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Speaking of ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Because I just watched the last episode about an hour ago and I’m filled with so much satisfaction.

This anime is brilliant. From the start it draws you in with a very polished presentation, a distinctive and very deliberate art style, cool designs, beautifully painted backgrounds, excellent animation (this is MADHOUSE, after all, and they show the best they have to offer here), an inexplicable abundance of food porn and a fantastic jazzy soundtrack that includes what’s probably the best anime opening song (and video) I’ve heard since Cowboy Bebop’s Tank!. It’s called Shadow and Truth and it goes like this.

Once you’ve been properly buttered up, you’re slowly introduced into the plot, and what a plot it is. The setting is Dôwâ Kingdom, a fictional insular country composed of 13 districts, each with a distinct culture, climate, indiosyncracies, etc. It’s a modern-day setting, too, which to my republican eyes is pretty novel. Expect TV and cellphones.

Dôwâ is a peaceful country, but this has not always been so. To unify the country, an institution named ACCA Inspection Dept was created and now oversees the districts and is regarded as the organization responsible for peacekeeping. Our protagonist, Jean Otus, is a Chief Inspector in that office. But something’s in the works. The elderly king is expected to retire soon, and his only successor is disliked by most for being arrogant and immature. “Idiot prince” can be heard here and there. To make things worse, he’s announced he’ll dissolve ACCA. There are rumors of a coup d’état and somehow, for reasons unknown, Jean has been placed at the center of everything

This series is just so cool, guys. There’s many characters, and most of them have a piece or two in the political game that ensues, but at the same time everyone’s very cagey about what they’re doing, so you never know what’s going to happen next. Jean in particular, despite the place he’s put in, plays his cards very close to his chest, and you know he’s up to something, but you won’t know until he finally makes a move. It’s intriguing, fun, smart, and the characters are very engaging. Each has their motivations and story, but even though they’re in conflict they’re mostly good people. The answers are so satisfactory when they’re revealed, too. There’s not a lot of action, but a lot is happening all the time and you never have time to get bored. It’s only one cour (12 episodes) long, which is my favorite format since it usually makes for great pacing, no dawdling or filler, simply the most efficient storytelling.

I don’t know what else to add other than a bunch of gushing, but I really think this is one of those series you can enjoy even if anime isn’t your thing. Give it a try if you like political intrigue and/or cool characters. I also found the cultural diversity in this fictional setting very interesting.

Ok, shutting up now. Good series. Watch.

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But Sword Art Online isn't bad. Overrated, yes, but not bad. Now, Attack on Titan, that's bad anime.