some pleasure too. He spat on his hands and lubed his hole. He sat upright in cowboy position, and used Daryl’s dick to rub his man clit.

Mike was gasping in pleasure.

(to be continued)

Part 4

Gagaga Cowboy
2 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; apply this effect, depending on this card’s current battle position.
● Attack Position: If this card attacks an opponent’s monster this turn, it gains 1000 ATK, also the opponent’s monster loses 500 ATK, during the Damage Step only.
● Defense Position: Inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

Can Be Found In: Abyss Rising (ABYR-EN041), 2013 Collective Tins Wave 1  (CT10-EN010), Astral Pack Five (AP05-EN002), Battle Pack 3: Monster League (BP03-EN123), Wing Raiders (WIRA-EN043), Premium Gold: Infinite Gold (PGL3-EN067)

Xyz Monsters easily became the most accessible monsters in the Extra Deck any player can work with. Only requiring materials to match their Levels, Xyz Summon allows players to have a solid pool of monsters to play arround with no matter the theme of their Deck. And even if Xyz Summons weren’t their main objective, there’s always a few Xyz Monsters to add in the Extra Deck to use when their help is needed. From leading entire Decks to simply assisting us under certain circumstances, Xyz Monsters allowed even the most casual players to have strong creatures easily available.

“Gagaga Cowboy” can be seen as a multipurpose monster as carries two very different abilities depending of his position on the field ready to go once we spend an attached material. If in Attack Position, “Cowboy” will gain 1000 ATK once attacks an opponent’s monster while said target will lose 500 ATK, assuring a lead in battle while immediately solving “Cowboy” low ATK. If in Defense Position “Cowboy” will simply deal 800 damage in return, but while might not seem that impressive this ability might become a key option to finish off Duels with. Both effects has their ups and downs, making “Cowboy” a flexible Xyz Monster to either break through tough enemies or chip away the opponent’s Life Points.

As a Rank 4 monster without any special conditions, “Cowboy” becomes easily available for all kinds of Decks they can spare atleast one slot in their Extra Deck. From monsters coming in pairs by effects such as “Summoner Monk” and “Tin Goldfish” to Pendulum Summon, Level 4 monsters are highly prominent in the card game so won’t be any challenge to Xyz Summon “Cowboy” under all sorts of circumstances. A good choice to bring “Cowboy” out is using “Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword” as one of the materials, as will grant a 1000 ATK bonus making him less dependant of his Attack Position effect or make him stronger with it. Finally, as a Gagaga doesn’t gain any special benefits when compared to other Xyz Monsters the archetype can work with, but when comes to late game cards like “Gagaga Mancer” and “Gagagarevenge” will revive him from the Graveyard for some uses despite the lack of materials.

“Cowboy” is far from one of the strongest Xyz Monsters we can play with, but will shine the most when certain situations comes to the Duel. If summoned in Attack Position we can use his effect to deal with any tough enemies immediately, with extra assistance of cards such as “Gagaga Girl” or the mentioned “Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword” for an extra push in battles. But don’t forget that not only this stat boost is temporal but also only works when “Cowboy” attacks, so we might rely on coverage from cards like “Enemy Controller” or “Forbidden Lance” if we want the Xyz to survive the next turn(s). A “Gagaga Cowboy” in Defense Position might not be as disruptive, but his high DEF will make it tougher to take down in battles. This will be his greatest advantage to use the effect damage, as if brought in early game is most likely to deal 1600 damage while staying defensive and/or working along stalling options. However, thanks to the easy summons arround Rank 4 monsters, the effect damage of “Cowboy” is a great method to quickly finish off opponents trying to survive with a very minimum quantity of Life Points, specially if we have a Link Monster ready to summon several copies and use their burn damage together.

“Gagaga Cowboy” could’ve been a very situational monster if wasn’t for the cheap setups arround Rank 4 monsters, making this Xyz Monster a wonderful choice to deal with all sorts of situations with perfect timing. His Attack Position effect might only be available during our turn, but can become useful to break through strong enemies and allow the rest of our monsters to follow our Battle Phase with. In Defense Position on the other hand might not be as lethal, but thanks to his easy Xyz Summon easily becomes a finishing tool in late game. “Cowboy” is not as gamebreaking as many other Xyz Monsters out there, but with two very different effects ready to go as he’s summoned and all sorts of opportunities to bring him out when needed the most makes him a powerful choice under all kinds of scenarios and matches.

Personal Rating: A-

+ If battles a monster will gain 1000 ATK and weaken his target by 500 ATK
+ Able to deal 800 damage if in Defense Position
+ Easy to summon and well supported to become available when needed the most

- Can be easy to defeat as his Attack Position effect can only be used when he attacks
- Slightly situational as can only be useful under certain conditions

Story 4: Sizzling Hot Action! (Part 3/3)

“You sit down, I’ll let you try topping first.”

Ben helped Alan glove and lube up, and soon sat on top of Alan’s modest 5.5”. Alan’s rod disappeared into Ben’s hole, and soon Ben was bouncing up and down Alan’s rod, grabbing onto Alan’s shoulders for support in cowboy position.

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder daddy, I’m so horny, aww yeah, fuck, it feels so good! Oh yeah daddy, thrust your hips into me… Fuck me harder, yeah…” Ben totally transformed into a submissive slut, sending Alan to the edge. Alan was extremely turned on by Ben’s moaning, and knew that he was lucky that such an experienced bottom was guiding him on his first ever anal experience. Not wanting to disappoint Ben, Alan thrust his hips up into Ben’s ass, putting in as much effort as he could to please this hunk.

Realising that Alan’s pace was increasing, Ben knew that Alan was about to cum. “Oh daddy, I wish we can carry on, but… Now, you’re the slut…” Ben’s tone changed, as he suddenly took on a more dominating role, shocking Alan. Popping Alan’s dick out of his ass, Ben gloved and lubed up his own gems, and rested Alan on a nearby table, fucking him in missionary.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be slow… But you gotta relax… Now, just remember that you’re now mine, and call me your master, understand?” Ben whispered into Alan’s ears.

“Yes master, fuck me, please. My ass is wide open for you.” Alan tried his best to be a slut.

Soon, Ben entered Alan, starting off with a slow pace. Alan was trying his best to relax and take it all in, but Ben continued to thrust, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Somewhere in his ass, Alan felt a pulsating sensation. Ben was consistently hitting his G-spot, and Alan felt amazing. Soon enough, Alan was already moaning like a submissive bitch.

“Master, harder, faster, yes, oh spank me master, I deserve such a punishment. Oh master, you’re so great, fuck yes, I’m such a dirty little slut for you, master…” Alan didn’t realise how slutty he could be, prompting Ben to spank him on the face with his hands. Ben was close, and he quickened his thrusting pace, and, with a tightening of his face, Ben ungloved and shot his load all over the slut’s face and body. Alan the slut was so turned on that he licked Ben’s cum right from his face and torso. Ben started stroking Alan’s dick, and within seconds, Alan burst his shots all over Ben’s face.

“What a mess… We should clean up…” Ben said as Alan’s cum was still dripping on the side of his forehead.

After cleaning up, Ben asked, “So which position did you enjoy more today? Hopefully the experience was good enough for you today…”

“I think I’m more of a bottom. I didn’t know I could be such a slut… Haha…” Alan blushed yet again.

“That’s great, now that you know your answers. If you need any tips, can just message me. Here’s my phone number.” Ben smiled.

As the sun sets, the two walked out of the school gate together, chatting about their own life and other stuff. It was truly a sizzling hot action, that Alan will never, ever, forget.

<The end>

© GayJCbois

Story 3: Library Duties (Part 3/3)

Irfan nodded his head, and increased his pace, sending both Samuel and himself to the edge.

As the two fucked, their sweaty bods glistened under the fluorescent lighting in the room, and the sound of them mating in the room was amplified. It was minimalistic, but every aspect of the act was just right.

“Let’s swap positions, fuck in cowboy position.” Irfan suggested.

As the two swapped positions, they never once took off their eyes on each other. Both were engrossed in the act, to the point where nothing around them mattered.

“Oh yeah baby Irfan, this position is so much better. Oh yes baby… You’re hitting my spot, hit it again… Aw yeah fuck yeah, it feels so good! Fuck me harder!” Samuel screamed as Irfan thrusted his hips up and down.

“Shhhh… Not too loud honey. The others outside may hear.” Irfan put his finger on Samuel’s lips.

As the two fucked like rabbits, Irfan’s face tightened. He was close, “Oh yeah, I’m cumming, your hole is so warm and tight! Oh… Fuck! Yeah… Oh yeah…” Irfan had cummed inside Samuel’s ass, as the rough fucking caused the condom to break. The cum that Irfan shot into Samuel sent him to the point of no return, and Samuel auto-cummed all over Irfan’s body.

“Oh my god… Sorry about that.” Samuel said apologetically.

“No worries, I think I cummed inside you cause the condom broke.” Irfan showed Samuel the broken condom.

“Let’s wear back our uniforms and head to the toilet to clean up. You wanna go for lunch?”

“Sure. My shift’s about to end anyway.”

Samuel smiled, for he has found a new buddy. A fuck buddy.

<The end>

© GayJCbois