cowboy & indian

“Bonito, Sergeant Jim and Renegade Negro, White Mountain Apaches”

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1880 - 1890?
Negative Number 015889

Bonito (usually spelled Benito) is seated, center. The jacket of the man on the left is likely a Wittick studio prop.

I discovered this afternoon that Carrie Fisher died today at the age of 60. This year saw the loss of many celebrities, but none hits me so hard as her death. How many boys dreamed in their childhood of becoming baseball legends or fierce soldiers? In years past, cowboys and Indians reigned supreme in the imaginative world of boys. Mr. Outten, 80 now, fought the Japanese and Germans in the back yard of his parent’s home. Star Wars formed the underpinning of the vast majority of my imaginative play from the age of eight to probably 13. To me, it was much more than the dream of a baseball field or even an open plain in the wild west. It was the unlimited dream of an ever expanding universe, of travel beyond any human expectation. It was a universe inhabited by an unlimited variation of creatures. There, amidst my burgeoning sexuality, and the confusion of early adolescence was the lovely Princess Leia. Long before I knew what sex was, or what men and women did to procreate the race, when intimacy was only an inkling, I imagined what it would be like to lie beside her. Though she had stiff competition in the late 70s from Farrah Faucett for the imagination of young boys, she always won out in my heart. Her wit, tinged with sarcasm, and her devotion to a noble cause made her something so much more than sexual. And here on the first day of my 47th year, I say goodbye to her the same way I have said goodbye to so much of the vastness of my imagination. While I am at an age where my potential is ever constricting, she will always represent a time in my life when my imagination could not be constrained even by the universe.
—  An except from my father’s journal today. Used with his permission.
A Guide to Westworld for the non-viewer !!!

So you want to interact with a Westworld muse but you haven’t seen it, and don’t want to spend 6 glorious hours enriching your life with its amazingness. A terrible choice, to be sure, but understandable. So here are some bullet points to make all of us new WW muses less confusing for you!

  • Westworld is a futuristic theme park for the wealthy and hedonistic of society. It is a complete reality that is massive in scale, and contains thousands of AI bots called hosts
  • Hosts are (by default) unaware of the nature of their reality, or lack there of. A major plot point of the series is the AI becoming self aware.
  • Hosts are all cowboys or natives (”indians”). Mostly cowboys. Whores, outlaws, gunslingers, deputies, ranchers, etc. It’s about as cliche as it gets.
  • Hosts cannot hurt guests. (Yet). They can try, they can shoot, but the bullets do nothing. Guests may kill hosts, or do whatever they damn well please no matter how horrible to the hosts. If a host is killed, they are repaired in a lab and sent back into the park.
  • The park is completely immersive. You do not leave at night, you stay in a hotel or a saloon. You ride in on a train and stay there until your session expires.
  • Hosts have loops. These are narratives that they continue to go through the motions of at every reset (each dawn / or end off their loop.) Guests may choose to join in on the loops, or interfere and change them. They can go hunting bandits with the sheriff, or become an outlaw themselves. They can spend their time gambling, or being fucked by whores. 
  • The main town is called Sweetwater, all guests arrive here and it’s fairly tame. The further out you go to other settlements, towns, and outposts, the more dangerous and depraved the narrative becomes.
  • Telling a host they are not real (for the most part, see point 2) will do nothing. They’re programmed to ignore any such speaking.
  • Guests will always be wealthy and fully dressed for the environment and times. It’s impossible to distinguish guest from host, really.
  • Guests may not shoot or kill other guests. 
  • Hosts are programmed to please the guests no matter what. Take this to mean everything you think it could mean. They exist for the gratification of the paying customers. 
  • Aside from guests and hosts there is a slew of employees who work in the labs behind the scenes, keeping things running smoothly as they can.

There is a lot more to it than just that, but these are things you would need to know when interacting with a Westworld canon muse, and to help you craft a verse, potentially. 


Title: Bugs Bunny And The Indians

Series: Little Golden Book 120

Characters: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Cowboy Slim

Creators: told by Annie North Bedford, pictures by Warner Bros Cartoons Inc., adapted by Richmond I. Kelsey and Tom McKimson. The Little Golden Books are prepared under the supervision of Mary Reed, Ph.D., formerly of Teachers College, Columbia University

Year: 1951 Warner Bros. Cartoons Inc.

Publisher(s): Simon and Schuster, Western Publishing

Story: Cowboy Slim teaches Bugs Bunny a lesson.

Good/Bad: The book seems like it wants to teach kids that the indigenous people of this nation are not like the caricatures of them in movies and on TV. It feels like the book fails at this, but I am not qualified to judge this.

But no matter where on a scale of possibly misguided to offensive to racist this book may fall, the state legislature of Big Oil North Dakota just passed a law saying it is illegal to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

With only days left in the Obama Presidency, it would be nice if he could send federal agents into arrest the criminals attacking the Standing Rock Sioux protesters. But that is unlikely to happen.

here they are–,

aljijpmp actually proud of this and it’s only going to be appreciated by like 3 people

honestly drew influence from @subsequentibis and their adorable art of these two and I’m sorry if im being annoying by tagging you everytime I draw them (all two times)

I like beautiful people
I like to get silly on cheap beer
Eat pancakes with green eyed girls
And makeout in public restrooms
I like the curve between a woman’s hipbone and ribcage that gets deeper when she lies on her side
And I like the back of a mans neck
The width of their forearm and watching them drive standard cars
I like cowboy hats and cowboy music
And cowboys and indians
I like girls that do boy things
And boys that do girl things
I like valedictorians, palm readers and messy hair
I like putting my leg over someone’s hip when I sleep and tangling my toes inbetween theirs.

I dont like relationships they scare me more than anything.

I just like to kiss beautiful people

—  Lynz Way, shitty teen art
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“I could never have withstood being in a band without training from growing up with my sisters. It started when I was born — My older sister was very jealous. Once, in winter, she locked me outside in my diapers. I was thrown into large bodies of water countless times. I had to retaliate. Remember in “Apocalypse Now” when Brando said you have to horrify people into submission? Well, I was this tiny, scrappy kid that did outlandish things. I was known for throwing knives. Defending myself helped turn me into a tomboy. I played Cowboys and Indians instead of with dolls; most of my friends were boys.“ - D'arcy


“I think movies have been important in sustaining heroic images. The legends of the West have left us with great hangovers, like the inaccurate representation of the American Indian. The cowboys were always good guys for killing Indians, and the Indians were always bad guys for killing white folks, even though the white folks were encroaching on their land. There have been a series of legends that have been fostered by motion pictures, like the idea that Custer’s last stand was glorious. If my memory serves me right, I think he graduated last or second last in his class. Custer was an arrogant ass who made a terrible mistake.”


10 Aneurin Barnard Performances(Updated)

“When I was a kid it was just something that I did automatically. I used to irritate the hell out of my family pretending to be different characters – cowboys, indians, James Bond. So, I guess I accidentally figured it out but, as a child, I didn’t really know that acting existed as a real profession. Even when I got a bit older and realised I could actually do it for a living, it was still untouchable, because I grew up in a small valley in South Wales. I had no connections to the business whatsoever. Then by chance, when I was 11 years old, I heard about a local youth theatre. That was what really got the ball rolling”

(*will update as more roles have footage)