So I don’t even play Overwatch but @art-of-monkan has turned me into a fan of the characters and especially McCree and Hanzo, so here’s one for all the McHanzo fans out there but mostly just for you @art-of-monkan

Drawn during various streaming sessions on Picarto: https://picarto.tv/SofieWikstrom

I do commissions, for more info, look here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sfLHudwxRsBhZkhEaAuw7uhAXisVV0xG566UHpzC46E/edit?usp=sharing

The characters are obviously copyright Blizzard


WANTED By The Long Gone Gulch Sheriff’s Department

Name: Mako

Species: Mutated Shark

Weapons: Harpoon gun, teeth, harsh words.

Crimes: Bank robbery, train robbery, fish store robbery, leprechaun gold theft, attempted murder, J walking in the 3rd degree, and just being a plain ol’ meanie.

Description: Be on the look out for this dastardly man-fish.  Mako is a cruel and selfish outlaw, often stealing things that are shiny and valuable.  He has a certain disdain for humans, making the sheriffs Rawhide and Snag, desired kills.  Mako has personal beef with Rawhide in particular who seems to foil his every scheme while also humiliating him in the process.  Through Mako’s cunning slyness he always seems to escape and remain on the run.

Voice Actor reveal this Thursday!