Seventeen as out of context quotes from my friends
  • S.Coups:"Kung Pao Chicken: it's a chicken that's ready to fight"
  • Jeonghan:"I don't care about the other people, I need to protect my asshole"
  • Joshua:"Hell isn't cute, sinner"
  • Jun:"I'm the kind of girl that will try anything once. Except for murder... and fisting"
  • Hoshi:"What they don't know is that we release several bears into the audience... and they are HUNGRY"
  • Wonwoo:"I'm pretty important, guys, I talk about coupon books and failing this class"
  • Woozi:"Come to the front so we can listen to you suck more"
  • Dokyum:"I had an existential crisis while playing the cowbell"
  • Mingyu:"My cookies are fine! Don't tell me my cookies are wrong!"
  • The8:"That sounds really... yeet... Did I use that term correctly?"
  • Seungkwan:"I just needed to get my throat lubricated before I roast a bitch"
  • Vernon:"In the words of Kendrick Lamar: Vroom Vroom!"
  • Dino:"What up in the club like I got a big lunch box"

Don’t Fear the Reaper

I’m so happy I found this it’s my new favorite thing


Am I really here? Because I’m not sure any of this is real, least of all this place. (at Oeschinensee 1'578m, Kandersteg, Berner Oberland)

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chasing fireworks.

this is a birthday gift to my special pao, aka @nalu-boo , who always makes me laugh with her “darling~” or cowbells and so much more. special mention: “what heart?” // special thank you to @cactifilia @the-shadow-behind-the-light and @grays-frozen-ass for reading over this! i feel very insecure about my writing, so thank you all. enjoy!

Pairing: NaLu, side Gajevy

As the sunset slowly settled into the sky, Lucy Heartfilia had exited her apartment wearing a beautiful kimono with somewhat comfortable sandals. Her blonde hair was beautifully done, an up-do with her curled bangs framing her gorgeous face. To be straight to the point, Lucy just looked absolutely flawless tonight.

After all, it was New Year’s Eve.

The celestial mage started to walk on the side of the river, balancing herself by sticking her hands out. She was heading towards the festival, which had bright lanterns and delicious food with hilarious games. She really couldn’t wait to see Levy with Gajeel… honestly, they should just date. Lucy chuckled to herself, shaking her head.

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My band teacher is a HUGE Star Wars fan. For one of our concerts, we ended off with the Star Wars theme song. Out of nowhere, he pulled out a red lightsaber and started conducting us with it. THEN our school's theatre teacher came up and they started battling on stage while we were all playing (trying to still salvage the piece as much as we could because of our laughter) My band teacher won the battle and my theatre teacher pretended to fall off the stage. This is how concerts at my school go.

We’ve done some similar crazy stuff (aka more cowbell,) but our band directors usually told us about it before hand so we could still play and be successful. That sounds great though lmao.

In honor of Cow Appreciation Day we decided to feature an assortment of cowbells from our collection. Cowbells are worn on grazing animals in order to locate their whereabouts if they wander off. The cowbells seen in this picture were made in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland.  The bell and clapper are typically made from iron, bronze, and copper with farmers tuning the pitches of the bell in order to identify differences in age and gender.

I gotta have more cowbell! 

Mixed Messages
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What is your working title of your blog? Where did the idea come from for the blog? a short course at UofT that looked at increasing one’s audience via electronic media. gay balls of fun What genre does your blog fall under? mixed – poetry, spoke-word, writing, short-story, stage – something just me opining from my ancient queer point of view – plus my photographs or photos of me…

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When the only boy who has officially announced a solo record contract still says there's "still so many more to come" with regards to one direction, it's a great FU to Simon/DanW and all those doubters!!! Bless you Lima Bean

the fall of simon cowbell and dan wattpad

The Daily Mail: A Podcast About Radiohead. Episode 8: Fitter. Happier. More Cowbell.

I got a fever, and the only prescription is a new episode of The Daily Mail! Anne finally gets to discuss her favorite track from OK Computer, the singular cowbell jam of Electioneering. And Ben ignores Fitter Happier’s instructions and kills a spider. We also jump ahead in time a bit to talk about the impact of In Rainbows on the digital music model.

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by Bucklethorpe

The only thing that is difficult about living with Waverly is Wynonna.

Words: 1933, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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