cowboy mummy

Preference #74


Harry: "How do I look?“ you asked your boyfriend, giving him a teasing twirl. "Gorgeous.” A slight blush crept to your cheeks. “Thank you, babe. Lemme finish up my makeup and then we can leave,” you scurried back over to the mirror, applying your mascara and eye-shadow ever so lightly. “I love that color on you,” Harry rasped from behind you as you spread on your glossy pink lipstick, puckering your lips. “Really?” “Yeah. Matches the color of your cheeks when I make you blush,” he purred in your ear softly, kissing down your jaw to your collarbone, the heat climbing to your cheeks once more.

Zayn: He gave another sloppy kiss to your lips before collapsing beside you, heavy panting escaping your mouth. Turning on your side, you faced Zayn as he did the same, his arm lazily slung over your waist. You let out a breathless laugh as you noticed your lipstick smudged aimlessly across his face, down his neck, trailing across his tattoo covered chest and toned stomach. “What?” he raised an eyebrow. “I seem to have made a bit of a mess,” you effortlessly smiled, reaching out to wipe some lipstick off of his face. He chuckled lightly, pulling you closer to him.

Liam: "Oi! We’re going to be late, [Y/N]!“ "Coming!” You quickly pulled out your ruby red lipstick and put it on, rubbing your lips together hastily and adjusting your hair again. Fixing your outfit one last time, you grabbed your matching clutch and jogged down the stairs, careful not to trip over your own two feet. “Fina-” As his eyes met you, his words stopped. He looked you up and down, licking his lips hungrily. “What do you think?” “I think you’re by far the hottest pinup girl I have ever seen. I wish you’d dress like this more often,” he spoke seductively, fixing his cowboy hat in frustration.

Louis: “Mummy! Mummy!” your six year old daughter, Sophie, hollered as she ran into the living room excitedly. “What is it, baby?” “Look! I’m a big girl now!” You turned around from your place on the couch to see her dressed in your accessories, including your black high heels, your floppy hat, sunglasses and a blue scarf. “Did you raid through mummy’s stuff?” She nodded with a grin, strutting around with a struggle. “Now for the final touch,” you spoke with a giggle, grabbing your lipstick from your purse, smearing it on her small lips. “Yay! I’m pretty like mummy now!”

Niall: Another devilish laugh fell from his lips as he continued his so-called masterpiece. “Something tells me this was a horrible idea,” you murmur to yourself. “Too late to take it back.” He snickered playfully before reaching for your lipstick stash, randomly picking a tube. “And for the grand finale,” Niall spoke as he applied your lipstick, and you could feel it being smeared on and around your lips. “Done!” And he dropped your lipstick down, bringing you to the mirror. You gasped, hitting his arm hardly, causing him to laugh even harder than before. “I think I should do your makeup more often.”

 Half of my art trade with @ashote of his gunslinging mummy cowboy game character. I don’t know why I just thought he’d look great in 80′s anime aesthetic. I hope ashote will think so too.