Everyone is freaking out about McCree’s incredible heels

but I’m over here like ‘he’s always had a riding heel on his boots because he’s a real cowboy???’

His regular skin is wearing heels that are at least 1.5″ (probably 1 3/4″), given his height and the proportional length of his foot, and the super curvy sole exaggerates his heel height in his Blackwatch skin (his regular boots are more broken in because cowboys on the run probably live in their clothes). But really, his Blackwatch boots can’t be more than about 1/4″ taller than his regular boots.

(The black and tan boots at the top have 2″ heels and less broken-in soles because fashion, and the brown boots below have 1.5″ heels and soles that have been professionally broken in by a cobbler for the website photos.)