cowans and gray


Thank you all who were named to the Scotland’s Squad this year. Thank you for playing your hearts out and leaving everything on that pitch. #AsOne #BackingBlue

I’m sure I say what’s on lots of hearts but we are not and will not be disappointed in you. For you, yes. Completely gutted. but I’m so proud of you and I’m so proud I got to be part of the roaring crowds at two of the games.

So penguin hugs to all of you.

From the moment you won against Samoa, so many odds were stacked against you. Fordy and Jonny, so glad you got to play. Fraser, can’t believe you got dropped to the bench twice in the RWC! But you played hard. 
Laidlaw, you broke my heart in the captain’s interview after the match. The tears really fell when Cotter spoke as well. I could continue with so many individual achievements–this team was incredible.

You represented the Northern Hemisphere well and went out fighting.

Penguin hugs.