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  • Me the first half of the episode: dean is happy, cas is back, dean doesn't hate jack, "team free will 2.0" sam being so so kind and easy to jack. cowboy!dean. the happiness makes my heart warm.
  • Me at the halfway point: this happiness isn't gonna last is it.
  • Me at the end: jACK NO DON'T DO IT
Imagine spending Halloween with the Winchesters

‘‘Dear god, Y/N… Where did you get that costume?!’‘ Dean spit his drink when he saw you.

‘‘Cat got your tongue Sammy? Literally?’‘ You smiled at his dumbfounded expression.

Some black leather and cat ears and those dangerous hunters were tamed.

‘‘You’re a woman Y/N, with real woman parts..’‘

‘‘Fuck you, cowboy.’‘

‘‘Please do.’‘

J2 TorCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 jump onstage!
  • Jensen: Do you know what week it is?? We premiere this Thursday. 
  • Jensen is also talking about Jared being on Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday as well :)
  • “My dear friend Mr. Jared Padalecki will be on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday Oct 12th so tune in” - Jensen promoting Jared. Jared: Ackles warmed him up for me…so tune in guys, we’re gonna have some fun. Jensen: Yeah, it’ll be a big night. We’re very excited about it. 
  • What memory would Sam and Dean stick to if they died (like Bobby with his memory of the boys)? Jared mentions the flashbacks in Swan Song and the “I’m proud of us” moment. Jensen says a collection of good moments (bros reuniting, stuff with John, Mary, Bobby, Cas) but also those moments of killing big bads. 
  • What story would you extend/elaborate on? Jared says Demon!Dean and Soulless!Sam. Jensen: Dean in Purgatory. 
  • Fan mentions her Russian blue cat named Winchester. Jensen: It’s a blue cat from Russia. That’s all you need to know. 
  • Boys go off on accents and jokes. At one point, Jared says: “If there was a place in Toronto that served Vladimir Poutine I would totally go and take Winchester with me.” Jensen and the audience crack up. Jensen: That dude’s got a blue cat. And he’s eating poutine. 
  • Who would you vote as the most ditchable prom date of the cast? Jensen: Cas. Jared: Story-wise, probably Sam. This is gonna sound the wrong way, but, Sam probably should’ve ditched Ruby. Jared got the better end of the deal lol. 
  • Young fan says her name is Lilith. J2 very quickly back up and Jared knocks over his chair lol. She asks their favorite monster. Jared: I’m gonna say Lilith. Jensen: Me too, because if they’re all as cute as you, they’re my favorite. She says her fav monster is a ghost. J2 tell her that if she ever meets one, she should call her friends Sam and Dean. 
  • Fav childhood memory? Jensen: Very happy childhood, lots of good memories. For his fourth birthday he got to ride a horse for the first time. Wore his cowboy vest. Jared: He still has it. 
  • Jared: Now I feel weird about my answer! Broke his arm when he was seven and was in the hospital for a week, got spoiled in the hospital, getting candy, baseball cards…At the time, there was a rare card available where a player had written bad words on the bottom of his bat and the card company only realized it appeared in the image halfway through printing, so everyone was searching for the rare versions that had been printed. Jared’s dad would bring him a pack of baseball cards every day. 
  • If you could create an episode, what would it be. Jared: The world’s most boring episode. The boys doing their laundry. Wants to see Sam and Dean doing behind the scenes stuff. 
  • Jensen talks about a movie “Sliding Doors.” One choice that creates two split timelines and following both. Thinks that would be cool.
  • Advice for Sam and Dean in s13: Jensen: Knowing what I know, I would tell Dean not to jump to conclusions…talk amongst yourselves! Jared laughs. 
  •  Jared is trying so hard not to spoil anything: “I would say…not to get too attached. TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES.” 
  • Jared is doing accents. Jensen: Keep going you’re killing it. 
  • Fav part about working together? Jared: Days off. Jensen: Then we’re not working together. Both: TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES lmao. 
  • Jensen: There are a lot of things, but one of the best is that we laugh so much. In case you couldn’t tell. 
  • Jared talks about how it doesn’t feel like work, especially with the Sam and Dean scenes. 
  • J2 have spiraled into Coffee Talk impressions.
  • Any spoilers? Jensen: Prepare yourselves…for some interesting characters this season. Jared laughs and pretends to be shocked: I can’t believe you said that! Jared: New characters and you’ll see some fan favorites come back. 
  • If Sam and Dean could bring back one character? Crowd starts shouting names. Jensen: Did someone just say Jon Snow?  
  • Jensen: Would love to bring back Azazel…so I could kill him again. 
  • Jared chose Charlie, because she brings out a different side of the boys. Jensen adds Benny to the list, Jared also mentions Sully. 
  • Fan: Do you think Ruby will come back, mentions wanting Danneel on the show. Jared jokes that he would have to watch the kids and do the real work. Gen was able to come back for French Mistake but not sure if she’d be able to now. Jared agrees that he wants to see Danneel on the show, too. Jensen: She’s rockin’ three kids, too!
  • Jensen says that those decisions aren’t up to him. Says if they were the show would have been canceled a long time ago. Jared jokes about how if it was up to J2 they would just cast all of their friends. “Who’s that guy?”
  • Jared: What character would Danneel play? Audience shouts, Baby! Jensen: That could complicate things. Boys want to make a dirty joke but they cut themselves off lol. 
  • Someone in the audience is yelling out Garth. Boys can’t understand what they’re saying. Bunch of fans start yelling Garth, boys finally get it. Jared laughs and says it reminds him of Finding Nemo when the seagulls are saying “mine, mine, mine” over and over. He looked into the crowd and just saw a bunch of people going, “Garth, Garth, Garth” lmao. 
  • Jensen: If Danneel came on the show would you want her to be good or bad? Fan: Good. Jensen: But she plays bad so well. Jared nods. Jensen nods, goes to make a comment and cuts himself off lol. 
  • Fan: How does it feel to have fans like this? Jensen talks about how it took him awhile to really get it. Used to be more in his shell. Now he says it’s fuel for him seeing this kind of devotion. 
  • Jared is amazed at a fan’s incredible SPN body art. Boys are complimenting her on the amazing body art. 
  • Jared says don’t ever think that they think we’re “weird” for being too dedicated to the show. Because they are just as weird as us. Jared: If you’re crazy for spending 24 hours (on fan’s body art) then we’re crazy for spending 13 years. 
  • Fan: Was there a real Trickster, or was the lore about Gabriel? Jared thinks there was no Trickster, that it was just Gabriel hiding. 
  • Jared pronounced gif like jif. Jensen does not approve. Apologizes on his behalf for being silly lol. 
  • Any sport/activity you’ve always wanted to try? Jared mentions cricket, stunt driving courses…Jensen: Stunt driving is not a sport. Jared also mentions motocross. Doesn’t want to get himself hurt. Jensen: Kite surfing. Jensen says it needs to be a place without sharks. Fans: Great Lakes! Jensen: I don’t believe that. They’re in there. Just deep.
  • Funniest moment to film? Jensen: There are moments on a daily basis that make it impossible to film because they’re laughing. They mention the Chupacabra bit. 
  • Apparently Alex (who plays Jack) is like Misha 2.0 in terms of the boys messing with him lol :P J2M messed with Alex so bad the director, Nina Lopez-Corrado, actually kicked them off set. 
  • Jensen once told Jared to not speak in a scene so he didn’t mess around. Jared didn’t say a word and Jensen did his lines alone lol. 
  • Jensen says Jared can never get through telling a whole joke without busting out laughing before the punchline :P
  • Jared tries to make Jensen break during a scene, makes himself laugh and ruins the take even if Jensen is fine. 
  • Fan proposes Dark Angel crossover. Jensen thinks it would be neat, would want to recruit X5s to be on their side. 
  • If you had to live out a season of the show for a year, which season. Jared: Six, maybe?? At least I didn’t care, I was soulless. Also says season 9, maybe 10? Jensen: Season 4. Jared: What’d you do in four? Jensen: Nothing, that’s why I said four. 
  • Jensen is playing the keyboard for the last question. 
  • The fan is very flustered, it’s her first convention. Jared is comforting her. Jensen has been playing dramatic piano music all throughout the poor fan trying to get our the last question lol. The entire room is laughing and Jensen has not broken. The girl is overwhelmed and when Jared cuddles her to comfort her she pulled him into a hug aww lol. 
  • Question is about Adam’s whereabouts. She was a big fan of Adam’s and read a fan theory that maybe he got out of the cage. Jared: Now, to the cool stylings of Jensen Ackles…I think he’s in the cage. Fan joking around: Our half-brother’s in hell, let’s forget about him. Jared: Ehhh, yeah, it’s kinda true. But we do love Jake. 
  • Jared asks for Jensen’s opinion. Jensen, still playing: oooohh, yeaaaaahhhh.
  • Jensen snuck in a lower-back grab/pat on Jared as they headed offstage :)
  • Boys say thanks to the fans before taking off. 

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Cowboys and Angels

The reader leaves for college with a broken heart but comes back to find that it wasn’t what she thought it was. 

Dean and Reader, Sam and Jess, Mary and John, Bobby and Ellen, Jo

Warnings: angst, partial cheating, sweetness, fluff

There are more parts to this, not sure how many but I will give it my all

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Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch      God Made Girls by Raelynn

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           I was walking to the barn, looking for my boyfriend to spend one last night with him before I left for college. I opened the door to see my cousin Jo and him in a heated kiss. I sobbed out, having them snap their heads my direction. I turned and ran into the house, I had never felt so heartbroken, not since Uncle Bobby had come to school one day to tell my parents had died in a car crash.

           I walked into the house and collapsed on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Ellen rushed over and held me as told what I had seen. She helped me off the floor and led me to my room and just held me as I cried my heart out.

           I could hear arguing down stairs but I didn’t care, I knew Bobby was mad, but he let them have it. “Why would he do that? I thought he loved me” “I don’t know honey, but I’m so sorry” “I think I’m going to leave tonight, I can’t face them again” “I understand honey”

           Once I knew they were gone, I went downstairs and hugged Bobby then Ellen. I promised to keep in touch and left my home with a shattered heart.

           It’s been eight years since that night and it still hurt, at first, they were blowing up my phone with calls and text messages but I never answered. I went to college and worked my ass off, getting straight A’s and graduating with honors. Of course, the day of graduation they showed up, Sam and his girlfriend, had come with Bobby and Ellen. He always told me how proud of me he was. He also kept telling me that I needed to talk to them.

           After college, I didn’t go back home, I traveled the world seeing everything there was to see. I decided to go back home after that, I missed my family and I missed my friends. I wasn’t sure if anyone would recognize me though, I had filled out in that last eight years, I had more curves and more weight, I loved my body.

           I pulled up the driveway, and saw nothing had really changed. I got out of the truck and walked up to the door and knocked. I was beyond nervous, but when I saw Ellen opening the door, I started crying for simple fact of how much I missed her and Bobby. “Oh honey you look so good, we missed you so much.” “I missed you more”

           “Come on, let’s go surprise Bobby” I nodded my head as she grabbed a pitcher of iced tea and some glasses to take out to the guys. As we walked out she told what had happened after I had left. “Jo was really torn up about it, and Dean, they stayed away from each other. There were a lot of nights he cried in arms over doing that to you, Jo left six months after that night. She went to Los Angeles to be a singer. She always had a beautiful voice” “It still hurts so much, Dean was the love of my life. I haven’t been with anyone since”

           “That boy wrote a letter to you every day, I think you should read them” “Ok” She smiled at me as we walked into the barn. Bobby was underneath the tractor, Sam and Dean were trying to fix the engine. “Brought you boys some iced tea and a surprise” They all looked up to see me standing next to Ellen, Sam rushed over first giving me a bear hug. “I missed you, y/n/n” “I missed you too moose”

           Dean hadn’t moved from his spot but Bobby held on to me the longest. “I missed you so much” “Me too Uncle Bobby” “You made it in time for the annual spring extravaganza, but you knew that didn’t you” I smiled at his insinuation and shook my head, but he knew the truth.

           After a welcome home meal, I decided to go for a ride. I grabbed one of the paints named misty, I got her saddle and other gear put on. I then got on, deciding to go to my happy place. The sun was just setting when I had come to the place. The closer I had gotten I noticed a few blankets with a cooler, I was the only one who knew about this place, so who was here?

           I got off misty and slowly walked over to see who would be here, I then saw Dean come out of the trees with a single white rose in his hand. This can’t be happening, I never even told him about this place. The only person who knew was Jo. “Y/N honey please say something?” “Like what? You broke my heart, the one you promised you would never break” “I know I broke your heart, until the day I die I won’t stop apologizing for what I did. Let me make it up to you every day of our lives”

           I still loved him, I never stopped, but was he telling the truth? Ellen told me he was angry at himself for that whole time. “You have a lot of ass kissing to do Winchester” “That’s been my plan darlin’” We finally reached each other, he reached wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. “God, I love you” he whispered as his lips hovered over mine. “I missed you so much” as my voice cracked at the end.

           Then he kissed me, not a chaste little kiss, but a slow burning start your skin on fire type of kiss. He led me over to the blankets, he got down first and held a hand up to help me down. I took off my boots and socks, enjoying the warm spring night. I laid down flat on my back looking up into the clear night sky, stars twinkling and the moon full. I looked over to see Dean on his side just watching me with love and desire in his eyes.

           I pulled him down to me, kissing him again, missing the taste and feel of his lips on mine. I was always told that make-up sex was the best, I guess tonight I will find out. He fit his hips in between mine making up for lost time. He turned the radio on, classic rock filling our ears as we kissed and chuckled at each other. We slowly undressed each other, relearning each other and rediscovering the spots that made us weak.

           We were down to nothing but skin on skin, he slowly pushed in as I felt the stretch that I always felt when I was with him. Once he bottomed out, we stayed that way for what felt like eternity. When he started moving it felt like heaven, I was cloud nine. We took our time, the whole night, just him and I.

           When morning came, I was hesitant but he quickly kissed those bad thoughts away every time. We both rode back to the ranch together, to see Ellen and Bobby ringing the bell for breakfast. “I’m hungry, how about you?” “I know I worked up an appetite sweetheart” I laughed at his dorky grin he had. Once we put the horses away and kissed me one more time before heading in for food.

           Everyone was thrilled to know that we had fixed things, I was always told that we belonged together. We sat down with everyone else, catching up on what happened those years I was gone. Since tonight was the extravaganza, Dean, Bobby and Sam went to help set up while Ellen, Jess (Sam’s Wife), and I made food for the pot luck before the dance and carnival.

           I made my mom’s special bourbon pecan pie, well two, one for Dean and one for the party. I then went to get dressed, putting on my outfit for the night. Since I had a couple minutes, I called Jo getting things out and just coming back together like family again. I told her that we were working on getting back together and she was thrilled to hear it. We said our goodbyes and hung up ready for the night to get started.

           “Y/n come on! Time to go!” “Coming” I ran downstairs and Ellen whistled at my outfit. “He’s going to go wild when he sees that” I giggled and shook my head, Jess and I were becoming great friends over the days I had been here. I grabbed the pie and headed out to see both women waiting. “Let’s go party!”

           Once we pulled up to the place, it was beautifully decorated and ready for the party it was going to be. The Winchester’s always held the party on their land, well, all our property. John and Bobby bought this huge piece of property together so it was both theirs and ours. I walked into the house and visited Mary and John for a few minutes before looking for Dean.

           John walked out with me showing me the new layout of the party they had come up with. “I’m glad you came back, he hasn’t smiled in the last eight years you’ve been gone” “I haven’t either, I hope we can fix things” “He’s smiled more in the last two days than he has that whole time, things are already getting fixed”

           I saw the band rehearsing and the rides being prepared, I wondered if I could sing a couple songs with the band tonight. I walked over to see Dean, Chuck, Gabriel, and Michael warming up. I heard whistling as I walked up to the guys that I hadn’t seen in like forever. “Calm down boys, I only belong to one man”

           “Wow! You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” I giggled and shook my head. “I was wondering if I could sing a couple songs with you?” “Uhm Hells yeah” Gabriel was such a dork, he also had the biggest sweet tooth other than Dean. “That would be awesome, the usual?” I whispered in his ear and of course he agreed quickly to what I had asked.

           I started walking away, when a pair of arms wrapped around my middle. “You look stunning sweetheart” I turned in his arms to see him in a grey Henley and dark blue jeans with black cowboy boots. I leaned up kissing him and whispered in his ear “You don’t look so bad yourself” I didn’t know how long we stood there but I felt completely whole being in his arms again.

           Once the party had started, Dean had disappeared and I was beginning to worry when I heard the band start up. I walked over and saw Dean checking his guitar. “Hey guys, so as you know y/n has come back home and I have never been as happy as I am now so baby this is for you.” The beginnings of the song started and automatically started tearing at his song choice. As he sang he only had eyes for one woman, me.

           As the song ended everyone there were on their feet applauding, Dean had an amazing voice but didn’t share it very often. “Before we go any further, y/n can you come up here please?” I was nervous about what was going to happen but I walked up to the stage, reaching a hand down to pull me up. “Y/n, Since the day you left my love hasn’t changed one bit, I love you with everything I have and would be honored if you would marry me”

           “Yes! Oh my God Yes!” He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me with passion and love, I knew I made the right decision to come back home. “Hey now! I feel so unloved” I saw Jo walk through the crowd. I got down and ran toward her, hugging her tightly. Both of us were crying and happy that we could move on from this.

           I walked back to the stage with the plan I had put in motion earlier. “So, I have a song that I may need some help with. Rob wanna start it up?” The notes started and Dean automatically started laughing. I just serenaded him as he smiled wide making his eyes crinkle, he even started singing with me. I finished the song and held him to me, happy that things were finally fixed and that we had a bright future ahead of us.

Cowboys and Angels Ch 4

Baby Winchester is on the way and everyone is excited about the new arrival and things get better and better each day, as the reader gets closer to her due date she gets antsy to meet this miracle.

Dean and Reader, John and Mary, Bobby and Ellen, Jo and Kevin, Rowena

Warnings: Smut, daddy Dean, child birth, teeth rotting fluff

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

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              That night Dean and I just wore our shirts letting everyone figure it out on their own. Chuck and the band had started playing, of course it was one of my favorites. So, Dean and I danced, he held me closely singing in my ear making me smile brightly and just hold him more tightly. They finished the song and Chuck quieted down the party. “So, I’m sure you guys have seen Dean and y/n’s shirts tonight, well if you guys haven’t figured it out there is a little Winchester on the way. So, a loud applause and congrats to the happy couple”

              “Dean Y/n this is for you” I heard the song start and automatically teared up. They started doing faster songs and we were bombarded with hugs and congratulations from everyone. We walked over to were Sam, Jess, Mary and John were, and they looked absolutely over the moon. Mary hugged me first, then John whispering that he was blessed to have such amazing daughter-in-law’s. Ellen, Bobby and Jo came over hugging and celebrating the new life coming.

              The first couple months were good, Dean was working a lot but always made sure to be there for the doctor appointments and even the shopping for vitamins and food good for an expectant mom. I did threaten to castrate him if he didn’t let me get some fatty foods. Then he was happy to let me pick out what I wanted, happy mom happy life. Once the cold had hit, the boys went to help a few farms with their cattle. Things were a little tight but we always helped each other with everything we could.

              I was to the end of my first trimester, and I had done a lot of chores today, leaving me exhausted and tired ready to collapse into bed, fire burning snuggled with Dean. It was six in the evening and it was already dark, so I went to the master bath turning on the faucet in the tub. I put in my lavender bath salt, lit a few candles and undressed sinking down into the hot water moaning at the amazing feeling of relaxation.

              “Y/n? Baby? Where are you?” “Taking a bath!” I heard him come in and smile widely. “Got room for me?” I smiled happily “Of course baby” He quickly undressed and got in behind me. I leaned back on his chest and automatically felt better. His left hand wrapped around my shoulder going across my throat, and his right hand on my womb. He kissed me on the side of my head and just held me, happy to just feel that little one we had created.

              “Is it ok we make frozen pizza? I’ve been so busy today and I’m just too tired to cook” “Ellen already sent some food back for us tonight, said you were busting your butt” I chuckled and thanked the luck stars for having Ellen to lead me in the right direction. Dean grabbed my body wash and started massaging my shoulders and then going down to my breasts. “Relax baby, let me take care of you”

              His hand went past my small bump down to the apex of my thighs, running a finger through my lips hitting my clit every time. He sunk two fingers inside and started off slow, letting the pressure build and build until he stopped suddenly. I whimpered at the loss then felt Dean let the water out carrying me out of the tub and into our bedroom. He put me on the bed gently and crawled over me pulling me to him.

              He presses his forehead to mine just staring at each other, no words said just a silent conversation between us. He pushes in and groaned, “Jesus baby, you feel so good” all I could do was whimper raising my hips so he would start moving. He started thrusting slowly not wanting to rush anything. So that’s what we did, we took our time filling the room with whines and whimpers. “Shit…ah…Dean I’m gonna…” “Me too baby, let go cum for me”

              I gave in to all the sensations and just let go, cumming so hard I saw black spots. We laid there for a while catching our breaths and just being together. Dean went into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth cleaning us both up. “Get dressed and meet me down stairs ok?” “Ok” he put on a pair of sweatpants and a black Henley. Once I found the energy to get up I put on a pair of sweatpants and a concert tee from long ago. I walked downstairs to smell the most amazing thing I would ever smell, Ellen had the best steaks in the state, the awards on her shelf said so.

              I watched him slice up the steaks, then grabbing the ingredients for tacos. He brought the tray over then put ‘Deadpool’ on. It was a happy night of snuggling, tacos and laughing.

              I was four months now, I was definitely starting to show. Dean and I decided to find out the sex of the baby and then do the reveal on Christmas morning. We made the appointment three days before Christmas knowing we couldn’t hold it in for too long. He held my hand while we were called back, they had me lay back and put the cool jelly on my stomach and moved the wand around. We started to hear the heartbeat and both of us having unshed tears in our eyes. “Well it looks like you are having a boy! Congratulations!”

              She wiped off the gel and let us be for a few minutes, Dean grasped my face kissing me with so much love. “I love you so much” I sobbed out a laugh and pulled him closer “I love you more” We headed back home overjoyed at the news of a boy. Winter was in full swing by now, but the boys still had things that needed to be done. He was going to see Bobby, John and Sam about plans for the spring planting. I decided to get into comfy clothes and snuggle in front of the fire.

              I put on some western movie and grabbed the blanket on the couch, before I knew it my eyes were closing and I had fallen asleep. I felt a hand run through my hair and sighed happily, I opened my eyes to see Dean showered and in his pajamas watching me with a smile on my face. “Hey babe” “Hey yourself, how are you feeling?” “Content” He joined me on the couch and for most of the night just laid there snuggled with each other. “Dean babe, I’m really hungry”

              “What sounds good?” “One of your bacon cheeseburgers please?” “On its way” He kissed me then went into the kitchen and pulled out all the ingredients. Soon the smells filled the kitchen while I sat at the bar my stomach growling at me. We came up some Idea’s how to reveal we were having a boy, so I decided to get on Pinterest and check out some ideas. “How about a black balloon filled with blue glitter?” He set the burger in front of me and put his next to me walking around to sit next to me. “Sounds very cool, I think they would love that”

              We ate in comfortable silence, then I had a thought. “Right now, I’m craving red meat but how weird are things going to get? I am carrying a Winchester after all! Y’all know you’re weird” He gave me a full out laugh and kissed me sweetly. “I wouldn’t have anyone else sweetheart” He kissed me again then we went back to eating.

              Since everyone was coming to our house this year, I had done quite a bit of baking and prep for Christmas day. The balloons were ready to go and the tree was decorated with the everything we had gotten for the family. I had something special made for Dean, and I was hoping he would like it. I had just finished getting dressed when I heard everyone coming in. I walked down the stairs and were greeted by hugs and kisses. Once everyone had gotten their coffee and me my tea, Mary and Ellen were begging to know what we were having.

              Dean brought out two balloons one for each grandma, then giving them each a pin. We stood and watched as they both popped the balloons to have blue glitter fly all over the floor. We got hugged and congratulated, John and Bobby just stood there speechless but we could see the tears of joy that we were adding another boy to the family. Once all the presents were given and opened, Ellen and Mary headed to the kitchen to get the food ready. I went upstairs and grabbed Deans gift and came back down to see laughing and happiness.

              “Dean?” “Hey, where did you go?” “I had something special made for you” “Honey you didn’t have to do that” I handed him the box and sat down on the couch. He opened it to see a white blanket with blue writing that said, ‘Zeppelin Colt Winchester’, he held onto the blanket and saw the tears running down his face. “Dean? Is it ok?” “I love it baby! How did you get it done so fast?” “I have a friend in town who is amazing with a sewing machine”

              He grasped my face and kissed me sweetly, he was silently asking me the question I was thinking in my head. I nodded and then he stood up and got everyone’s attention. “So, my beautiful wife and the mother of my child just gave me the most amazing gift ever!” He held up the blanket up so everyone to see. It caused a lot of laughter, it was the first time I had met Dean and we had argued what Led Zeppelin song was the best. It was just after I had lost my family and he was there for me when I needed him. The rest of the day was eating, drinking and laughing. I was so happy to be here and have all these people love me for me.

              The winter went by fast and my belly got bigger and bigger, and I was so ready for him to be here and be in my arms. It was late April and I was just sick of being pregnant, over the winter Dean and I had gotten the nursery ready and I loved everything about it. I decided to spend the day with Ellen and Jo, she wanted to be here to help me out and introduce us to her new boyfriend Kevin. He was really sweet and really shy.

              I was to the point of being uncomfortable, I stood up and walked outside taking a deep breath. That’s when I felt the pain, taking deep breaths I decided to walk it off hoping it was Braxton hicks. I walked back into the house and felt something wet and knew automatically that my water broke. “Ellen!! It’s time!” She helped me get back home to a room we had gotten ready for when this happened.

              Jo ran to get Dean and Ellen made the phone calls to Mary and the midwife. She helped me into one of Dean’s flannels and helped me into bed. At this point the contractions weren’t too close together but I had to be sure. Once Mary and Rowena had arrived, Rowena checked how far along I was and said I was about three centimeters. Dean came rushing in making sure he wasn’t going to miss anything, he kissed my forehead and got in behind me.

              By midnight I was six centimeters and the contractions were getting very close, Mary and Ellen had left by now but making sure that they were close if I needed help. By three am I was fully dilated and ready to push, Rowena had gotten everything ready to welcome him. “Ok dearie, the next contraction you gotta push” “Ok” The next contraction came and I pushed with Dean behind me giving me the courage to get it done.

              After about thirty minutes of pushing, it was one more then he would be here so I gave it all of my energy, every fiber of my being of bringing my son into the world. Then there it was, the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. She cleaned him off and cut the umbilical cord wrapping him in the blanket and set him on my chest. “Hey darlin’ welcome to the world” “Baby he’s beautiful, I love you so much” He was trying to keep the tears at bay but that wouldn’t do.

              Rowena had cleaned me up and gotten me into a pair of Deans sweatpants and helped me get comfortable. She showed me the proper steps for feeding him, she was happy that he had latched right on and started drinking. Once he was happy and full, I burped him and hugged him closely as everyone came in to see the addition to the family. Mary and Ellen laughed at how much he looked like Dean, with his crystal green eyes and dark blonde hair.

              Dean had come back in after getting a shower, and got in next to me holding Zep close to his chest. “Get some sleep babe, when you wake up I’ll make you something to eat” I mumbled an ‘I love you’ and quickly fell asleep. Life couldn’t get much better than this.


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Warnings: abo, rpf, smidge of angst, polyamory, hints of abuse but never directly stated

Summary: She had been alone for so long she didn’t know how to handle a home. 

Absolutely no hate toward Danneel or Gen I love them so much. 

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The pack was a small one, settled just outside of Austin on a wide spread ranch. There was enough open land and sky to let the wolves run freely, enough cabins to rest in if any of them strayed too far from the main house. Life was easy on the ranch, no one pushed them into anything and they hadn’t pushed anyone into their pack.

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Can we talk cowboy hats?

I think we can all agree that this promo is a literal gift from Chuck. Following an episode absolutely full of tortured man pain we needed some joy. We could break down the flash of light bursting on Deans‘s face in the last few seconds of episode, the symbolism and the hopeless suicidal desperation. But NO too many feels for today, to lets talk cowboy hats. 

Look at that adorable little smile in the last frame. Frontierland might have crushed some of the joy out of the wild west for him but he is still a massive fanboy. 

In frontierland we see three cowboy hats, Sam has one, and Dean has two. None of those hats are the two that Cas and Dean are wearing in the promo images. So I’d say it’s canon that Dean not only has multiple cowboy hats, but also accessories. Hes wearing cowboy boots and a bolo tie with his suit. This is further reinforced in frontierland when Sam calls him out for his historically accurate cowboy outfit. This makes me think that this is not the first time Sam has had to put up with the cowboy outfits.

Also  “The thing that makes Dr. Sexy sexy is the fact that he wears cowboy boots. Not tennis shoes.”