cowboy in training


Local Cowboy in Training Accidentally Adopts Smol Orphaned Aussie

while on a mission in Australia, Blackwatch’s newest recruit finds tiny Jamie in a warehouse they were set to destroy, filled with illegal goods. the last thing Gabe expects Jesse to bring back from doing a last sweep of the place is a starved Aussie barely old enough for grade school. spoiler alert: he does not kill Jesse and instead accepts “yet another stray” under his wing.

(as a Junkrat main, I just wanted to draw my beloved Aussie and it kinda… spiraled out of control……)

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The Intruders - Cowboys to Girls (Soul Train, 1971)

Clone Wars and Rebels character summaries Part 6:


1. My son.

2. Smol.

3. Needs protecting.

4. Anime hair.

5. His lightsaber doubles as a gun.

6. Trained by his Space Dad.

7. Is gonna be corrupted by Legless Psychopath.


1. Cowboy jedi.

2. Trained by Department Billboard, or whatever her name his.

3. What’s wrong with ponytails ponytail?

4. Sexeh.

5. Doesn’t go for crazy…anymore…

6. Made a Jedi knight by the ghost of Lucius Malfoy.

7. Has a thing for green I guess.

8. Token Straight Guy.

Space Mom:

1. Mom Friend.

2. Won’t hesitate to use ur full name.

3. Excellent pilot.

4. The best.

5. Found Murderbot and repaired him.

6. Knew the Fulcrum spoiler before it was kewl.

7. Her dad’s a bit of a dick at times.

8. She and Space Dad are lowkey in love.


1. Lesbian.

2. Likes to blow shit up.

3. Artiste.

4. Redeemed her ex via Disney Moral Lesson.



7. Middle-ground between tomboyish and girly girl.

8. Dark backstory but we don’t know many of the details yet.

9. Is gonna save Captain Badass from some Spiders next episode.


1. Thought he was the last of his kind but isn’t.

2. Foe Yay with Agent Muttonchops.

3. Was a captain.

4. Likes to hit people.

5. Always smashing heads together.


1. Is always a slut for violence.

2. Asshole.

3. Space Mom is p much the only one he listens to.

4. The droid…stole a freighter.

High Noon

By Alexander Liang

If you saw my last outfit post, you can probably guess that I’ve been on a Western-inspired style kick as of late. Maybe it’s in part because of my trip to the desert earlier this year, or perhaps it’s the observation of all the suede and fringe that’s been showing up in fashion over recent seasons? Whatever it is, I’m totally on the Cowboy train… right into the heart of downtown. The urban badlands, if you will. my last outfit post

This look started with a new pair of tan suede Chelsea boots by Dune London. Picking up their color and vibe, I coordinated with a suede bomber jacket, while keeping the rest classic and simple with a white crewneck T-shirt and ripped jeans. suede Chelsea boots by Dune London

Photos by Daniel Kim 

Love his style? Get dressed in these:

LTD Laurel Canyon Tan Suede Bomber Jacket

Essential pocket t-shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans in Super Skinny Fit

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