cowboy cafe

Here’s to the woman that for over a decade has been teaching us that there’s something euphorically beautiful about being different and unapologetically yourself. Here’s to the woman that has reminded us so poetically that “Do you know what I think is better than being cool? It’s being happy.” Here’s to the woman who has not only opened up to us the importance of fighting for those moments of fleeting happiness, but who has also shown us that our scars don’t tarnish us, and that we all deserve to feel ‘clean’.

Here’s to the woman whose five albums, alongside her spoken and written words of support, have helped a kaleidoscope of people feel less alone. So to the lovely, insanely talented woman that has gone from small acoustic performances wearing sundresses and cowboy boots within cafes at 15, to hearing 76,000 people scream “You’re my best friend” within a stadium, thank you for wholeheartedly being you, and for caring so deeply about us all.

Happy 27th birthday, Taylor Alison Swift.


Did someone say bizarrely specific wallpaper set? No? Well because I thought it would be cool and because you cant tell me what to do you aint the police, I present my collection of NIghthawks” Variant Wallpapers.  Tomorrow I’ll give you guys something colorful and abstract or my name isn’t [Redacted]. As always I hope whoever sees this enjoys.