cowboy of my heart


give these to ur special someone and u have a 99.99999% chance of courting them I swear @penguinz-can-fly


Young Deadlock McCree Skin Design ( or, fashion regrets, with piercings). 

I saw @chloerozo​‘s absolutely hilarious comic (please, go read it xD xD) and the description about what a Deadlock skin would look like, so I was inspired to do a design of this biker trash!! 

Whiskey is My Kind of Lullaby by taylorpotato

Peter is a simple saloon owner on one of the outer planets between the Aaru Belt and the Olympus Galaxy. He’s done with trouble. Done with adventure. So fucking done with rustlers. That is, until a cute young outlaw named Stiles wanders into his bar. Peter has this problem where he can’t seem to resist charming narcissists (perhaps because they remind him of himself). And when said narcissists turn his life upside-down, the worst part is he’s not even that upset about it.

[this fic is gorgeous and I wanna roll around in it, but I settled for blinking away tears of joy and making a thing instead. you should go read this. space cowboys steter au. honestly it sells itself on the premise and the super savvy and lovely world-building alone, but I like making pretty pictures]

@ribly said: Have you seen anything about Overwatch lately? How about a request for your favorite fighter and mine? D. VA of course ;)

I haven’t played overwatch, but the characters look super cool! thanks for this one dude, that was fun :)


Vulpes: This is…highly offensive