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Song Tag!!

I was tagged by @snapping-bees to do this, thank you!! I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it so much omg 💖 Also, blondebbomb is my side blog 😂 So maybe I’ll do it again in a week or so?? Anyway!

Rules: List 10 songs you’ve been listening to a lot and tag 10 people!

1. Jessi - Gucci (I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH)
2. Yezi - Cider
3. Vixx LR - Whisper
4. Hyuna - Babe
5. Akmu - How People Move
6. Big Bang - Bae Bae
7. mt. marcy - Cold Nights
8. Hannah Lou Clark - Cowboy Joe
9. Bastarz - Nobody But You
10. Jooheon - Flower Cafe

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The Cowboys - Cindy Lou (2016)