cowboy donuts

Pssst.... I hear you like cowboys

Cowboy Inktober

1. Ideal Cowboy
2. Space Cowboy
3. Steampunk Cowboy
4. Cowgirl
5. Cowboy playing a game
6. Cowboy from a video game
7. Les Amis Cowboy AU
8. Undertale Cowboy AU
9. Pirate Cowboy
10. Toy Cowboy
11. Cowboy Halloween
12. Cowgirl Halloween
13. Cowboy Superhero
14. Dancing Cowboy
15. Christmas Cowboy
16. Cowboy in Love
17. Skyrim Cowboy
18. Swimming Cowboy
19. Donut Cowboy
20. MCR Cowboy
21. Chef Cowboy
22. Zelda Cowboy
23. Royalty Cowboy
24. Cryptid Cowboy
25. Ocean Cowboy
26. Spongebob Cowboy
27. Hello Kitty Cowboy/girl
28. Kareoke Cowboy
29. Prom Cowboy
30. Laser Cowboy
31. Cowboy and Friends

Erin I love you so much thank you so so so much!!

so this is the back of my work uniform. i now work mornings at cowboy donuts.

it’s a family owned business by a family i’ve known for a while because their son and i were best friends my junior year. 

it’s not a bad job actually. the hours work with my hours at the theatre and it’s a specific schedule. i also get to eat kolaches (which are the “cowboy donut”, a homemade dough filled with cheese and either ham or sausage and optional jalapeños) which are also nick named “wyoming’s meat donut”. 

and they only play country music so now it’s starting to grow on me. after 20 years, i think i’m turning wyoming…