cowboy cloth

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Their baby is an adopted baby girl, who they named Jinora Riko Mccree Shimada. She’s very spoiled with cowboy themed clothes and toys, which Hanzo disapproves of, but secretly loves the smile on his daughter’s face when he see’s her grin when Jesse gets her a pony of her own. The pony’s name is Isabel.

Howdy Amy!

Since the spoilers about the cowboy bar, I had an idea in mind for Shamy. And last episode was the trigger for a little comic scene.

I hope I make you laugh. My patrons laughed a lot this days while I was making it so…. I hope you too.  

Warning for Hot Texas butt appearance 🔥🍑

I draw fictional characters. Just for fun!

(sorry for my handwriting)

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mchanzo uni au where mccree is part of the lgbt society committee along with fareeha, lena, angela, satya and perhaps lucio and they organise a monthly movie event and genji convinces hanzo to go to one because hanzo’s a lonely repressed gay nerd. anyway hanzo meets mccree who asks him out and hanzo’s instantly gone for him but is slightly surprised to see mccree wearing cowboy clothes outside of the movie night because he thought was just dressing up like that because they were showing brokeback mountain